MSM WHORE’S OF WAR: The Truth About the #Syrianboy Viral Photo. Its really a story of two boys. #OmranDaqneesh

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Why does anyone in the western world even listen to the mainstream media anymore? When are people going to wake up and realize the extent of the Orwellian situation we find our civilization in today? When are our politicians going to be held accountable by the public for the countless WAR CRIMES they are funding, promoting, and covering up in the Middle East and North Africa? When is the public going to activate for a social-justice issue that ACTUALLY matters, rather than obsessing over domestic identity socio-politics? Is it because we are cowards?

WARNING: Although this below video does not depict any beheadings,
it is distressing for humane people; except if you are a politician working
for Anglo-American-GCC-EU globalist trash who created groups like these
cowardly filthy dogs calling themselves ‘men’, who beheaded this young boy,
a boy who was, according to these bipedal dogs, a ‘prisoner of war’
[proxy war] at the time they executed him without mercy.

Please subscribe to updates from Syrian Girl at her YouTube page HERE (website HERE);
especially if, like myself, you don’t see any credibility in MSM narratives
on current newsworthy Middle East and North African events.

When are we going to have a Nuremburg style trial for the ‘Democratic’ Party Obama-Clinton
Administration, and Neocons like John McCain, for what they have done in Syria and Libya?

In the below additional video, Melissa Melton from Truth Stream Media also expands on this NATO sanctioned propaganda in Aleppo, by highlighting the role of the ‘White Helmets’ group, who are directly receiving funds from the White House to create inaccurate and deplorable propaganda to smear Assad, and Putin. Subscribe to TSM’s YouTube channel HERE

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