Thoughts On Mecca September 11th 2015 Crane Tragedy: The BIG One Comes!

I have been asked by a few commenters to give my thoughts on the tragic September 11th 2015 Mecca crane disaster, where a very large and heavy construction crane smashed into the Masjid al-Haram killing at least 107 pilgrims. Firstly, let me give my condolences to the families of the victims, and I sincerely lament this event, just as I will lament the Clock Tower attack when it occurs – which it will – as it will kill hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. I believe it may be planned for September 23rd 2015, which is the Islamic Eid al-Adha at the end of Hajj, and also just happens to be the Jewish Yom Kippur, which is the day that a regular Biblical Jubilee has to be declared. My first thought on this crane event however, was that this event was ritual in nature, for no other reason than it occurred on Sept 11th, and in the same location as I was expecting to see the next major New World Order false-flag terror attack. If it had happened on any other day of the year, I would consider it to be simply a horrible accident, but it was not any insignificant day, it was September 11th! The more I read about the tragedy, and the more video I watched of the weather phenomena that caused the event, the more I realized we may have just witnessed a bone fide prodigy from God, sent in order to warn both the world and the NWO elite.

Was this event a prodigy indicating that the 2015 Hajj is to be the target of the planned NWO Clock Tower and Kaaba Attack? Is the planned day for the suggested attack September 23rd 2015, which is Eid al-Adha, and also Yom Kippur?

WARNING: Graphic Video!

Pay Attention To Weird Omens!

PAY ATTENTION TO WEIRD OMENS! This is probably the best tonic against normalcy bias, which unfortunately has infected the vast majority of people, seemingly diminishing their situational awareness. The crane fell towards the important Zam Zam well and Kaaba, and symbolically broke the Sa’ee walkway between the two hills Safa and Marwah as shown above. This could be quite symbolic for the Islamic faith, as this section of the Masjid al-Haram basically epitomized the search for God, and thus the story of the redemption of Ishmael and his mother Hajar. This could have been an entirely natural event (which I actually favor), or it could have been deliberately setup to happen, there is no way of knowing for sure. However, the date of September 11th 2015, is extremely ominous.

Ask yourself if this event was in fact deliberate, then why is this date important, and why would the breaking of the Sa’ee walkway between the two ritual hills of al-Marwah and al-Safa, by a Saudi Binladen Group construction crane be ritually important? Note that if the Clock Tower which was built by the same Saudi Binladen Group was to fall forward onto the Kaaba and Mosque, it needs to fall directly between the gap left between Marwah Tower on the western flank, and Safa Tower on the eastern flank!

Is this just a coincidence?

I think not – Please pay attention!

I discuss this event in more depth within this post.


Pay Attention To Weird Omens!

Strange things are happening in the world today, as they always have, but we are witnessing the build up to the ‘end of an age’. The destruction of the 7-towers of the World Trade Center which towered over ‘The Sphere’, and which was dubbed the ‘Kaaba to Commerce’, was a gateway to lead us to this now unavoidable Hegelian crescendo. Now the 7-towers of the Abraj al-Bait Clock Tower Hotel complex, built by the Saudi Binladen Group, tower over the Kaaba at Mecca, and exactly 14 years later to the day (7yrs + 7yrs), an omen occurs at location#2 as a warning. Before the collapse, an extremely unusual weather phenomenon including high winds and lightning occurred. This was extremely unusual weather for Mecca in early September. The following is from Wikipedia:

Mecca features desert climate. Unlike other cities, Mecca retains its hot temperature in winter, which can range from 18 °C (64 °F) at night to 30 °C (86 °F) in the day. Summer temperatures are extremely hot, often being over 40 °C (104 °F) during the day, dropping to 30 °C (86 °F) at night. Rain usually falls in Mecca in small amounts between November and January. The rainfall, as scant as it is, also presents the threat of flooding and has been a danger since the earliest times. According to Al-Kurdī, there had been 89 historic floods by 1965, including several in the period. In the last century the most severe one occurred in 1942. Since then, dams have been constructed to ameliorate the problem.

