Aug 11th 2015: Possible date for Mecca Clock Tower Attack (& St Clare Bloodline)

Yet another prediction!

Over the last year, I have suggested many dates for an attack against the 7-towers of the Mecca Clock Tower complex, all of which have come and gone without event. I just need to make sure that readers of my blog understand that these predictions are NOT prophecies (from a religious perspective). Religiously, a prophecy is given after a divine revelation, where a person believes they have been given a vision or message to proclaim to mankind on behalf of the Godhead, either directly, or through an agent of the divine plane – such as the instances in the Bible of angels appearing to mankind. I would like to make it very clear, that at no time have I received such a vision or message regarding the Mecca Clock Tower from the divine plane – as I have been accused through my email contact page. My date predictions regarding the false-flag clock tower attack, have all been derived from a logical analysis of certain trends/aspects of the occult modus operandi of an elite gnostic sect. As discussed previously, this sect currently controls the halls of real power in the western world at present, as identified using this same analytical process outlined in this PREVIOUS POST. The occult system being utilized is DEFINITELY Thelema, a literally satanic doctrine externalized by Aleister Crowley, but with much earlier roots. One of the occult signatures of this group is the double-7 (77: as discussed in the aforementioned PREVIOUS POST.

mo·dus op·e·ran·di
“a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.” – Google definition.

Now that I have clarified this position, I would like to posit another possible date which fulfills certain criteria congruent with the ’77’ M.O., and certain other flags I have been drawn to:

Tuesday, August 11th 2015.

This date is interesting for the following reasons:

Venice : The Lion of St Mark’s

“Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.” – Daniel 7:2-4

The Assisi Connection : The St Clair / St Clare ‘Bloodline’

August 11th yearly, is the feast commemorating the death of the Catholic Saint Clare of Assisi in 1253. Clare was one of the first followers of the Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi, who was the founder of the Franciscan Order (aka., Order of Preachers, and also the Greyfriars in Britain), and he supported Clare to create the female sect for the Franciscans, known as the Poor Clares. Clare was a noblewoman, the daughter of Favorino Sciffi, Count of Sasso-Rosso, and her order inducted many noble women who decided to live a ‘religious life’ (or perhaps this is only partly true as we will discuss). Francis was the male-line grandson of Domenico Morosini, who was the 37th Doge of the maritime Republic of Venice. Interestingly, biographers of Francis of Assisi always seem to leave out his paternal connections to the Doge and to Venice, and only name his father as being Pietro di Bernardone dei Moriconi (Moriconi is the Italian spelling for the elite Venetian family known as the Morosini). In fact, although Francis of Assisi is universally recognized within the Latin world to be one of the most famous Italians in all history (he is also the patron saint of Italy since 1939), his family name of Morosini is completely avoided in official histories. In fact, his birth name was Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, so even his first name of Francis is merely an epithet meaning ‘Frenchman’, even though he wasn’t born in France, he was born in Assisi Italy! His entire life story was a construct from the beginning, as a mechanism with which to submerge the age old pagan doctrines of Venice within the veneer of Christendom, for its own survival, and for political and economic convenience.

The Morosini family were super wealthy and powerful Venetian oligarchs, whose business connections spanned from most of Italy up into specifically Paris and many regional centers of France. This conscious omission by Catholics who know the provenance of Francis is quite deliberate, because the entire mythos of the pious Francis revolves around his voluntary poverty. In reality, he was part of the required propaganda of the time, aimed at uniting the policy of the Papal States and the Republic of Venice, especially against the Byzantine Christian Empire which had recently broken away from the religious sphere of the Roman Papacy, and who were an obstacle for maritime trade emporiums operated by Venice. Venice was previously allied with Byzantium and in conflict with the Papal States, but Byzantium had recently shunned the equivalent of a fascist ‘free-trade’ deal with Venice. Something had to be done to protect their profits, and an unholy marriage between Mammon and the Pope was arranged. This task fell in the hands of Doge Domenico Morosini, Francis’ paternal grandfather. The creation of a Saint connected to Venice would fit the bill of goods required to propagandize the faithful, so it was arranged within an appropriate bloodline. This had everything to do with power and economics, and nothing to do with being pious, much like the current Holy See and Vatican City State.

