June 9th 2017: Vestalia PHOENIX-44 Ritual; New World Order Double Sacrifice For Lyon At Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour?

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TAKE NOTE: The Thelemic/Satanic ritual of rebirth
can be found in LIBER 44, a sacramental ritual of
Aliester Crowley known as the *Mass of the Phoenix*.

(I have written extensively about this in previous posts, especially regarding the London 2012 Olympics rituals).

I’m going to have one more stab at interpreting the very strange geodesic and esoteric alignments that seem to have been engineered into Ariana Grange’s Dangerous Woman Tour concert sequence. The 44th city on her tour — not including the first premiere performance in Phoenix, Arizona — will be the Lyon concert at the Halle Tony Garnier, which just happens to be an ex-industrial animal slaughterhouse (!) converted in the late 1980’s into a concert venue which maintained this large historical buildings’ unique architectural structure. It is very possible, in relation to the facts I have covered in the last two posts on this blog, that it will be the June 9th 2017 Lyon concert for which a planned sister-sacrifice (false-flag terror attack) may occur. June 9th each year, on the ancient Roman religious calendar [LINK], was the ‘dies religiosus’ (holy day) for the key Roman goddess of Vesta: The literal ‘Spirit of the Flame’ of the domestic Roman hearth/fire, tended to by a college of dedicated chaste Virgin priestesses.

BELOW: The Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France, was an industrial *ANIMAL SLAUGHTERHOUSE* which was only converted and opened in 1988 as a concert hall.
(The demotion of the masses of general public to the rank of herd animals, is a feature of ‘Illuminati’
break-away race theory; such as the Ubermensch theory of Third Reich Nazi Germany).

Ariana’s concerts and the host cities are listed above. Due to the fact
that two prior cities have hosted two rather than one concert, Ariana’s
shows can be numbered from Zero-to-44 (upper register), and the
cities can be numbered from Zero-to-44 (lower register).

— The 44th performance after Phoenix occurred in Manchester, England —

— The 44th city after Phoenix occurs in Lyon, France —

As the mythical firebird of death and rebirth, which sacrifices itself cyclically in order to strengthen its own rebirth, the first concert of Ariana’s tour, in Phoenix, represents the Zero-point. The 44th after this (whether using shows or cities as numerators), represents the return to the origin on a circle of 44. This is perhaps why the numeration does not start with Phoenix, Arizona, as #1, as I previously thought. However, if Phoenix is made #1, then #44 would have been the London concert at the O2 Arena, but this concert was cancelled together with another 6 (7 in total). It was then announced that the next concert would be the Paris event at AccorHotels Arena, in Bercy, Paris, on June 7th 2017. This created an esoteric connection between London and Paris, making them both relevant as the *LAST* notches on a Circle-of-44, from which point death begins, only to lead to rebirth at the zero-point, once again; that’s my theory, for what it’s worth! … but it is in-keeping with Hermetic and Thelemic ideology.

Now, the annual Roman festival of Vesta — the ‘Spirit of the Flame’ of Roman paganism — occurred each year between June 7th (date of the first commencement concert in Paris) and June 15th (the date of Ariana’s Rome concert), with a very special holy day of Vesta to be held on June 9th (the date of the Lyon concert). During this festival, the separation veil of Vesta’s temple in Rome would be opened, so that it could be seen by the public. In addition to this, the masculine counterpart of Vesta, known as Vulcan, had a holy day observance on May 23rd each year. When the bomb went off in Manchester on May 22nd, the time was 22:30 (BST), which, in Mecca, happened to be 00:30 on May 23rd (30 minutes after midnight, the next calendar day — Mecca is currently two hours ahead of England and France). The Muslim sacred center is Mecca, thus the bombing occurred on the religious day of Vulcan.

BELOW: As I have covered in many previous posts, the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies, were key Thelemic rituals outlining a coming series of planetary wide Hegelian terrorist events, all planned around occult doctrine. QEII, the 44th Monarch to ‘sit on St. Edward’s Chair’, and Darcey Bussell, the Phoenix dancer who was in her 44th year of life at the time of her performance, were both dropped from the heavens like birds into the arena at the opening and closing ceremonies respectively; this juxtaposition was quite deliberate (read my previous post). Also, both were identified symbolically with the 8-Pointed Star of the Babylonian goddess of prostitution, Ishtar, hiding in the Union Jack parachute, and in the stage-set of the closing ceremony.

BELOW VIDEO: ‘Spirit of the Flame’ Mass of the Phoenix
ritual performed at the Closing Ceremony of the
2012 London Summer Olympics.