Mecca is at an elevation of 909 ft above sea level, and approximately 80 km inland from the Red Sea. Flash floods are common during winter season even though the amount of precipitation is low. Since Mecca is located in a desert, dust storms are common in the city.

• Shamal winds occur in Mecca mostly during summer months, these Shamal winds are very dusty and remain at peak in the morning but decreases at night. These winds also occur in winter but not often.

• Sandstorms and Dust storms both affect Mecca almost every month but especially during summer months.

• Westerly winds bring thunderstorms to Mecca during winter and hailstorms sometimes also occur.

Since Mecca is located in a low-lying region, it is threatened by seasonal flash floods despite the low amount of annual precipitation. There are less than 110 millimetres (4.3 in) of rainfall during the year, mainly falling in the winter months. Temperatures are high throughout the year and in summer it may reach 45 °C (113 °F). The following are extreme weather events in Mecca and the surrounding area.

• In November 2009, Makkah Province was badly affected when record-breaking rainfall of 90 millimetres (3.5 in) hit the province causing flash floods all over the province. It was the worst flood in 27 years.

• In November 2010, a thunderstorm killed 3 people in Makkah city following heavy rainfall. Most of the city remained under flood warning the entire night.

• In December 2010, once again the city was flooded when light to moderate intensity rainfall battered the holy city, claiming the lives of 4 people. While condition in Makkah Province was also comparable to the provincial capital.

• In January 2011, heavy rainfall created flood like situation in the provinces especially Jeddah where 111 millimetres (4.4 in) occurred in just 3 hours killing four people.

Even though Mecca gets some flooding now and then, it is always around November to January, not in early September. The wild circulating winds that can be seen in the video, are quite phenomenal for this time and place. It should also be remembered that this event happened directly after Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, were hit by a most unusual and severe dust storm, just adding to the NATO and GCC sponsored chaos in that region. One could almost suggest that such events were omens from God, and perhaps portents that all hell is about to break loose in this region, which is exactly what the Hegelian masterminds of the NWO have been cooking up for a long time now.

The situation in the Mid East could however get much worse than it is right now, especially since it is now confirmed that Russian and Iranian troops – and their heavy equipment – have already started digging in on Syrian territory. These troops are obviously being moved in to fend off the terrorist insurgency and the NATO and GCC backed ‘rebels’ (if you can tell the difference between them). The main reason they are digging in, is to prepare for the direct NATO alliance attacks against Bashar al-Assad, which Putin must be expecting as sure as the sun rises every morning. Considering this is the area that WWIII might soon start, a dust storm leading up to an ominous Sept 11th 2015 omen in Mecca, should be enough to alert those who take heed of the ‘signs of the times’. Something is in the wind! A ‘Desert Storm’ approaches.

ABOVE VIDEO: The severe dust storm seems to have begun in the western periphery of the Mid East, effecting Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, on September 7th 2015.

ABOVE VIDEO: The severe dust storm then seems to have become acute further south at Jeddah on the Red Sea, which is the main port of Mecca, just 45 miles (65kms) west of Mecca. This occurred on September 8th 2015, just one day later. This dust storm is severe, and visibility goes to almost nothing for people caught in it.

ABOVE VIDEO: Then three days later, the bad weather has set in at Mecca, with a mixture of dust, rain and wind, though the dust is now very light compared to what Jeddah had experienced, where the sky was almost black. As the above video shows, the wind built up so much that temporary barricades were being blown all over the place.

It is a bit of a miracle that more than one crane didn’t topple during this weather phenomena, and considering there are about fifteen of them spanning the perimeter of the Grand Mosque, the death toll could have been much greater. If a single crane can do this much damage before Hajj pilgrims had even arrived, imagine how much damage the massive 7-towers of the Abraj al-Bait Clock Tower complex would do if I am correct, and they were built especially for a Hegelian geopolitical crisis trigger like September 11th 2001? Especially if such a thing happened during Eid al-Adha, at the very end of a Hajj, with well over a million people in the direct firing line. It is quite unthinkable. We are coming to the end of a ‘double-shemitah’ period of 7 years + 7 years, and the climax in financial and social crises seem cooked up to coincide with a grande finale. Consider the image below, and how a double-7yr ritual period, could be ritually complemented to start with the destruction of 7 World Trade Towers by ‘Osama Binladen’, and end with the destruction of 7 Mecca Hotel Towers, built by the Saudi Binladen Group. Only extremely cashed up elites with lots of time on their hands, could come up with something so diabolical to birth their FASCIST PLANETARY NEW WORLD ORDER (*queue Star Wars music*).