The Vatican is an internationalist political animal impersonating a Christian church, and which still operates 100% in the interest of very old parasitical and oligarchical families such as the descendants of the Morosini, who benefit off of the cash flow provided by their host congregations, who believe their prelates to represent Christendom – they do not, they are a den of vipers. The maritime Republic of Venice – which was really an Empire, though more commercially geared – waned in power dramatically during the 17th century due to Ottoman supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean. Monetary capital in the form of gold reserves are moveable, and when economic circumstances change, so do parasitical oligarchies change their location: they have no patriotism except to personal wealth. It is about this time that the Bank of England was formed in the 1690’s, which is the cornerstone for the modern usury system of privately created debt-fiat. Banks also at the corporate collective level, have a never ending hunger for private capital, and they care not from where it comes in reality. Does the rise of the modern Anglo-Saxon private banking complex at the same time as the wane of the Italian maritime republics such as Venice, represent the movement of capital and oligarchical influence from the Lombard world of northern Italy, into the Anglo-Saxon world? I would posit that it definitely does.

Lombard was the name given to bankers in northern Europe, and especially in the City of London, where the famous Lombard Street to this day fans out from the road junction comprising the heart of the City. This heart is simply known as Bank, where the Bank of England is situated, which is the Mother of Harlots in the modern central banking world. This institution is the true mother of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, created as a virtual branch office to control the United States using old European capital. Monetary capital is moveable and it moves with its owners, thus the economic power moved from the Mediterranean into a new Empire – the British Empire – which had/has a corporate cartel structure and M.O., very similar to that of the Republic of Venice. How do small islands become so powerful in comparison to their large neighbors? Trading Empires and gun-boat diplomacy! This Empire is still alive and well today, and it lives in the off-shore zone known as the Crown Tax Haven system (the recipient of the BEIC & Co., mercantile classes), which started as a Pound Sterling zone, but is now a U$D and Euro fiat monetary sphere revolving around the City of London washing machine. Before this oligarchy was built on crude oil and petroleum it was built on forced opium addiction in China. Dragons be here! And they guard their gold jealously.

This oligarchy will do whatever is necessary to maintain their perceived divine right to sit on top of the human pile, their status inheritance from centuries of plunder and deliberately promulgated warfare (Primitive Accumulation). This fiat monetary oligarchy has always had huge control over the Papacy, however there were always turf wars between Venice and the Papacy, but it should be understood that the familial crossovers between Bishops, Cardinals, and Vatican associates, and the old Lombard and Venetian oligarchy, is too solid for them ever to be foes for long (the Italian Mafia fits in here, irrespective of the Pope’s claims to the contrary: Licio Gelli for instance is a symptom of this ongoing Vatican denial and lie). The current Pope Francis, is the first Pope to adopt the name of Francis of Assisi, and also the first Jesuit to hold this penultimate office, but he works for the off-shore oligarchy who completely control the purse strings of the Vatican. This Pope is a spokesman for this oligarchy first and foremost, and he is enacting an agenda planned long ago, an agenda to turn the entire world into a plantation controlled by corporate cartel structures. These cartels do not answer to populations, they simlpy feed off of ALL of the human populations they deem worthy to survive at subsistence in order to provide their increase. They care not for the 6 Billion humans they now consider to be an unnecessary surplus, because they only need 500 Million or less to maintain their privileges – the carbon culling must begin – just as the Georgia Guidestones testify.

It should be noted that the 1945 United Nations Charter, which was the hard-copy formal successor of the 1941 Atlantic Charter, was signed on June 26th 1945, in San Francisco, in California. San Francisco is in the New World, and gets it’s name from Francis of Assisi! This is very important. Also, the first public Abomination of Desolation committed by the Catholic Church under Pope John Paul II the apostate, was committed in Assisi in Italy in 1986 (as explained in this PREVIOUS POST).

