On Notice: Qatar Given 10 Days To Comply With Newly Re-Arranged NATO-GCC-Egypt Sunni Axis To Hold Back ‘Kings Of The East’

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ABOVE: December 2015 announcement of Saudi led coalition, which initially included Qatar and Turkey, before NATO attempted a failed Erdogan coup in Turkey, and before Russia and Syria had soundly defeated the final substantial insurgency of NATO sponsored ISIS and al-Qaeda (‘rebels’) in Syria. Initial December 2015 member list below:

… the foxes to rule the hen house …

Can you say “NATO sponsored Caliphate”?

Qatar, kicked out of the club. Turkey next?

Even Pakistan has come out in support of Qatar!

In December 2015, a 34 country strong ‘Coalition Against Extremism’ was formed by the majority of Islamic countries, representing 800 million Muslims (50% of the world Muslim population of 1.6 billion). Excluded were the Shia led countries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. This coalition is simply a sectarian proto-Caliphate, not a movement for peace. It is about as unstable as water, being more of a wish list of nations which NATO would like to see aligned with the Brussels and Washington Consensus. The word *Islamic* has, as usual, been omitted from the organizational name, because this post-9/11 movement fuelled mostly by engineered false-flag Islamic terror events, is designed to usher in a neo-feudal worldwide police-state using martial law — been to Paris lately? In the ‘City of Love’, the permanent military on the streets are there for your ‘protection’, not to solidify the rule of an oligarchy which is about to plunge the world into one big technocratic concentration camp after the next engineered political and financial crisis. We’re just awaiting the next 9/11 catalyst event, which I believe will be the destruction of the Kaaba, Grand Mosque, and Royal Clock Tower Hotel complex in Mecca.

This event might be blamed on ISIS as a pretext to annex Qatar, or could even be blamed directly on Iran, perhaps using a fake Shia Houthi rebel cut-out group. I don’t believe that blaming it on Hezbollah would wash somehow, though the reason for such an event would be to catalyze the creation of a militarily empowered NATO+MENA (GCC+North Africa) geo-political entity. With the creation of this entity will come the implementation of national police-states and widespread information censorship; specifically on the internet. These police-states will be primarily vectored towards anti-government ‘extremists’ (dissidents), who attempt to fight back against the financial and political powers-that-be. Whether resistance manifests as peaceful protest, or violence, dissidents will be suppressed with force. No suicide vest required, just the wrong political opinion. The freedom to dissent politically — built on the foundation stone of free speech — is paramount to fighting the totalitarian trilogy of Technocracy, Communism, and Fascism. These historical freedoms we have enjoyed for only a short period in the western world are the real target for scheming oligarchs; the kind of people who made a killing during the recent — and future — banker and corporate bailouts during the Global Financial Crises.

These same oligarchs created the push for world government enforced Carbon Credits and Carbon Derivatives markets, to trap the third world in pre-industrial squalor, and to simultaneously take down the middle-class competition of these oligarchs in the west. Competition is a sin! Mandated carbon market technocracy will be the core control grid, because it will place all fossil fuel exploitation into the hands of a singular technocratic entity which will then top-down manage the globe, paradoxically fed by bottom-up anti-Christian left-wing choristers who eat up propaganda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This scheme has fooled hoards of low-IQ gullible leftists, simply by posing as a social justice cause — a magnificent coup for crony monopoly capitalists who themselves have received 95%+ of government socialism (poor relief for the super wealthy). Both Stalin and Hitler would be highly impressed. Trump and his Goldman Sachs driven Cabinet is not to be trusted in this respect: Did I hear Trump say he wished to *renegotiate* the Paris Agreement, to club China? Is he saying that a huge scientific fraud is fine as long as China is part of the concentration camp? Trump has severely betrayed his election rhetoric, in which he called out the scientific fraud repeatedly.

World Government requires Technocracy, in which representative government will become an endless side-show of political theatre. The tsunami of political and public-space actors endlessly tilting at windmills such as the carbon-dioxide Armageddon, will continue to increase.