The concept visualized above is very simple, but it is extremely hard to explain its implications, and especially all the different players who are being suckered by it. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on the Shemitah and Jubilee cycles, to be published in a few days!


Read my original 77-PAGE THESIS ‘BREAKING THE JUBILEE 77,2014’ on this attack, which I published on October 3rd 2014. I was wrong about the date, and have been wrong about many others since, but please for the love of God realize that there are great truths in this thesis. If there is a Who-What-When-Where-Why surrounding everything that happens in this world, then if only the When is important to most people, what hope does the Human Race have? What about the Who, the What, the Where, and the Why?

If you would like to understand the meaning of the DOUBLE 7 from an occult perspective – because it is highly important – make sure you read THIS PREVIOUS POST. This post is pivotal to understanding the link between the mega ritual we are watching unfold, and the cult beliefs of Aleister Crowley (the father of modern Satanism), who’s seal of the A∴A∴ is shown above in red (with the Seven Sevens inside a seven pointed star inscribed with B.A.B.A.L.O.N). This post explains such things as Flight AA-77 and UA-175 (175 is linked to the 7×7 Magic Square of Venus), Venus-77 the E4B Flying Command Post above Wash D.C on Sept 11th 2001, the 7/7 London Bombings, the Georgia Guidestones built on ‘Double Seven Ranch’ on Highway 77 and unveiled for the 77th Thelemic year, and the inverted pentagram in Wash D.C and its Double-7 point which breaks the pentagram, and many more ritual uses of this sabbatical numerology.

If you want a deep rabbit hole to crawl down, related to the use of BELLS in recent rituals such as the London 2012 Summer Olympics, the NAZI 1936 Berlin Olympics, and a very special bell (USS Canberra Ships Bell) given as a gift by George Walker Bush to Australian PM John Howard the day before Sept 11th 2001, make sure you read THIS PREVIOUS POST.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: September 23rd 2015

The Jewish Yom Kippur AND the Islamic Eid al-Adha fall on the same day this year in 2015, September 23rd 2015. This day also happens to be 77 days from 7/7/2015, which as I presented in a PREVIOUS POST in a 17 MINUTE GIF ANIMATION, was an important date in this ritual, being indicated by two very important bombings in London: the 7/7/2005 London Bombings, and the February 9th 1996 Docklands Bombing, which destroyed the London World Trade Center in Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. This last bombing was ritually invoked at the exact centre of a massive (and Masonic) stadium floor map at the London 2012 Summer Olympics (SEE: PREVIOUS POST).

Another important area of discussion is the Illuminati Card Game COMBINED DISASTERS card shown on the right, which is from the deck that was pre-predictive of the Sept 11th 2001 attack. The Mecca Clock Tower is in fact destined to be a COMBINED DISASTER as explained in many previous posts: Two events each of 7-Towers each, to seal a ritual 77, or Double Seven, as seen in the Crowley seal of A∴A∴, and expressed in Crowley’s LIBER 77 (aka, LIBER OZ), his constitution of O.T.O. The aim of A∴A∴ from an eschatological point of view, is to destroy ALL of the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and mainline Judaism (though Jewish Kabbalah is quite congruent with A∴A∴ beliefs, though not for YHWH).

