Mecca Clock Tower New World Order Attack For The Hajj On September 11th 2016?

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Just a quick update for readers of this blog: Lookout for September 11th 2016. Due to the fact that the Islamic calendar is exactly 12 lunar months, and because this calendar recedes against the Gregorian calendar by approximately 10 days each year, it is important to note that the first day of the Hajj at Mecca, will occur on September 11th this year! Don’t worry, I won’t regurgitate the same warnings and explanations to my readers predicting the long anticipated New World Order attack on the 7-towers of the Mecca Clock Tower complex (Abraj al-Bait); however, please recall that last year, a Binladen Group construction crane fell between the highly important ritual hills of Safa and Marwah in Mecca on September 11th 2015, killing over 100 pilrims – apparently an act of God – and that the Clock Tower would need to fall between Safa Tower, and Marwah Tower, in order to smash into the Kaaba and Mosque below. If this were to occur on the first day of Hajj, then the death toll from the carnage, including the stampedes, would be close to a million people! For more info on the 2015 Binladen crane disaster, and the 7-tower Abraj al-Bait complex, including the Safa and Marwah towers, please read THIS PREVIOUS POST. Once again, let’s hope nothing happens on this day, because if it does, then the New World Order are playing their final card – quite literally!

As I’ve been saying for a while: “Get ready for the BIG one!”

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