Key to the success of this never ending theatre of parrots and shills will be the emerging and engineered trend of left-wing bottom-up agitprop campaigning, such as ‘gender identity’ and ‘hate speech’ crusades led by SJW captains utilizing their fame and social media penetration ability to feed their hoards of brainwashed cult followers (case in point, J. K. Rowling). George Soros and friends have a bottomless pit of ill-gotten gains to pour into these left-wing brown-shirt groups, and the beauty about funding these groups, is that you don’t even have to fund their matched right-wing reactionary groups, due to the fact that they organically pop up in reaction to the rise of SJW armies. However, don’t believe that Soros and friends aren’t also investing in certain reactionary right-wing groups, because the aim is to create unrest on the streets — Period! — whilst Soros and friends complete their financial coup over what remains of middle-class wealth and the free-market. Social media oligopolies will continue to censor ‘the right’, whilst promoting ‘the left’, to purposely divide these groups until violence breaks out on the streets. With such political theatre chewing up all of your mental energy, said puppet politicians can keep macro-economic and geo-political policy — which is actually important — behind closed doors in the proverbial smoky room, away from public scrutiny.

Ask a former citizen of the Soviet Union: To form a larger multi-cultural political entity, run by technocrats, pre-existing group identities need to be destroyed, whilst the initial friction between the different cultures is useful to excuse the formation of a police-state. The European Union is the prime example of this same globalist mentality, which the Anglo-sphere countries are being pulled into whilst their industry is targeted for destruction, purposefully. Meanwhile, Kings of the East are grinning from ear-to-ear at their good fortune.

The recent Muslim migrant crisis and Islamic terror attack onslaught is just the catalyst — an Orwellian Casus belli — required for governments everywhere, but mostly NATO aligned countries at the moment, to wage asymmetric warfare against their own citizens. All of the pro-migrant virtue-signalling warm-and-fuzzy multi-millionaire celebrities and politicians reside in gated communities, with security details, separation walls, and fraternal connections to separate them from the average person now finding themselves on the frontline of a domestic crisis posing as a multi-cultural experiment. Fittingly, in true Orwellian fashion, this new ‘coalition against extremism’ inaugurated with Trump’s support, is headquartered in Wahhabi dominated Riyadh. It was built with a ‘Situation Room’, which should in reality have been called the ‘Engineered Situation Room’. You might have seen this room in the mainstream mockingbird media, which looks more like a world government convention centre. It even has its own spooky illuminated globe of the world for dictators and puppet leaders to place their hands onto. It looks like something out of a super-villain’s headquarters from a James Bond movie. See below during the May 21st 2017 Inauguration Event; opened by placing hands on a globe of the world, symbolic of World Domination!

The day after this symbolic inauguration, a false-flag ritual sacrifice was performed at an Ariana Grande concert, in Manchester, quickly blamed on duped low-IQ cult patsies known and monitored for ages by British Intelligence, with heavily engineered ties to Libyan rebels . The Libyan civil war is a chaotic situation designed by NATO to play out exactly as it has, with three groups fighting each other to destroy the solid national identity that Gaddafi had constructed. The North African refugee crisis was also a desired outcome, to justify NATO occupation of Libya. Now that the Iraq/Syria-Turkey pipeline route has been blocked by Russia, Iran, and China, the country that will soon be reorganized politically into a NATO protectorate after its softening up and destruction, will be Libya. Thus, the *PLAN-B Southern Pipeline Route* through Arabia and Egypt discussed below — to be piped under the more shallow sea between Sicily and Libya into the EU — comes into play. Just as the *PLAN-A Syria/Iraq-Turkey* natural gas pipeline project would have achieved, NATO can kill European dependence on Gazprom, subsequently crippling the medium-term rebirth of the Russian economy.

The missing link in NATO Plan-B, was Egypt, which has now fallen quickly into line now that Turkey has clearly flipped sides. This is why the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was one of three ‘kings’ with his hands on the illuminated globe. However, Qatar has now also flipped, which will require Saudi annexation of Qatar and its super-massive North Dome offshore natural gas field — which has enough gas to supply the EU for over 150 years. Qatar was issued with a 10 day ultimatum by other members of the GCC, which time is up on 3rd or 4th of July. What will happen? Will Turkey, Iran, and/or Russia and China openly defend Qatar’s sovereignty, or will Saudi Arabia and perhaps the UAE move to annex this key player?