The COMBINED DISASTERS card, features a clock bearing the time 11:11. It should be noted that the afternoon of September 23rd 2015, just happens to be the transition point between the 10th and 11th days of the seventh Jewish lunar month, but the transition between the 10th to 11th day of the 12th Islamic Lunar Month. Islamic and Jewish days transition at sunset and not midnight. What this means is that in the afternoon on September 23rd 2015, just after sunset, the day will be 11 MONTHS and 10 DAYS into the Islamic Year, transitioning into the 11 MONTHS and 11 DAYS of the Islamic Year. This day is known as the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’. This means the clock could be attacked at the end of the 10th day of the 11th month. This is also congruent with the 11:11 time shown on the clock face, because the 11th and last day has been reached after sunset, of the 11th month: The next day will be the 11th of the 11th. As discussed in previous posts, the card artwork looks as if it is either dawn or dusk, and importantly, the MASS OF THE PHOENIX (LIBER 44) of Aleister Crowley is the ritual that this sacrifice is to be performed around. This particular ritual HAS TO BE performed in the afternoon/sunset according to satanic Thelemite doctrine. Another congruence, is that Wednesday is the day of Mercury, which is highly related to the ‘Magus’ in Thelema. This is the aspect that was invoked during every building collapse on September 11th 2001 (ALL IN PLANETARY HOUR OF MERCURY, INCLUDING WTC BUILDING 7), and the first impact of AA-11 into the North Tower, was triggered astrologically (and exactly) by Mercury directly on the Ascendant.

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2015


On September 23rd 1932, King Abdulaziz declared the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every September 23rd the Saudis celebrate the National Day (Al-Yaoum-al-Watany). ISIS is quite clearly a production of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and NATO black-ops weapons supply running. If the Clock Towers are to be attacked and blamed on ISIS, then the Saudi royal family will require some media-cover. Presumably the outrage of being attacked on Saudi Arabia’s National Day – which is specifically important to the House of Saud – would allow the royal family to sow the story that it was a personal attack on their leadership by ‘radicals’, who have already threatened to attack Mecca, calling the Kaaba an ‘idol’ in the minds of modern Muslims. This is perhaps one of the best days of the year in which the Saudis could use the date to portray this as a personal outrage, thus covering them from claims of involvement: the ultimate ‘false-flag’ misdirection.

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2015


The Equinoxes are a very important time of year for occultists and neo-pagans. If the North pole and South pole are considered twin pillars, about which every celestial object rotates once in a sidereal day, then on an Equinox they are at equal distance from the center of the Sun: a kind of esoteric doorway time of year that occurs twice yearly. Keep in mind that the first sacrifice was of monumental Twin Towers, and the Masonic qualities of the ritual was quite clear. The Equinox is also especially important for Thelmite followers of Aleister Crowley, and in fact his periodical on ritual magic and occultism in the first half of the 20th century was published under the title ‘The Equinox’ for short, with the full title ‘The Equinox of the Gods’. Considering the beginning of Crowley’s externalization was the Vernal Equinox of 1904, it makes sense that to seal his Aeon of Horus, a ritual Mass of the Phoenix would be performed on an Autumn (FALL) Equinox, with over a million human victims, all of an Abrahamic faith. In Crowley’s own words;

“One last word on this subject. There is a Magical operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon. This whole matter is prophesied in the Book of the Law itself; let the student take note, and enter the ranks of the Host of the Sun.”

– Aleister Crowley. “Magick in Theory and Practice”


September 23rd 2015, is also the 2077th anniversary of the birth of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar in 63BC. As explained in many previous posts, this particular Double-7 ritual is actually centered around the rebirth of the Roman Empire, except this time around, it is Planetary!


On the day of the Binladen Group crane collapse on Sept 11th 2015, a photo appeared on the web showing a lightning bolt hitting a crane. The photo is not time stamped, so it is hard to know whether it was taken prior to Sept 11th 2015, or if it was taken on the day it cannot be determined at what time it struck the crane. I ran the image file through TinEye, which is a web crawling image signature searcher, to see if this photo appeared prior to the crane incident. To my amazement, it does in fact first appear on Sept 11th 2015! SEE FOR YOURSELF HERE: TINEYE IMAGE SEARCH URL.

So then I started thinking whether or not the crane pictured in the image was in fact the crane that collapsed. After carefully studying a Google Maps image of the Masjid al-Haram area (shown below), I discovered that this is definitely the correct crane. The light post in the foreground of the image shown above, can be located at the western side of the Mosque, and the façade features which appear behind the lamp post can be identified clearly as a unique feature of this side of the Mosque. The lamp post can be seen in almost complete alignment with the crane that was struck. This line passes south of the boxy looking main building annex which protrudes on the left. This line also runs through the left-most of two framed entrance features on this façade. This places the crane that is being hit in the photo in exactly the correct direction as the crane which fell on the eastern side of the Mosque. Additionally, the crane that fell is painted white and red in an alternating pattern, and this is the large one seen in the image, not one of the other numerous mono-color red cranes. I believe that this lightning strike report is legitimate, and quite amazing considering the date, and especially if the Clock Tower attack occurs on Sept 23rd 2015 during Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur.

