7/7/2015: Mecca Clock Tower False-Flag Attack and NATO Pipedreams

ABOVE: The 3minute abridged version of a 17minute (3.3MB .GIF) presentation available below.

Could it be, that the anticipated NWO Mecca Clock Tower attack using ISIS as a Hegelian scapegoat (false-flag in the sense that they are Saudi-NATO funded proxy patsies, most of them unknowingly), will be performed at sunset in Mecca on July 7th 2015? The predictive programming, and occult use of the number 77, and/or ‘two-sevens‘ by the occult network at the apex of the western NWO, have been heavily explored on this blog thus far (especially in this PAST POST). As explained previously, the 7-tower World Trade Center in New York City was the first ‘7‘, but the second ‘7‘ to seal the worldwide ‘77‘ ritual, is anticipated as being the 7-tower Abraj Al-Bait, which central feature is the worlds biggest clock tower. This was planned decades ago, before the Twin Towers in NYC were even built specifically to be knocked down on the planned Sept 11th 2001 Hollywood style false-flag terror attack. Importantly, the highly important London 2012 Olympics rituals we have been discussing on this blog, clearly predictively programmed this 2015 attack on Mecca. The main reasons are shown above in the abridged presentation, but a much more thorough 17-minute presentation is available in the full post below, covering the occult significance of the double-7’s being used, and much more.

A full explanation of five key aspects is discussed in this post. If the Clock Tower is actually attacked on 7/7 making this prediction correct, then prepare for the literal Armageddon, because this is what it will indicate, regardless of what Europhile and Anglophile talking heads will proclaim. It’s all to achieve a Fascist New World Order, and the #1 target is Russia – as explained in the seventeen minute full animation below.

Here are 5 key reasons why 7/7/2015 and the year 2015 is significant;

London 2012 Olympic Stadium Live Map--London WTC Site at CENTER---aamichael6661) At the center of a huge live map built on the stadium floor at the London 2012 Olympics (as explained in a PAST POST), the site of the February 9th 1996 ‘Docklands Bombing’ in the Canary Wharf area, was shown at the exact center of the map. What most people don’t know is that this also destroyed the official London World Trade Center (operated under the WTCA HQ’d in the Twin Towers in NYC). This occurred at 7pm on Feb 9th 1996, which was the Islamic date 20 Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, and the date that Muhammad’s conquest of Mecca and smashing of the pagan idols is celebrated. This is important, because ‘ISIS’ (Saudi-NATO proxies, unbeknownst to most of its members) have threatened to smash the Kaaba and the Clock Tower, and to ‘re-conquer Mecca’. 20 Ramadan 2015 falls on 7/7/2015, and is the 20th Islamic year anniversary of the London World Trade Center destruction in 1996!

2) The 7/7/2005 London bus and train bombings, were the second highest profile bombings (by explosive power, not body count), and were planned false-flag terror attacks by UK Military Intelligence (Tom Secker’s book covers the many problems with the UK government’s pathetic ‘investigations’/cover-ups). 7/7/2015 is the 10 year anniversary of this second important terror attack. 20 Ramadan (the 1996 London WTC bombing), and 7/7 (the date of the second attack), fall on the same Roman day of 7/7/2015, and due to the Islamic calendar being a non-intercalated 12 month lunar calendar, this has not happened for 55 years (approx. 1950, give or take a day due to the non-standardization of regional Islamic calendars which are Hallal ‘sighted’ etc…).

3) 2015 year Islamic-Jewish-Roman Calender Synchronicity:
— 7/7/2015
just happens to fall 77 days before Yom Kippur
(Day of Atonement), which is annually the Most Holy Jewish day.
— 7/7/2015 just happens to fall 77 days before Eid al-Ahda (Feast of Sacrifice), which is annually one of the Most Holy Islamic days (Ramadan is a month, and is the other major festival).
Yom Kippur, and Eid al-Adha, thus fall on the same day of September 23rd 2015, with both actually beginning at sunset on the 22nd due to their similar origins in Semitic lunar calendar tradition. Sunset on July 7th 2015, is EXACTLY 77 days until sunset on September 22nd 2015.
All of these current world shaking major events are falling within the current Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad of four full lunar eclipses synchronized with the Jewish calendar festivals: Passover 2014; Succoth 2014; Passover 2015; Succoth 2015. The Passover 2015 eclipse fell on April 4th, which is a Roman-Jewish calendar synchronization of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in 33AD. Importantly, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were opened on April 4th 1973, and NATO was founded by the signing of the North Atlantic Charter on April 4th 1949. The significance of this is explained in the full GIF ANIMATION shown below and directly downloadable.

4) The astrological trigger of the planet Mercury on the horizon from the Kaaba at sunset, and at or very close to 5:55:55PM local time (the Thelemite V.V.V.V.V., trigger), discussed in previous posts (especially HERE), once again occurs on 7/7/2015 (the last date was June 9th, discussed in the previous posts). This Mercury on the horizon trigger was used on the Sept 11th 2001 at planet-rise in the morning, as opposed to planet-set, which is part of the astrological ritual being used (an Alpha-to-Omega Mercury ritual, the messenger of the ‘gods’: aka., a psychopomp).