It is no coincidence that this mans name is continually invoked by the global oligarchy, because it is also quite possible as I will attempt to explain in a future post, that Freemasonry and also the Knights Templar, both had strong connections to Venice. Please understand that I am not suggesting Freemasonry and the Templars were directly connected – or not – I simply don’t know, or couldn’t prove it anyway as many others have tried, so I won’t bother. What I am however saying, is that the monetary power wielded by Venice, especially after they sacked Constantinople in 1204 – the richest city of that era – in Christian Byzantium, under the guise of the Fourth Crusade, with the Templars and many other so called ‘Christian’ military orders in tow, enthroned their power greatly. Ironically, the weakening of Byzantia which never fully recovered from this sack, directly fueled the rise of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, which later on became the formidable enemy which destroyed the trade ambitions of the maritime Republic of Venice (What goes around, comes around!). The greed for short term gain turned into a long term problem for Venice, but as the bank bailouts of 2008 have proven, nothing much changes in the scheme of things.

If their capital and their oligarchy merely fled into the British Empire however, then such an oligarchy would not even see this long term repercussion as a problem, because the oligarchy then became more powerful than the small Mediterranean pond could support anyway. By moving shop, they graduated to the Atlantic, and then to all the seas of the world, finally garnering control over the might of the US Navy and Marines, the most amazing projection of force imaginable. The American Revolutionary war in 1776 did not split Britain from the US at all, because it was soon reunited in the commercial sphere to conquer the world – or at least to try. The Atlantic Charter in 1941 was the beginning of it all. Roosevelt was from a family made rich from opium trade capital (the Delano family, with an appropriate Italian sound to it), and Churchill was descended from the Dukes of Marlborough, fabulously rich from British Empire plunder.

Churchill transmitted the finalized text of the Atlantic Charter to Westminster for ratification on August 11th 1941 . . . the rest is history. It was announced to the public on August 14th, and less than four years later, it was consolidated as the United Nations Charter in San Francisco. It is the Birth Certificate (or at least recognition of conception) of the healed Roman Empire . . . the Beast warned about in the Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible!

If the Eagles wings had been plucked from the Lion in 1776, they were surely grafted back on during this pivotal conference aboard two ships, HMS Prince of Wales, and the other called USS Augusta. The joint maritime tone of this conference was deliberate, and so was the name of the two ships, the USS Augusta being named for Augusta in the US State of Georgia, which was in turn named after Princess of Wales, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg. Fancy that, the US ship was named after the Germanic Princess of Wales, and the UK ship was named HMS Prince of Wales. What is more interesting, is that Augusta was the mother of the mentally unstable King George III, who was the monarch that the 1776 tiff between brothers was apparently all over. Was the 1776 breach being DELIBERATELY – and Masonically – healed using a maritime ritual? Indeed it was! As it turns out, the Prince of Wales in question – Augusta’s husband – was the Germanic Frederick Louis, the hated son of George II, who just happens to be the first ever British Royal to be initiated into a Masonic Lodge. In those days, Masonry was considered a concern of the middle to middle-upper class, and it was seen as beneath a royal to be part of such an abomination against class structure. This was however the era of the so called ‘Enlightenment’, and times were changing, but more importantly for royalty, so was the fiscal condition of the Crown Privy Purse.

Royal personal finances were now dependent on the UK Treasury, which was by this time in hock to the private bankers through the mechanism of the Bank of England (the finance oligarchy we are discussing). This left the royal family without the ability to directly levy taxes on their subjects as had always been the feudal prerogative, thus the financial increase of the nation was being aggregated towards the mercantile class, including those descendants of the Venetians and/or whichever native noble families they had bred with or gained control of. British Democracy had become rule by patronage extended by merchant dynasties, instead of patronage extended directly from the Monarchy. This had placed elites such as Frederick in a difficult position, a broke one, and George II would not extend his heir the allowance he thought he deserved, thus he gravitated to where the money now was. This new-money was finding itself in need of networking – as monopoly capitalism is wont to require – thus secret societies and especially Freemasonry, were becoming the recipients of many newly upper class patrons. Frederick the Prince of Wales was inducted into Freemasonry at Prince of Wales Palace, Kew, on November 5th 1737, a very interesting date considering our recent discussions regarding the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ and the Tavistock Guy Fawkes psy-op. Frederick the Prince of Wales was not just any old Freemason, he was also reputedly a member of the Hellfire Club of Francis Dashwood, which was frequented by Frederick’s financial backer and spymaster George Bubb Dodington.

