June 15th 2017: Vestalia PHOENIX-44 Ritual Double Sacrifice For Ariana Grande Concert Dangerous Woman Tour In Rome, Italy?

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TAKE NOTE: The Thelemic/Satanic ritual of rebirth
can be found in LIBER 44, a sacramental ritual of
Aliester Crowley known as the *Mass of the Phoenix*.

(I have written extensively about this in previous posts, especially regarding the London 2012 Olympics rituals).

I’m going to have one last stab at interpreting the very strange geodesic and esoteric alignments that seem to have been engineered into Ariana Grange’s Dangerous Woman Tour concert sequence. In the past three posts I have attempted to add some context to, and to cover esoteric ground on, the seeming congruence between the Dangerous Woman Tour Manchester bombing at Grande’s 44th concert since the premiere Phoenix, Arizona, concert, and the Mass of The Phoenix (LIBER 44) from Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic/Satanic cult known as A∴A∴. It would seem that a Thelemic BABALON and the BEAST ritual is being invoked, related to the BREXIT divorce issued in 2016 during the 44th year of Great Britain’s membership in the European Union; which commenced January 1st 1973 when Great Britain officially entered the European Communities (aka, the ‘Common Market’).

The 44th city of the Tour should have been London, but was replaced by Paris due to the bombing, and, as discussed, the Manchester-London-Paris-Lyon concert locations, all lie on a geodesic Great Circle line that connected Westminster Abbey with the 1066 Battle of Hastings location. I won’t cover all of this ground again in this post. It has been covered thoroughly in the last three posts. The reason the coming Rome concert on June 15th 2017 seems to be connected to the Manchester bombing, is because of another uncanny geodesic alignment between the Manchester and Rome concert venues, and the landing spot in Deal, Kent, of the first Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC, led by Julius Caesar himself, who was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate in 44BC.

This famous 55BC landing of Julius Caesar was the first epic invasion of Britain by a foreign force bringing the main continental power to blows with native Britons, whereas the next was not until 1066 AD with the invasion of the Duke of Normandy, who was a tributary lord to the King of France under the continental feudal system. Thus, the locations of Hastings, and Deal, both in Kent, have especial significance to the relationship between Britain and the City of Rome, from whence the Biblical Beast (Roman Empire followed by the Holy Roman Empire founded by Charlemagne) was enthroned as per the Book of Revelation in the Christian Holy Bible. London is the new financial centre of the world, and the European Union is a re-healed Beast of Rome. This interplay provides a solid ritual context for the second sacrifice ritual of the Dangerous Woman (Phoenix) Tour occurring in Rome; if, of course, such a Rome terror attack occurs to complement the Manchester bombing of May 22nd 2017, twenty-four days earlier.

BELOW: An aerial photograph of the Pala Lottomatica, and
the EUR Quarter of the city of Rome, Italy, where Ariana
Grande will perform the 49th concert since Phoenix, AZ.

This area of Rome was a planned section of Rome developed by Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime, for the 1942 World’s Fair which was cancelled due to WWII. Many references to ancient and imperial Rome were planned, such as the building of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana as a cubic Colosseum, an obelisk to Guglielmo Marconi, and a projected but not built great arch, featured in the Fair posters.

BELOW: As I have covered in many previous posts, the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies, were key Thelemic rituals outlining a coming series of planetary wide Hegelian terrorist events, all planned around occult doctrine. QEII, the 44th Monarch to ‘sit on St. Edward’s Chair’, and Darcey Bussell, the Phoenix dancer who was in her 44th year of life at the time of her performance, were both dropped from the heavens like birds into the arena at the opening and closing ceremonies respectively; this juxtaposition was quite deliberate (read my previous posts). Also, both were identified symbolically with the 8-Pointed Star of the Babylonian goddess of ‘sacred’ prostitution, Ishtar, hiding in the Union Jack parachute, and in the stage-set of the closing ceremony within which Darcey danced with her four ‘lovers’ of flame.

BELOW VIDEO: ‘Spirit of the Flame’ Mass of the Phoenix
ritual performed at the Closing Ceremony of the
2012 London Summer Olympics.

As discussed before, an esoteric map of London was placed on the surface of the 2012 Olympic Stadium, and it was centred on a specific location on the Isle of Dogs, where, in 1996, the IRA exploded a massive bomb which destroyed the London World Trade Centre (WTCA; the sister trade centre of the Twin Towers in NYC). Thus, the Stadium was esoterically aligned with terrorism; deliberate occult semiotics. As we will see, this has bearing on a possible Rome attack, because the explosion following this IRA bombing, was the devastating and massive *June 15th 1996 Manchester Provisional IRA bombing*, which was the most powerful bomb to have been exploded in the British Isles since WWII, and which has not been surpassed since.

The London 2012 opening ceremony was focussed on the theme of the Industrial Revolution, which began in Manchester, and it featured blacksmiths forging the Olympic rings (NOTE: The British Rothschild’s started off in Manchester, and then moved to London). Vulcan was the god of forges and blacksmiths. The closing ceremony, on the other hand, represented Vesta, the ‘Spirit of the Flame’. Thus, we have an *OPENER* in Manchester on Vulcan’s holy day of May 23rd Mecca time, to represent Vulcan, and so, does it follow that we will have a *CLOSER* in Rome on the last day of the ancient pagan Roman festival known as the Vestalia, which would be before midnight on June 15th, the night of the Rome concert (23:00 Rome time to correct for Mecca time)???