Now, if this was in fact a New World Order use of HAARP type technology (?) for weather modification, we need to ask ourselves whether a lightning bolt aimed at a particular crane falls in this arsenal of capability. Considering that there are dozens of cranes all over the Mecca area, all of which are nice lightning rods, then what is the chance that it would hit the crane that fell between al-Safa and al-Marwah? Also, you will notice in the photo above, that the lightning bolt hit the crane near its base, and not near the top, thus the height of the crane wasn’t exactly the deciding factor that this bolt was honing in on. Personally, considering the above explained context of the sand/dust storm that went from Syria right down to Mecca, I believe we may have just witnessed a prodigy from the hand of God himself.


But why would God cause an event that killed faithful Muslims? Perhaps this was necessary in order to URGENTLY WARN people around the world (ALL Abrahamic peoples), that an enemy is at the gates. This enemy is not Islamic, Christian, or Jewish, it is satanic. This satanic force as I have been suggesting for nearly a year now, is planning to smash the Mecca Clock Tower between the flanking Safa and Marwah towers, and to destroy the Mosque and Kaaba, along with a million or more people. This satanic force wants to set the three Abrahamic religions against each other, so that a secular New World Order can act as the mediator and savior. It then gets to blame all of the worlds problems on the traditions of Abraham. Muslims, Christians, and Jews, need to rise above this satanic Hegelian dialectic, and to understand that PEACE is what God wants, NOT WAR! Don’t be manipulated by the elite group of Mammon worshipers that are organizing all the current chaos in the political, social, and economic spheres in order to create an unholy world Empire! Wake up people!

As usual, let us hope that I am wrong – as I have been many times – but please all be on your guard, and if you know Muslim pilgrims attending Hajj, please let them know to at least not be in the Masjid al-Haram area, or the Abraj al-Bait, in the afternoon on September 23rd 2015!

For those who are interested about any possible astrological significance of this crane tragedy, above can be seen the Stellarium sky image at 5:23pm Mecca time. Of interest is that Saturn (Old Father Time), had just passed through the Clock Tower crescent spire 8 minutes earlier, as it appears from the Kaaba (288deg Bearing, and 51deg-52deg Altitude). Also the very important ‘royal star’ Regulus of Leo the lion (known as the ‘King’), is sitting on the descendant, as is the Moon, which is 2 days away from its conjunction with the Sun. This is the only significance I can identify here.

From a Natal/Event Chart point of view, above can be seen the same time in a Solar Fire Gold chart. The only thing of interest in this chart from an astrologers point of view that I can see, is that Saturn and Pluto (of the same ‘kind’) are in mutual reception, and importantly, the event occurred in the Planetary Hour of Saturn (Old Father Time). At this point I have exhausted my possible understanding of astrology, but I don’t find modern astrology at all objective or valuable, and I consider it rather profane. We should remember however, that the June 17th 2BC Star of Bethlehem (a Jupiter-Venus Transit in Leo, coincidentally with Jupiter being in almost the exact same position as the crane disaster), was a ‘sign in the heavens’, and thus important Biblical events are accompanied by such signs. Interpretation of astrology however is fraught with danger, highly speculative and subjective, and I am definitely no Prophet Daniel, so do not claim prophecy as the inspiration behind any predictions I have made thus far. Let us not forget however, that the occult minded NWO elite – especially Thelemites – take such subjective pass-times very seriously indeed.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading, and keep posted for my upcoming post on the Shemitah and Jubilee cycles.

24 comments on “Thoughts On Mecca September 11th 2015 Crane Tragedy: The BIG One Comes!

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  2. Salaam/Peace/Shalom,

    Have you seen the fire yesterday in one of the towers?