The Hellfire Club is notorious for it’s impious and blasphemous revels, and it should be noted that Francis Dashwood – the Lord and Baron Le Despencer – originally called this group of degenerates the Monk’s of Medmenham. Medmenham was a former Cistercian Abbey that Dashwood desecrated with sick parodies of piousness involving sexual ‘sacraments’, much like Aleister Crowley, who would also later adopt the ‘Do as thou wilt’ slogan of the Hellfire Club. It should come as no surprise therefore, that Francis Dashwood’s favorite blasphemy was to compare himself to Francis of Assisi – who’s name he shared – such as in his William Hogarth portrait shown on the right (notice the mask on the mock altar!). Was he mocking the Franciscans and the Catholic Church, or was he secretly a ‘Catholic’, of a Venetian bent, who never had adopted piousness at all, because pagan sexual rites had always been part of this elite Venetian practice inherited from ancient times? It was more than once that the Hellfire Club had been suggested to have been a secret conclave of Jesuit agents, who were deliberately acting impious publicly in order to mask their secret Jesuit meetings. Nobody would suspect people who were partaking in such revels to be Jesuits, making this perhaps the perfect ruse with which to provide a vital peg-hole for Jesuit subversion within the British Empire.

Secretly, with their Venetian backers – and also bloodline descendants – and their connections to the corrupt, criminal, and subversive sections of the Catholic hierarchy, they could perhaps plot to transform the Catholic Church and the British Empire into a future new UN-Holy Roman Empire. In this monstrosity, the Protestant and Catholic divisions become irrelevant. Then the age old ancient paganism and debauchery of Babylonian and Egyptian ‘Do as thou wilt’ society could be externalized, and the true Christian faith annihilated. This is what Freemasons and Occultists ‘in the know’ are referring to when they mention the ‘Great Work’. The ‘Great Work’ is the destruction of Christianity, and the deliberate proliferation of many cults and immoral practices, which will divide and conquer the populations of the Earth, allowing them to be more easily controlled. Currently, we have reached the point of externalization, and the United Nations is seemingly the agency of this punishment, to become an Image of the Beast of the pagan Roman Empire, set for a new bout of Diocletianesque persecution against the remnants of true Christianity (just as prophesied). Is not the new Pope Francis the first ever Jesuit Pope? Is he not selling a false prophecy of Anthropogenic Global Warming, in order to enthrone for evermore his oligarchical backers on top of a fascist technocracy based on Carbon Indulgences (Carbon = 666 = 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, 6 Electrons = THE MARK OF THE BEAST = to be mandatorily linked to all legal commercial transactions; ‘Buying and Selling’).

So what does this have to do with Saint Clare? The short answer is, that the Order of Poor Clares may have been setup as a convent-within-a-convent! Outwardly it is an Order for pious women who have retreated from society for religious and contemplative reasons, however internally, it may well contain female members of an elite bloodline reserved for selective breeding with elite males. The segregation of such women in a harem, was a common practice in the ancient world, and perhaps the best example of this was the Ottoman harem. The word harem in Arabic means “forbidden place; sacrosanct, sanctum”, and this concept was also practiced in the Christian Byzantine Empire. The Venetians coveted the wealth and power of Byzantium, and it is possible that they could also have coveted the royal female bloodline of that Empire, due to its LEGAL RIGHT to the original Roman Empire begun by Augustus Caesar. Legalese and the manipulation of contractual legal fictions, were a specialty of Venice, who always had a ‘free trade deal’ for a pressured sovereign to sign. The map below illustrates the fractured condition of the warring Christian states post-1204AD, and the short lived Crusader state of the Latin Empire, which was trying to supplant the Byzantines (called Empire of Nicaea on the map) but was in conflict also with Venice (shown in green). Did Venice make off with more than the four Horses of Saint Marks? Did they get their hands on an elite female bloodline with some special provenance?