As I covered in the previous post, an esoteric map of London was placed on the surface of the 2012 Olympic Stadium, and it was centred on a specific location on the Isle of Dogs, where, in 1996, the IRA exploded a massive bomb which destroyed the London World Trade Centre (WTCA; the sister trade centre of the Twin Towers in NYC). Thus, the Stadium was esoterically aligned with terrorism; deliberate occult semiotics. As we will see, this has bearing on the location of the Paris and Lyon concert venues being utilized by the Dangerous Woman Tour. The London 2012 opening ceremony was focussed on the theme of the Industrial Revolution, which began in Manchester, and it featured blacksmiths forging the Olympic rings (NOTE: The British Rothschild’s started off in Manchester, and then moved to London). Vulcan was the god of forges and blacksmiths. The closing ceremony represented Vesta, the ‘Spirit of the Flame’.

Thus, we have an *OPENER* in Manchester on Vulcan’s holy day of May 23rd Mecca time, to represent Vulcan, and so, does it follow that we will have a *CLOSER* in Lyon on Vesta’s holy day of June 9th before midnight Mecca time (22:00 Lyon time)??? The Lyon concert opens at 19:00 Lyon time. If a sister terror attack happens in Lyon, this would mean that the concert scheduled for directly *after* Manchester, was London, and likewise, the concert scheduled directly *before* Lyon, was Paris. These two major cities — London and Paris — have been hit by multiple terror attacks between the Manchester concert, and this coming Lyon concert, almost as if they have both been singled out for some purpose of esoteric/symbolic mutual identification, to create a Hegeian dialectic around a common established narrative: A thoughtform, so to speak.

A young cult icon like Ariana Grande and her crew of One Love Manchester sycophants (sorry, I can’t stand any of them, their slutty and trashy acts, or their commercialized common-as-a-cardboard-box ‘music’), is the perfect lodestone Phoenix ‘Mistress of the Rites’ to sit at the centre of these manipulations, ready to issue orders to her cult of personality chorus on how they should think and feel about every event. Katy Perry’s virtue signalling and sermonizing at the One Love Manchester benefit concert made me feel literally nauseous. In addition to all of this, Lyon was the subject of a major ‘truck of peace’ terror attack on June 26th 2015. This Manchester-London-Paris-Lyon terrorism relationship is why the following geodesic alignment is just plain damning (especially if there is a Lyon concert attack).

TAKE NOTE: Manchester, London, Paris, and Lyon, all lie on a single Great Circle (aka, a ‘cord’), alignment, when projected onto the surface of a planetary globe.

Manchester — London — Paris — Lyon

All four of these cities were founded by the Romans, named respectively as follows; Mamucium, Londinium, Lutetia, and Lugdunum. All four represent a successive expansion from the boot of Italy, with Lyon/Lugdunum indicating the start of the conquest of Gaul, and Manchester/Mamucium indicating the consolidation of the core of Britain by a large fortress designed to hold auxiliary soldiers to put down revolts and protect extractive island trade in the Province of Brittania. Interestingly, in Latin, the name Lugdunum means ‘Hill of Light’; Lugh being the native Celtic god of light which the Roman’s, through religious syncretism, identified with their god Apollo in a solar sense. Lugh’s name is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *leuk-, “flashing light”, and is specifically related to lightning strikes. This means that Lyon’s original Roman name meant the “Hill of the Lightning Strike”. Lightning is the ultimate divine *FIRE* from heaven — the core subject of many of my posts, and the specific fascination of Adam Weishaupt, founder of the late 18th century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

“The allegory in which the mysteries and higher grades are to be
clothed, consists of fire worship and the whole philosophy of
Zoroaster or the Parsis of old, who remain to this day in India.
This is why the Order, in the higher grades, will be called again:
the Cult of Fire, the Fire Order, or the Order of the Parsees;
it is something magnificent, above and beyond all expectation.”

–Weishaupt, Adam. “Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens (1787)”
(Melanson, Terry., ‘Fire and Time’, Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order Of The Illuminati.
Trine Day LLC, 2009. p. 218. n.2., Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens, pp. 330-1)

“…the merchants of the earth shall
weep and mourn over her; for no man
buyeth their merchandise any more…”
― Revelation 18:11. A future city of trade, destroyed.

Official album cover of ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ariana Grande (2016)
Dressed in a bondage-esque latex mask with Playboy bunny ears.
Is she portraying a chaste Vestal Virgin, or a Whore of Babylon archetype
for some kind of satanic/Thelemic end-times fertilization ritual?

BELOW: The esoteric city map (actually a geo-spatial Masonic Tracing Board) on the floor of the 2012 London Olympic Stadium, which was covered over during the opening and closing ceremonies, but which was especially captured for Google Earth, just to hide in plain site a BIG secret for anyone who might be paying attention, which was hiding esoterically beneath the set-prop landscaping.