My, my, how alliances change quickly in the middle-east!

According to Al Jazeera, the governments of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Egypt, and the occupation government of Bahrain, secretly issued Qatar with a list of 13 demands, then reproved Qatar for leaking these demands to the world press. One of the demands is the complete closure and liquidation of the Al Jazeera news network. Saudi Arabia ordering any other country to cease funding of Islamic terrorism, is, of course, a complete joke. Of course Qatar has been on-board with the Sunni Wahhabi dominated GCC’s attempts to fund and arm anti-Shia ‘rebels’ and terrorist death squads in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Qatar’s actual crime? It’s recent decision to throw in the towel on the failed Assad overthrow, instead throwing their lot in with the Iranian cooperation model for its piped natural gas export ambitions. As such, the main demand was that Qatar cease ALL dealings with Iran, including a demand that they close all diplomatic missions to Iran! Erdogan, who is now also playing in the Iranian sandpit, has stationed Turkish military in Qatar, and the possibility of Iranian troops also digging in, becomes the second major threat on the GCC horizon. The GCC is now demanding Turkish withdrawal from Qatar.

What is happening right now with Qatar (ancient Dilmun), is a watershed moment in world history. When Putin played his cards during the attempted NATO-GCC overthrow of the pro-Russian Syrian Assad regime using terrorist proxies, Putin played them so well that it threw the NATO-GCC alliances into complete disarray. All of this is happening at a time when worldwide oil and natural gas supplies are in overcapacity, combined with the world economy being in stagnation and recession. This means very low world energy prices for a long time to come, except in a world war scenario. In such a scenario, supplies would become subject to intricate political realities; embargos including actual tanker, pipeline, and port destruction, selective Suez and/or Panama canal access, uncertain freedom of navigation, and the end of free-market trading conditions. This economic situation can be seen clear enough in the Communist utopia of Venezuela, where it is being reported that 75% of the Venezuelan population have lost an average of 9kg (19lb) body weight. Economies built primarily on the export of hydrocarbons, leave citizens trapped in an economy at the mercy of the world energy import consumption superpowers of the USA, EU, and China.

The old saying, “the customer is king”, is true in a purely Keynesian economic world, but, ultimately: “Take our T-Bonds as payment, or we have ways [asymmetric / military] of making you want them! They’re good as gold! … but don’t be buying up bullion on our markets either.”

The importance of energy market consumption blocks backed by monolithic fiat currencies — allowing financial market anchorage for globalized derivatives and investment pipelines — has solidified since the US petro-dollar system was enthroned during the 1970’s oil crisis, one decade after the birth of the OPEC producer block which was born in 1960, in Baghdad, with five initial members; Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela. OPEC is comprised of producers — primarily middle-eastern and African, with dominant output by Islamic members — who thought they could protect their mutual interests. However, the market blocks which revolve around large petro-purchase currencies such as the USD, Euro, Japanese and Chinese Yen, including their associated treasury securities markets, have as much, if not more, power than OPEC. The market size and power of the new politically centralized petro-Euro block, and the rising Chinese petro-Yen, is placing the US in a less powerful square on the chessboard. The City of London and New York City sit at the center of the petro-Dollar block, bolstered by the British Commonwealth to a certain extent (the Anglo-sphere). This creates a world structure of trilateral financial anchorage in North America ($), Europe (€), and Asia (¥).

The rising Chinese petro-Yen system can be easily seen in the middle-east. In the heavily Shia southern Iraqi oil region, Baghdad can be seen to have become a strong friend of Beijing in the post-Iraq war era after the Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein was removed from power, allowing a pro-Iranian Shia political ascendancy to arise in that country. George W. Bush was warned about this reality, but removal of the anti-petro-dollar Saddam Hussein was an imperative; quick fixes have long-term ramifications. Washington D.C., New York City and the City of London, needed to retain control over this central desert area between the Euphrates and Tigris, at any cost. It was make-or-break. Ancient Babylonia was beckoning from across the sea, calling the post-WWII legacy trade and finance controllers of the world capital markets to resurrect their ambitions, by occupying her accursed ground — with the blood of their sons and daughters, and much native blood. In 2003, *Babylon the Great* (the PETRO$ powers) repossessed Ancient Babylonia for the second time; the first having been the British colonial occupation of Iraq after expelling the Ottoman’s after World War I.