    There hasn’t been a lot of coverage about this fire. Even the saudi TV channels did not cover anything about it.

    Also, I know that it is very unusual for a huge building like this hotel to have a fire like this. Because it is a new building that has to be build by very strict savety codes. Codes that have rules to prevent fires and keep them from getting to other parts of the building.

    I really hope that you are wrong about this theorie, but I’m afraid thing are going to happen.

    • >>>I really hope that you are wrong about this theorie, but I’m afraid thing are going to happen.
      I sincerely hope I am wrong also, but the war against Abraham is all too evident. I was not aware of this, so thank you very much for letting me know. I remember that there was a large fire in one of them when they were being constructed, but that was before the fire systems had been installed. I would have thought that because there are 7-towers all so close together, that they would need even more effective fire systems to prevent a runaway domino effect that could gut them all at the same time. I’ll checkout the video and do a little research, because this is very weird indeed. Could it be that certain people that know something big is coming (as I have predicted) are trying to warn people who are paying attention?
      Salaam/Peace/Shalom to you too.

    • I checked out the video you posted, and this seems to have been incorrectly attributed to the current hotel fire. This fire in your URL is of the Oct 19th 2008 Hajar Tower fire, whilst the tower was still under construction and did not have fire systems installed/working. It seems someone posted this as current on YouTube (obviously an unscrupulous view seeker). The current fire seems to be in an 11-storey hotel somewhere else in the city but not in the Abraj al-Bait. You can see in this video taken North of the Abraj and Kaaba that the hotel is not directly in the central area, and is instead in the Aziziya neighborhood.

      Thanks for letting me know though, as it is still strange timing being that the crane incident happened on Sept 11th 2015 etc… Maybe another omen?

      What if the Saudi Govt find new rooms for these 1000 evacuated pilgrims in the Abraj though? What if this was planned in order to stack the Abraj with more people for the big attack on Sept 23rd?

      I’m sorry to make such suggestions, but as Jesus said ‘Be as wise as a serpent, and as harmless as a Dove’ … perhaps I’ve been studying the New World Order Hegelian dialectic for too long though.

      Let us pray for an uneventful Sept 23rd.

    • Actually, the video I posted above is from another fire in Mecca in 2014 (looks like fires are pretty common in this city with all the construction going on), it seems the Aziziya neighborhood (which is where this definitely happened) is near the Jamarat Bridge to the east of the Abraj and Kaaba. Nobody was killed, so that’s something at least.

      • Do you know Mimih, I have been so busy with another post I have been working on that I didn’t stop to think about this ‘clock bomb’ kid, but now you bring it up, perhaps it is relevant. His clock did look a little like a suit case bomb to be honest, so I’m not surprised someone freaked out, but the fact that it might just be another deliberate media staged event due to his father’s past as an activist, should make it a little suspect.

        There’s no doubt that the whole NWO system relies on creating social tension wherever it can be created, and then empowering bureaucracy to ‘help’ mediate on the tension (Ordo Ab Chao). As I have been writing about for a while now, the 2+ billion Christians and the 1.6 billion Muslims are an almost irresistible pool of possible tension to manipulate, and since both share a similar provenance in Abraham (and rules against usury most notably), it is a divide-and-conquer opportunity unlike any that has ever existed on Earth.

        This is why I don’t play into it like many Christians (and those who simply call themselves Christians for selfish cultural reasons), and Jesus told me to love even my enemies (even if I considered Muslims my enemy, which I don’t), so together with certain Christian Zionist elements they are falling directly into the NWO trap. Satan feeds on division and hatred.

        Mimih, the whole point in the Mecca Clock Attack if it happens, will be to start up an Hegelian Dialectic to create a new Caliphate with NATO (EU+US) backing, in order to allow the Gulf Cooperation Council to have their way with the pipeline corridor in the Shia dominated (politically) lands of Syria and Iraq (thus removing Russia from the EU energy market). The only way they can do this is to feign a necessary region wide supra-national control council over the sovereign countries, which needs to involve a crisis in Mecca; I’ve thought about this very much over the past two years, and the only thing capable of creating the media and social cover necessary to force all Muslims to comply with a single Islamic council, is a crisis involving the Masjid al-Haram and the NWO Clock Tower.