SO WHAT WAS THE BIG SECRET? If the exact center of the map was located in high-resolution (as I did), and the location on the Earth’s surface retrieved, the location is revealed to have been in South Quay on the Isle of Dogs: Specifically the exact location of the February 9th 1996 Docklands Bombing, perpetrated by the Provisional IRA, which broke a seventeen month ceasefire. A few months later the IRA detonated a truck bomb three times the size, in Manchester, the biggest bomb detonated in Great Britain since WWII.


Now, this location and event was even more special, because as very few people will be aware, this bomb blew up the official 19-storey WTCA London World Trade Centre complex (EBN#138913), which was the official sister complex of the Twin Towers WTC in New York City that was destroyed ‘by box-cutters, and airplanes’ on September 11th 2001. The WTCA was headquartered in NYC, but at this location in London, the second most important WTCA complex was situated, and destroyed by the Provisional IRA. So why would the organizers of the London 2012 Olympics have gone to the trouble of paying big bucks to produce what they called a ‘live map’ of London (A Daily Mail article on the creation and apparent intent of this ‘live map’ can be found HERE) on the central stadium floor, if they were just covering over it with theatrical stages? Also, why did they feature at its centre, the location of a London WTCA complex terror attack? Answer: Occult semiotics … esoteric communication.

BELOW: If we draw great circle/cord lines on a map of the Earth from the location indicated on the London 2012 esoteric map — Which was the Isle of Dogs, just south of Canary Wharf financial centre — and we project them towards the Lyon ex-slaughterhouse concert hall, the lines run directly over the Paris venue of the June 7th Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour concert, which was the resumption of her tour after seven concerts had been cancelled. Paris was the first concert back on tour, and London was the first concert to be cancelled. Incidentally, the date of the first cancelled concert in London, May 25th 2017, was 7777 days from the date of the Isle of Dogs Docklands Bombing on February 9th 1996, which destroyed the London World Trade Centre (indicated below with a yellow marker).

ABOVE: Pay special attention to the Greenwich Park area, which has great esoteric significance for the history of the British Empire. This is where the British Admiralty operated from, and the location of the Old Royal Naval College. Francis Drake was also knighted on a ship here by Queen Elizabeth I, in Deptford, after returning from his circumnavigation of the globe (in truth a piracy campaign against Spanish Habsburg treasure ships from South America). Some people mark Drake’s circumnavigation as the watershed birth moment of the British push to create a naval Empire. The marker above labelled Queen’s House, is also in the same location as the former Tudor Palace known as the Palace of Placentia, where the Tudor monarchs Henry VIII, ‘Bloody’ Mary I, and Queen Elizabeth I were born. This will have greater significance in regards to the Phoenix ritual for people who have read the previous post, so if you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do, because I don’t have time to repeat this information again, and I already sound like a broken record. The London 2012 opening ceremony was, as noted, called ‘Isles of Wonder’; the Isle of Dogs being the premier island of London’s section of the Thames.

BELOW: The same lines as attached onto the Isle of Dogs, are shown attached on the Halle Tony Garnier ex-slaughterhouse concert hall in Lyon.

BELOW: The same lines as they run through Paris, which, as mentioned, run directly over the site of the AccorHotels Arena, Bercy, where Ariana Grande’s June 7th (start of the Vestalia period) tour resumption concert was performed. Note also that the Isle of Dogs lines running over the Bastile Lucifer Column, as mentioned in the previous post, but also the site of the 1314 immolation of the last Grand Master of the Templar’s, Jaques de Molay, on the Isle in the Seine. This last character, of course, has great significance for higher Rite Freemasonry and its fascination with the legends of the Knights Templar. Considering that Islamic terrorism is the focus of the rituals being organized and performed, the subject of Crusades is of course quite relevant to the post-September 11th 2001 world. George W. Bush even literally called the Iraq war a crusade. If only the Knights Templar had known about the oil and natural gas in the middle east, perhaps they could have converted their Order, which has been described as the first multi-national corporation, into an oiligarchic pre-cursor of Exxon Mobil or Royal Dutch Shell?

Anyway … as I have said, make sure you read the last post because it has far more information in it than I can be bothered repeating again here, especially regarding the British Monarchy, Westminster Abbey alignments with the Manchester bombing and Paris, and the Aleister Crowley and 1066 Battle of Hastings alignments. Also, read the post before the last one as well, because it also has some pivotal information in it. Heck … read all my articles over the last three years. It’ll take you forever, but you’ll definitely be a little more enlightened about the wonderful esoteric nightmare of the Thelemic Universe we are all trapped in right now, watching an unfolding Greek Tragedy, written in smoky rooms and executed with precision to terrify every sentient human into submitting to a mind tyranny worse than even George Orwell could imagine in Room 101. Planet Earth IS Room 101, Winston. YOU ARE WINSTON! I AM WINSTON! ALL ARE WINSTON! Thanks for reading … now, go read that PREVIOUS POST … NOW … stop being lazy !!!

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