As before, in 539 BC when the King’s of the East led by Cyrus the Great of Persia overran the neo-Babylonian Empire, a new set of Kings of the East are challenging Babylon the Great for this very same geo-political area around the Euphrates. China and Russia, the lynchpins of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (HQ’d in Beijing and officially announced in June 2001, three months before the false-flag WTC attack in NYC), have gradually but solidly pulled India, Pakistan, and the four central Asian plain Stan’s into its economic and political orbit. Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and more controversially, Afghanistan, along with newly aligned Qatar, will complete a new Silk Road project of Eurasian economic integration, which will threaten everything the PETRO$ powers have fought to maintain. Whether the EU turns to the east from the west, in this global shift, will be interesting to watch, because it would signal the complete termination of NATO, leaving only the Five-Eyes Anglo-sphere countries in a vastly weakened position. Whilst it is true that this energy-price crisis negatively effects Russia’s economy, increasing domestic friction between the Russian people and the Kremlin, it also provides certain opportunities for Russian geo-political chess, pushing other Eurasian players into formerly unpalatable alliances with Moscow.

Nobody is potentially worse off during this crisis, however, than the socially splintered and unstable sectarian Persian Gulf countries, which are smack in the middle of this particular economic crisis due to their reliance on hydrocarbon export and/or their geographical placement as pivotal pipeline real-estate zones, such as Syria. Shia Iran, with a more homogenous sectarian makeup, is domestically most healthy in this regard, but Iran’s Kurdish elements which NATO is attempting to woo, might seem like a nice piece on the board to play with, but this only pushes Turkey further eastwards geo-politically. Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen, are not so lucky in the sectarian department. Thus, the middle-east centred about Ancient Babylonia and the Persian Gulf epitomizes the make-or-break zone of Washington and London’s geopolitical chess-game. Moscow played a check-move in Syria very effectively. Now NATO perceives the PLAN-B gas pipeline route through Egypt and Libya to be their last chance to stave off a check-mate. This area is anciently where the first urban societies were born, and this is where the western world will die — the Holy Bible foretells of this, as does the preponderance of the evidence as we read between the fake-news headlines, which are really starting to get obviously ridiculous and, well, insulting to even a mediocre intelligence.

Clustered around ancient Babylonia are what I call the ‘Four Angels bound in the Euphrates’ (REV 9:11-16), the four cornerstones of Islamic imperial domination (Riyadh, Cairo, Tehran, and Ankara). All four are being drawn inexorably into a super-conflict which threatens to destroy all four, including the lands in-between; notably Mesopotamia, the coastal Levant, including, of course, Israel. This conflict will be a new World War. It will suck in most of the greater world which depend on the cheap oil and gas exports — by far the most economically exploitable in the world — that these four have the power to provide in abundance, or restrict, based on the political realities of their area at any particular time. The majority of the friction lies on a Shia-Sunni sectarian fault-line which runs down the Euphrates, through the Persian Gulf, and out through the Strait of Hormuz. Pushing on this fault-line are the two active cornerstones of Tehran and Riyadh; Arabia and Persia. Qatar is stuck in the middle of this, just like Kuwait and Iraq, creating the most active sectarian fault-line in the world.

Revelation 9:11] And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. [9:12] One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter. [9:13] And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, [9:14] Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. [9:15] And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. [9:16] And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand [200 Million!]: and I heard the number of them.

NATO … PLAN-A … 6-Arena Pipeline Route:
Qatar-to-Saudi-to-Jordan-to-Syria-to-Turkey-to-EU Energy Market!

NATO … PLAN-B … 5-Arena Pipeline Route:
Qatar-to-Saudi-to-Egypt-to-Libya-to-EU Energy Market!