This June 15th date is also important when it comes to Rome due to King John historically having set his seal on the Magna Carta on this date; which effectively began the process of independent Law in Britain diverging from Roman based Civil Law, still practiced on the continent today. In Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and in the United States (the latter two being daughter civilizations of Great Britain), Roman Civil Law process and convention were superseded by British Common Law process and convention, specifically because of King John attaching his official seal to the Magna Carta on June 15th 1215; an event that the Papacy in Rome was vehemently opposed to, for obvious reasons. Most people don’t realize the connection, but Magna Carta was the first salvo in a series of legislative events, which would start a *MASSIVE DIVERGENCE* between the development of Continental and British legislative modalities, which became quite acute during the Protestant Reformation, the reign’s of the Tudor’s and Stuart’s, the English Civil Wars, the Glorious Revolution, and, finally, can also be seen in the comparison between Napoleonic Law and British Common Law.

TAKE NOTE: The red line below represents a simple Great Circle (or cord) between the Manchester Arena and the Pala Lottomatica in Rome. The blue line is a ‘Masonic Square’ (a straight line on a Pythagorean 2×1 Equi-Rectangular projection, which is a purely esoteric mapping technique of no use in navigation). These are the two methods of connecting two locations on a geodesic map of the Earth’s surface: CIRCLE’s and SQUARE’s, respectively; which are of significance in high level Freemasonic Craft, including Thelemic minded masons who have infiltrated British Freemasonry, no doubt.

TAKE NOTE: As discussed above, the beaches of Deal, Kent (seen below), are traversed exactly by our red line, which is the location of Caesar’s 55BC invasion of the British Isles. This line also passes through Calais, which was the last continental possession of England before the possessions of the Angevin dynasty were finally obliterated by the King of France in January 1558 months before the accession of Queen Elizabeth I. The blue line (or ‘Masonic Square’), passes directly through Amiens, which is where Merovech — the founder of the Merovingian Dynasty of what would become post-Roman royal bloodlines — was first elected leader of his particular set of Salian Franks, which would gain the ascendancy and eventually inherit control of Gaul and most of Western Europe when the uneasy interplay between the Visigoths and the Western Roman Empire finally collapsed. The Merovingian’s would, in turn, give way to the Carolingian dynasty founded by Charles Martel, who would smash the Muslim incursions into Europe, kick-starting the middle-ages ascent from the dark-ages of chaos following the fall of Rome.

TAKE NOTE: Below can be seen an even closer zoom of the beaches of Deal, Kent, and will display the accuracy of the alignment. The Great Circle/cord red line passes directly over the top of the Pier at Deal. Walmer, just south of Deal, is the location of Walmer Castle, which was the long-time official residence and Headquarters of the Warden of the Cinque Ports; an extremely important historical office of State, especially in regards to the defence of the British Isles from continental powers such as Napoleonic France, or the German Third Reich. Holders of the office of Warden of the Cinque Ports include Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal, Arthur Wellesley, and Sir Robert Menzies, the longest serving Prime Minister of Australia.

INTERESTING: In addition to all this, on February 25th 2016, a once off concert for Radio Dee Jay, known as the ONE LOVE concert, was held at the Pala Lottomatica in Rome. This is the location of the Ariana Grande concert, but ONE LOVE was also the name of the special benefit concert held by Grande, Bieber and Perry on the 77th day of the Thelemic/Satanic calendar, on June 4th 2017, to ‘honour’ the victims of the Manchester bombing. This benefit concert was known as ONE LOVE MANCHESTER. It seems weird to me that this particular name was used so recently for an event in Rome that showcased mostly western music to an Italian audience, organized in cooperation with American music personalities. It’s almost as if a symbolic connection was created using the Thelemic meaning of the word LOVE (Agape, 93: See the last post), which needed to be anchored in Rome in order to foreshadow the connection between Manchester and Rome in a pre-emptive fashion, stamping the two events with a kind of WE WERE HERE and WE PLANNED THIS statement (plausibly deniable connection, of course).

So, I will conclude this post at this point, but, if an attack occurs at the Rome concert on June 15th 2017, you will know based on this information and the last three posts, that there was some really strange Thelemic esoteric coincidences and correlations going on with the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour. This is all connected to BREXIT as strange as it sounds, because the separation of London from the European Union is essential to understanding Biblical Prophecy; primarily the Old Testament Book of Daniel, and the New Testament Book of Revelation. BABALON and the BEAST are getting an acrimonious divorce filed after 44 years of unhappy marriage … and it’s about time to get this show on the road!

3 comments on “June 15th 2017: Vestalia PHOENIX-44 Ritual Double Sacrifice For Ariana Grande Concert Dangerous Woman Tour In Rome, Italy?

  1. Well put together..
    But feel that it’s the deep state bright’ns (ilu-zionists) who control Rome in the grand scheme of things. The ones who “rule the waifs” & “never ever shall be slaves”
    Hence after extensive “occult” studies / instructions Hitler’s planned base was more in the middle areas of the mysterious land which openly uses the cross of the ilu as it’s main symbol.
    Follow the signs… Modern religion has its roots in occult history, occult history has its roots in the babilu mysteries & the babilu mysteries stem from blah blah blah… keeping folks going in circles, rather then gab discuss being that’s within.
    Lambs herded around in circles wondering about the wolves, where in the end the plan is.. “out of darkness cometh light”

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