A quick glimpse at the map should reveal that the modus operandi of Venice, was to control a string of offshore islands with close access to trade routes – or smuggling routes if prohibited by the market state. Is this any different to the modern remnants of the British Empire, known as the Crown Tax Haven network, which have gained control of world finance and also most trade, by attracting the tax-free multinational monopoly capitalist corporations of the Anglosphere?

The overall age-old dream of this oligarchy, is the rebirth the Roman Empire, but to finally gain COMPLETE CONTROL of the entire globe this time around. Without divine intervention they would actually get their wish – the Proles have been rendered powerless as expected. In order to ‘legally’ place an Emperor on the throne of this new Empire however, it seems as if an original female bloodline might be required, which is where the Poor Clares and their convent-within-a-convent may come into the picture. Did the Venetian oligarchy maintain such a bloodline within the cloister? Has it perhaps been recently fed into a current monarchy such as the House of Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – Oldenburg) through Princess Diana perhaps? Is this perhaps the real reason the Da Vinci Code and Rennes Le Chateau publicity stunts were launched? The family names of St Clair, St Clare, and the Scottish variant Sinclair, are highly connected to certain Scottish Freemasonic legends. The first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland for instance was a Sinclair. It would seem that certain powers-that-be, would like us to believe that Jesus Christ had children with Mary Magdalene, and that the St Clair-St Clare-Sinclair connection has some substantive connection to his progeny.

This is definitely not the case, because Jesus had to have been celibate in life to fulfill the prophecy of a Passover Lamb cut off in his innocence. The Passover Lamb had to be of the ‘first year’, whose fleece had not been touched by the razor of man, which is where the Nazarite vow involving the unkempt hair comes from, of which Jesus was pledged by his mother on Yom Kippur in 2BC, within the Temple Court forty days after his birth around Elul 1. If this had been otherwise, then he would not have fulfilled the law, making this claim in-and-of-itself a heretical doctrine. Perhaps the most telling tid-bit of intent revealed in the deliberate Da Vinci Code propaganda of Dan Brown, was the naming of his female character who represented the ‘sacred feminine’ as Sophie. This name comes into the European language via the Greek name Sophia, the language of the Byzantine Empire. Sophia means wisdom, and philosophy means ‘lover of wisdom’. For instance, the Doge of Venice Domenico Morosini who was paternal to Francis of Assisi was married to a Sophia (Sofia). Interestingly, Domenico’s wife Sofia is recorded as being a ‘captive from the east’, meaning she must have been someone of high importance for such an elite male to elevate her as a Dogaressa. This would make Francis of Assisi also of this bloodline, and it should be noted that he is the first ‘saint’ recorded as having experienced the ‘stigmata’ or wounds of Christ.

It seems closer to the truth for my analysis, that he was being promoted as a counterfeit Christ by the Venetian oligarchy with the blessing of the Papacy, and that this blasphemous claim to have suffered Christs wounds was propaganda. Did Christ not suffer for our sins so that we didn’t have to suffer? Is this not Christologically heretical like many other Catholic doctrines? It would seem that the doctrine being employed by the Freemasons and oligarchy weaving this fallacious narrative about children of Jesus, is that of Gnosticism, in which the female personification of wisdom as a woman called Sophia is commonplace. This female bloodline is not from Jesus at all, but one may very well have been maintained through history by a gnostic snake-cult known generally at the time of Origen as the Ophites (and perhaps involving sexual sacramentalism such as practiced by the filthy Borborites). The Morosini coat-of-arms shown on the right, is significant in as much as it’s only notable feature is a single blue ribband. The blue ribband was a well known symbol of royal blood, most notably popularized by the French Monarchy. This is important for our narrative due to the Da Vinci Code preoccupation with the literal bloodline of Jesus, said to be the true meaning of the Sangréal (Sang Real: meaning Royal Blood. San Gréal: meaning Holy Grail. A common medieval pun).