        So it is entirely possible that the ‘clock bomb’ kid is just part of some esoteric use of symbolic key words in order to link the attack in Mecca when it happens, with the subconscious thought patterns of western citizens (mostly Christians), in order to evoke an over emotional melee of social friction. Hope that makes sense from a social engineering perspective, and thanks for bringing this to my attention because I hadn’t thought of it before.

        Peace to Abraham!

      • That’s ok, it’s hard to know what is legitimate on YouTube, because some people just post videos about unrelated subjects just to get YouTube views … which is seriously annoying 🙂

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  4. I exposed the masonic brotherhood ceremony I attended in Riyadh on September 2014 to the saudi government. My son was jailed on sept 27 2015 That was the feast of the passover, feast of trumpets Fri Ramadhan 14. Full tetrad cycle moon. Enjoy yourself with this. My information was swept under the rug of course. Family bloodlines are another topic. Please let me know what you make of this.

    • Why was your son arrested in S.A?
      … or did they even give a reason? …they don’t really need a reason in that particular fascist country.

      I wouldn’t step foot in a GCC country if I were offered a million dollars to spend a day. Closest I ever came was stopping at the Oman airport between Australia and England.

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  6. Hi Michael
    Just found you today and am really loving your insight! I wonder if you know, does the toppled crane and the stampede coincide with the Ark of Gabriel being found in Saudi Arabia. Ive heard it all happened around the same time and that now the Ark is in Antarctica. Could that be why so many elites have visited there recently?
    Thanks again!!

    • I had a quick look into it. It smells a lot like either a click-bait creation, or, a contrived Mockingbird operation. I just don’t see anything credible about non-referenced Biblical-type arks that are connected to ‘plasma’ technology.

      The Binladen crane that fell on Sept 11th 2015 was indeed a highly freaky event, but only because of its symbolic/providential qualities. Mixing in highly speculative allegations of an underground ark retrieved via a clandestine archaeological dig, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox church, Pont.Max. Francis, Putin, and a Nazi base in Antarctica, seems, well, highly in-keeping with the exponential growth of psychologically unstable internet chatter which drowns out subjects of much higher value – subjects which are actually grounded in some logic or evidence.

      The reason that the elitists are so interested in Antarctica is solely due to their need to implement a worldwide Carbon Trading system policed by a unitary administrative financial-exonomic-political mechanism. They don’t care how they get it, but they need it in order to claim technocratic dominance over the entire biosphere – all of God’s creation, including God’s greatest creation; Mankind.

      Antarctica is simply an environmental prop … to be exploited purely for PR purposes and photo opportunities.

      Thanks for the comment though, because anything is worth consideration, but I just can’t see anything of substance in these claims; especially because it would require political cooperation between the Wahhabist Sheiks in Saudi Arabia and Vladimir Putin, which is probably the most laughable attribute of the whole yarn – even more so than Nazi bases in Antarctica, and that’s saying something!

      • @Saadia_AlQahtani
        I don’t get your point. That’s exactly what I said.

        To clarify: I don’t believe that the Saudi’s and their GCC allies would ever cooperate with Russia, because they are direct competitors for hydrocarbon sales into Europe, which is the entire reason the Syrian war is going on between Sunni extremists and Putin+Assad who is an Alawite/Shia.

        I REPEAT: Syrian crisis is a proxy war between an EU+GCC/NATO group, and a Russia+Iran+Shia in Iraq and Syria group (China is also assisting Assad and corporately taking over the oil business in Shia dominated southern Iraq). Turkey is stuck in the middle and trying to make the best of alliance flipping, though it is arguably still more aligned with NATO. Egypt was almost overthrown by Muslim Brotherhood assisted by Qatar, but flipped back into a sphere compatible with Russia and China when Morsi was deposed. Israel is, as usual, attempting to simply weaken all Muslim countries in its sphere by playing them off against each other, though they have been kinder to the GCC agenda to overthrow Assad who they (stupidly) see as a more direct threat to Israeli interests in places like Lebanon and in the Golan Heights where they want the fresh water resources.

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