NATO … ADDITIONAL … West African 4-Arena: Royal Dutch Shell dominated
Nigerian Delta-to-Niger-to-Algeria/Libya-to-EU Energy Market!

Why would Qatar confine itself only to pipeline access into the
EU Energy Market under either a PLAN-A or PLAN-B strategy, when it can also have the EU Market *AND* the Asian markets of China, Pakistan, India, and other S.E.Asian countries?

ie, Sidestepping the U$D, accumulating foreign reserves in the form of Gold Bullion or T-Bonds of the rising continental powers such as China who can sell them super-cheap modern military tech, and Turkey, Iran and Central Asia who can sell them the food supplies they need.
Thus control over Pakistan (including NATO sponsored Balochistani separatism),
and especially Afghanistan, become the key to NATO retention of
Middle-East geo-political imperatives. Qatar is the proverbial canary in the
coal mine — or the gas pipe! — of NATO control breaking down.

Watch the Afghanistan theatre and Balochistan in the coming year/s!

Syria, in its more north-westerly position, brings Turkey into play, but also Egypt due to their mutual sandwich of the Israel-Palestine ethno-sectarian conflict. Qatar seems to have seen the writing on the wall, triggered by Putin’s check-move played in Syria, which blocked the PLAN-A pipe-dream infrastructure projects between Arabia and Turkey. In April 2017, Qatar publicly announced that it had accepted geo-political realities, communicating its intention to develop the super-massive offshore natural gas field known as the North Dome/South Pars … in partnership with Iran … which means Iran-Turkey pipelines! Turkey, concordantly, seems to have decided, like Qatar, to enter negations for the Iran route, having seen that the fall of Assad would lead to a strengthening of the possibility of an independent Kurdistan forming. When the Obama administration sensed this change in 2016, it moved to remove Erdogan in a coup, but failed. One of Riyadh’s ten demands of Qatar, is that it cancel recent agreements for a heavy Turkish military presence in Qatar, exposing the reality of a Turkish-Iranian alignment, with Russian support. China is not only digging into Iraq and strengthening ties with Iran, but is selling military equipment to NATO member (for now) Turkey, much cheaper than highly overpriced NATO equipment.

These conflicts ultimately rotate around the issue of pipeline real-estate realities. Instead of lines running to the west, parallel to the Euphrates, pipelines can also run from the Gulf, up through Iran, directly into Turkey, where they will meet the Russian pipelines diverted from eastern European nations, leaving the EU with two options for gas importation: Paying for more expensive shipped US LNG imports, or buying super cheap piped natural gas pumped by a new World Island cooperative led in the west-of-east by Russia and Iran, with Qatar putting its revenues ahead of the interests of its Wahhabi brethren, who will be left frothing at the mouth, isolated in the desert. This option allows Qatar a further opportunity, one which would not have existed with the Riyadh-Ankara cooperation model. Iran and China are separated by only one other country geographically; Afghanistan. Qatar will potentially get piped access into two super markets in Europe and Asia if it cooperates with Iran, which is why, of course, Afghanistan was targeted for NATO operation so soon after the September 11th 2001 false-flag terror attack. Amazingly, Pakistan has announced support for Qatar, denouncing the blockade, signalling that Pakistan has come to an understanding with the economic Silk Road project to connect China and Russia; a plan which also opens up great opportunities for Turkey and Iran — opportunities a dying and toxic NATO project cannot comparatively deliver on.

STAY TUNED: Week commencing July 3rd 2017 is sure to reveal either a BIG bluff being called, revealing that the ‘Emperor has no clothes’, or, it will bear chess moves indicative of a massive building military conflict which can no longer avoid a Qatar annexation event. If the latter unravels, Turkey and Iran will position themselves actively into a theatre which, up until now, for them, has largely been rhetorical. Such an event will cause NATO (minus Turkey which will officially exit at that point) to butt heads with the Shanghai Pact countries of Russia and China. The stakes? Control of the Persian Gulf, Ancient Babylonia, ultimately Jerusalem, but most importantly, the maintenance and prestige of an Empire past its used-by-date (sadly, abandoned morality a long time ago).

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