So if this female bloodline is not that of Jesus, and perhaps from some Eastern region such as the Byzantine Empire, then why is it considered so special? The answer to this question, is that it may very well have been maintained (or believed to have been maintained based simply on a false basis?) from ancient Babylon and/or Egypt. It is quite possible that the connection between the female blood and reptiles – although this sounds weird and misogynistic, so I apologize to the female readers in advance – was carried over into Gnosticism from these ancient near east regions. The reason for connecting feminine procreative energy and reptiles is extremely hard to explain, so I would urge the interested reader to consume a PREVIOUS POST where I covered this topic in great depth, giving it ancient and modern context, and also identifying its significance within the Biblical doctrines concerning the Holy Ghost (that third of the trinity that is almost always glossed over without deep analysis). I highly recommend that this previous post be read in full, in order for this topic to even begin to be understood properly. Thus it is that the date for the Feast of Saint Clare – August 11th – might be important enough to attract occult attention. Will this have a bearing on the predicted Mecca Clock Tower attack? We shall see.

Navigium Isidis

The 11:11 Connection – The New Age/Aeon

As I have discussed before, in Thelema and certain offshoot satanic occult currents, the first master number – eleven – is highly important. Crowley referred to the number 11 as the most magical number of all, especially since it is a signifier of the ‘little horn’ of Biblical prophecy, who is an anti-Christ to rule over 10 additional Kingdoms with sub-Kings, making him the eleventh and most powerful King (an Emperor). Crowley called his anti-Christ the ‘Horus Child’ of the ‘New Aeon’ (Horus is the child of Isis). It should be noted that the Statue of Liberty (Isis/Ishtar) in New York Harbor, which was built by French Freemasons, is placed on top of a massive eleven-pointed-star ziggurat built by American Freemasons. Importantly, 11:11am/pm and 11/11 (November 11th), is significant in the Germanic traditions of Carnival, which begin on November 11th yearly at 11:11am, and which are related to the ancient Rite of Isis known as the Navigium Isidis. Shown in the above image, this Rite is where the Carnival floats and the wearing of masks come from. The floats are reminiscent of the ritual boat, which was brought on a small wheeled carriage to the ocean, to be released on the waves in order to open the sailing season. The masks are directly inherited from the priests of Anubis who accompanied the idol of Isis in the procession, and also probably from a Carthaginian and/or Tyrian mask tradition which was mixed in also. The tradition in Catholic dogma of the Virgin Mary being worshiped as ‘Our Lady, Star of the Sea’ – also the Stella Maris – is likewise a purely pagan synchronism of the Isis/Ishtar Rite.

The tradition of Carnival and the wearing of masks, is also highly related to the pagan traditions of Venice, which seems to have been the recipient of these traditions perhaps through Tyre and/or Carthage (Phoenicians), Egypt, and Babylon (where Ishtar and other pagan gods also had Rites involving a ceremonial boat-carriage during the Akitu Festival). These Rites are ancient and widespread, but their connection specifically to Venice is important for the Morosini connection, and also the connection to certain other oligarchical family networks, which I am certain still practice these rites privately. Stanley Kubrick famously revealed this in his direction of the esoteric – and virtually pornographic – feature film Eyes Wide Shut. This movie was definitely in reference to the Rothschild dynasty, who are known to hold bizarre masqued balls, and who’s National Trust property of Mentmore Towers in England, was deliberately used in the film to represent the location of the masked ball followed by a sex-rite orgy of the super wealthy elite. For anyone who also believes such things are beyond the scope of the Catholic elite, the instance of the Pope Alexander VI, his son Cesare Borgia, and the notorious ‘Banquet of Chestnuts’ is a case in point – ‘Surely a slander’, the sincere Catholic will confess, whilst pedophilia within the church is now known to be epidemic! I will have more to say about Eyes Wide Shut in a future post, because Kubrick deliberately added a subtle reference to Aleister Crowley into the movie (HINT: Bald stalker outside #237 Verona Restaurant scene- related to Room 237 from Kubrick’s The Shining. STRONGS:G2307, θέλημα, thelēma; Zero’s are dropped in esoteric numerology, and Kubrick knew all about the occult).

