Black Friday Paris Terror Attacks Update: COP21/PARIS 2015 – How Convenient!

I have received a comment asking my opinion on the recent Paris attacks, so I thought I would briefly give my thoughts on the matter. Firstly, let us pray for the dead and all of those who are going to die in future attacks, because whether they be real or false flag terror events, real people are dying, and despite the display of grief by politicians after such events, politicians benefit from such attacks. When entrapped or coerced patsies – militant nihilists – or generally crazy people commit acts of terror, politicians get to declare ’emergency powers’, and to pass legislation turning domestic security forces into military forces. Such actions would be deemed unconstitutional and against the freedoms of domestic populations if it was not for terror attacks, thus it becomes desirable for politicians to either create climates that create attacks, or to actually organize and trigger such attacks actively. A good case in point is the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing event, which was totally planned by the US Deep-State, and which was perpetrated in order to crack down on State Militia groups, and the pro Second Ammendment Patriot Movement in the Unites States. A short satirical video explaining the reality of such diabolical public mass murders (including a daycare center full of young children at OKC), and the absurdity of the official story of OKC, was put together by James Corbett of

For a more serious one hour piece on Timothy McVeigh also by Corbett, watch this video:
The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

“No government would deliberately slaughter its own citizens on
its own soil for political purposes”
– Anonymous Idiot

Why on earth would anyone compare a PATCON strategy of tension operation authored and executed by the FBI/ATF using patsy domestic terrorists in the USA with Islamist terrorism in France? Well, because the flavour might be different, but it’s always the government who benefits. We all know that some Muslims do actually believe in jihad and carry out mass murders of infidels, so why question a government over an attack on its soil by such known threats? Well, because sometimes the timing of an event is just too convenient for governments, as is the case with this ‘Black Friday’ attack in Paris hot on the heels of the COP21/PARIS 2015 meeting which begins November 30th 2015, and which is THE MOST IMPORTANT on-the-books globalist meeting EVER HELD in human history, now with ‘enhanced’ security, and no doubt a TOTAL BAN ON PROTESTERS – for their own ‘safety’ against ‘terrorists’ of course. If this is the case, you can expect to see the usual ‘pro-Climate Action’ NGO’s (brown shirt pro-Banksterocracy of Carbon Credits & Derivatives trading fascists posing as virtuous green shirts) still allowed to ‘protest’ and not be touched by security, whilst those who are against the technocratic neo-feudalist agenda of the meeting will be arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ at a time of national mourning and ‘solidarity’. You can take this prediction to the bank – pardon the pun.

Francois Hollande referred to this as an “act of war” and a ‘national state of emergency’ to last at least 12 days (Bush-Blair déjà vu).
“It will be held with enhanced security measures but it is absolutely essential action against climate change and of course it will be held,”
– Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister on COP21.
“No, no, no, no, no, the COP21 [is] to be held.”
– Laurent Fabius, when asked if COP21 will still go ahead.

UPDATE: November 19th 2015; French National Assembly approves Bill to extend National State of Emergency for three months into mid February 2016 – 551 votes for, and only 6 votes against.

UPDATE: November 20th 2015; French Senate approves the
Bill to extend National State of Emergency for three months.

According to Reuters the State of Emergency powers include:

1: Police armed as if they are active service military in Afghanistan have the power to conduct searches without getting judicial warrants. They cannot however search the homes and offices of parliamentarians, journalists or lawyers. How nice of politicians to exempt themselves … as usual.

2: Anyone suspected of posing a security threat can be placed under house arrest for 12 hours a day to restrict their movement. Even if the house arrest is lifted, suspects can be prevented from meeting others deemed a threat.

3: Electronic tagging can be used to ensure suspects under house arrest who are particularly dangerous [according to whom? Anti-PARIS 2015 demonstration organizers?] remain confined.

4: The *REAL REASON* the attacks were perpetrated; “The authorities have the power to block Internet sites deemed to incite or advocate “acts of terrorism”, public demonstrations are banned and groups inciting acts that could seriously affect public order can be dissolved.” [verbatim from Reuters]. No doubt the list of websites banned by French ISP’s under order of the Fascist Government of Francois Hollande will be secret and not publicized.

“Vive la France Fasciste Tyrannie”

Jo Nova Article: UN wants an ‘international tribunal of climate justice’ — power to tell democracies what to do … [to be birthed at the PARIS 2015 confab].

Truth Stream Media Video: Just Before the Paris Attacks [Heads of French, Israeli, US, and UK military-intelligence and secret services gathered for a confab in Washington DC to discuss the regime change and proxy war against Russia going on in Syria]

Yes, this is the most important globalist meeting ever, with 127 heads of state, and an estimate 40,000 delegates being present to sign their national sovereignty over to a new Trojan horse Climate Court, which will be the lynchpin of a new funded United Nations bureaucracy revolving around mandated Carbon trading for Individuals (Personal Carbon ID#s) and Corporations (Corporate Carbon ID#s). 99% of Carbon atoms are Carbon-12 isotopes which contain 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, and 6 Electrons, making this the all important 666 element of ALL organic life on earth, including human life itself. This issue has more to do with global economic, social, and political Imperialism than environmentalism, which is just a Trojan horse proxy issue to create a new One World Government – not to mention that Gaia worship seems to be a new convenient religious dogma to smother REAL science with; some things never change. To do this the United Nations requires an income stream linked to the transaction streams of global finance, and the Too-Big-To-Fail financial corporations who are eager to trade Carbon Credits and Derivatives for large fees are their natural partners in crime. It’s all quite an obvious global deception for the intellectually honest and astute observer. Wait until the Mecca Clock Tower false-flag event … you ain’t seen nothing yet in regards to engineered media distractions and deceptions!

I don’t want to constantly repeat myself on this blog as I have already spoken about this at length, so I would advise the interested reader to consume a PREVIOUS POST in its entirety to understand WHY the 666 is so important to the globalist oligarchy who consider 99.99% of humanity to be their chattel property to be numbered and managed like cattle against their God given free will. Yes, it is so important for the globalists that killing a few hundred civilians using wind-up-toy Islamic extremists is a very small matter in the scheme of things, and is no doubt lots of fun for the despotic high level organizers of such Hegelian dialectic. Is there an occult sacrificial aspect to this event? In the minds of those who organize them, do they serve as a sacrificial dedication to the coming meeting and signing of treaties? Probably … who knows, but the political objectives are easy to understand. If you are French, a few hundred of your citizens have probably just been killed by your own deep-state government, and now your politicians will dance on their graves to add insult to injury, thus make sure your anger is directed in the right place (ie, not simply towards the larger Islamic community, which will just give politicians even more fuel out of social division). I leave the reader with an important quote from a book nearly 2000 years old, regarding an end-times system of global control:

“And he [end times ruler known as anti-Christ] had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell [new global mandated cashless legal tender fiat], save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. [666: Mandated Carbon Trading attached to Personal & Corporate ID#s]
– Revelation 13:15-18 [Holy Bible]

Continue reading about Carbon 666 →

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