. ? . how to use two elevens across two false-flag events . ? .

– September 11th 2001 was on an 11 day –

– August 11th 2015 is on an 11 day –

I know that this connection is rather weak, but if in fact the attack happens on an 11 date, it should be noted that the two 11’s will be highly significant to Thelemites, satanists, and occultists in general. What sometimes seems trivial to an outsider, may make a world of difference to the beliefs of an insider. It should be remembered that the New Age Movement generally recognizes 11:11 to be a marker for the New Age (or New Aeon of Horus as Crowley called it), and that the time shown on the predictively programmed Illuminati Card Game card – COMBINED DISASTERS – which features the Mecca Clock Tower, is either 2:55, or 11:11. This card is once again shown below.

Archaic Vs. Modern Roman Calendar

. . . and the mirror image in more ways than one . . .

As I have covered previously, the Archaic Roman Calendar began in the month of March, which was the first month. This is why September and October are named the way they are (Sept: seven. Oct: eight). This makes August the sixth month of the Archaic Roman Calendar. If the clock face from the Simpson’s Movie, which reads 5:55pm (it is the evening in the Movie) is carefully considered, it can be seen that it’s base fixture is on the wrong angle, being aligned with the nine instead of the six where it should in fact be placed. This could have been intentional, indicating that a mirror image can be produced from right-to-left etc… As shown above, this would suggest two mirrored numerological extrapolations; a 9 and 11, and a 6 and 11. If the 9-11 refers to the September 11th 2001 attacks, and is in the Modern Roman Calendar format, what if the other suggested date is in the Archaic Roman Calendar format, meaning August 11th? Food for thought.

If we consider these two dates, the exact middle of the two gives the date of August 26th 2008, which was the 25th of Av in that Hebrew calendar year. This may be important, because the pivotal Phoenix Ritual performed at the highly occult London 2012 Olympics Closing ceremony was also performed on the 25th of Av (in 2012). This ritual was dicussed in full in my two part series entitled Spirit of the Flame HERE and HERE .

Also, if we consider the Venus Transit Pentagram (below) I have explained in a previous post, and we mirror August 11th 2015 around the June 6th 2008 Pivot-Point, we get the date of April 3rd 2001, which is the same day of the year that Jesus Christ was crucified (April 3rd, 33AD). The significance of this date was discussed in the 17 minute animation embedded in the previous post, together with April 4th, the Sabbath after the crucifixion, because it is linked to the North Atlantic Treaty which created NATO, and also the opening date for the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in 1973.


© 2015, Steven Michael Kelly. If you would like to quote this article, please feel free, however if you would like to use images or sizable sections of it, please contact me for permission, and provide some context for your interest in it. Images may be copyright where stated, or under a Creative Commons Share-alike license where stated. If you would like to capture the entire article in its fulness however, for offline distribution, either by print or pdf (etc…), please feel free, as this is a non-commercial pursuit of the author, given in the spirit of universal knowledge and understanding for all. An archive of these articles in properly formatted pdf format for direct download, for the specific purpose of offline distribution, will be available soon.

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    • Your ‘bible babbler’ invective proves my point that ‘Truth is relative to personal bias’. If you do not find any of the information that I add into my posts to be unique or interesting – such as the information above regarding Francis of Assisi and the Morocini – then I believe you fall in the category of a bridge dwelling troll (and I say this for your own good without malice). When the Clock Tower takes a dive finally, I have no doubt your ego will trigger an inner need to only criticize me for being wrong on dates, and that all contextual information which was correct or substantive will be ignored. You should perhaps consider whether the criticisms you give are CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS or not – which is why I have not bothered to publish many of your previous remarks – and if they are not constructive, then perhaps you should consider why subconsciously your ego triggers you to give them in the first place. Do you have a personality disorder?

  1. And there must be a DNA sequence match. You are talking about the realm of the unseen. As Aleister Crowley aptly put it. “As above, so below”. you could also say, As below, so above.

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