5) The recent resounding Greek referendum NO vote on the fascism of the Troika, has just caused an emergency meeting of the political and financial heads and organizations within the EuroZone, to be held on July 7th 2015! This timing seems to be just as pre-planned as the G20 meeting occurring in Edinburgh when the 7/7/2005 London bombings occurred. Isn’t it convenient that large groups of world leaders just happen to be together when large terror attacks occur? One of the major reasons the Mecca Clock Tower Attack has been planned long in advance, is to use as a distraction and a catalyst to create a supra-national executive body/s to enforce direct fascism, using terrorism or the heightened threat of it as a cover. The 7/7 timing of this meeting is ominous!

Below is the full 17 minute animation.

[Released under the following license CC BY-SA 3.0]

Click on the below image in order to open it in a new tab to watch & read it from the beginning – alternatively click HERE.

This presentation was produced as a standalone GIF and not a video file with audio, so that it is NOT dependent on services such as YouTube, which can remove content at will! GIF’s are standalone files which can be imbedded directly into websites, emailed as an attachment, and this particular production is only 3.3MB, and info packed in a visual form, which is much less in size than even a short video file. Even though it is harder to read than to listen to audio, the freedoms we have all experienced on the internet thus far (the calm during the eye of the storm), will quickly evaporate after the Mecca Clock Tower event, which is designed as the primary trigger to transform the USA, EU, and Anglo countries in Oceania such as Australia and NZ. This is why I put this into GIF format, because it puts the power of information DIRECTLY into your hands, with no third party corporation such as YouTube which routinely censor information. If the net becomes fascistically controlled with a NET-ID being necessary, this can be distributed easily using a USB stick or CD’s if necessary.

Mercury Rising and Setting---New York World Trade Center--7yr-plus-7yr--Mecca Clock Tower Attack--aamichael666ABOVE: The astrological Mercury V.V.V.V.V. (5:55:55PM) trigger I have been speaking about for some time on this blog. Mercury was rising in NYC when AA-11 hit the WTC starting the false-flag attacks on that day. Will Mercury be setting in Mecca when the Clock Tower collapses, and will this occur at 5:55:55PM? This is the time which occurs on the following clocks used in predictive programming.

Combined Disasters Illuminati Card Game and Simpsons Movie---Clock Faces--Mecca Clock Tower Attack

The Simpsons Movie Clock--1111--255--555

If you want to know why and how the multiple 5’s are connected to Aleister Crowley’s satanic religion of Thelema, and why the book and movie ‘V for Vendetta’ are connected to these attacks (predictive programming and occult ritual dynamics), please make sure you read at least the last half of the PREVIOUS POST.

UPDATE: This event did not take place on 7/7, so either it is a different planned date (probably soon), or the event has been cancelled (God willing) because the NWO have run into problems. Something significant did take place in Moscow though: the BRICS officially signed off on their alternative to the IMF (on 7/7 … hmmm!).

© 2015, Steven Michael Kelly (Written content only, and images where stated). The 3.3MB 17minute GIF presentation is released under [CC BY-SA 3.0]. If you would like to quote this article, please feel free, however if you would like to use images except the presentations, or sizable sections of the text, please contact me for permission, and provide some context for your interest in it. Images may be copyright where stated, or under a Creative Commons Share-alike license where stated. If you would like to capture the entire article in its fulness however, for offline distribution, either by print or pdf (etc…), please feel free, as this is a non-commercial pursuit of the author, given in the spirit of universal knowledge and understanding for all. An archive of these articles in properly formatted pdf format for direct download, for the specific purpose of offline distribution, will be available soon.

21 comments on “7/7/2015: Mecca Clock Tower False-Flag Attack and NATO Pipedreams

  1. I have been following and enjoying your posts for well over a year, and I must say that this one, IMHO, has the very best chance of coming to pass. I have been passing it along to all my friends. Thank-you for your diligent research.

    • Sometimes the most obvious dates have eluded me, because I thought this was just way too obvious, but then again, the theory of the Big Lie requires the outrageousness factor to dominate in order to blind the observers. If it happens on 7/7, it will indeed be very, very, bold of the NWO.
      Thank you for taking it serious, as I’m sure this is the event they have planned all along even if I am once again wrong about the date. And, thanks for passing it around, I am most appreciative brother.

      • Your reply is that of a humble man. I must tell you that I do NOT believe that you are WRONG on this one! I believe that you NAILED IT.

      • >>>I do NOT believe that you are WRONG on this one!
        Within my soul, I hope to God I am in fact wrong, but if you/we are correct, then God help us all !!! Direct intervention of God, is the only thing that can subdue the demons running rough shod over Christendom this day. The pit has been opened, and the locusts are eating Western civilization from the inside out.

        God bless Douglas, make sure you take care, and I wish I were waaay more humble, but I backslide myself sometimes. Recognizing personal backsliding is the most important part of being a Christian after all.

  2. Correction: I just noticed that you started this site in October of 2014. Therefore, I must have started following you shortly after that. Also, where is that ‘big map’ that I used to enjoy?

  3. Just stumbled upon this, while searching for clues about what could happen tomorrow on the 10-year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings. It all seems highly plausible and undoubtedly devious. What makes this even more worrying is that the main contractor of the clock tower is none other than the Saudi Binladin Group. To top it all off, sunset in Mecca on 7/7/15 is at 7:07 pm! Hoping this is all just an uncanny coincidence. If not, make your peace with Him before the trumpet’s sound.

    • >>>make your peace with Him before the trumpet’s sound.
      That is definitely the most important thing we can all do to prepare for sure, because the ‘signs of the times’ are clear for most who are awake to see.
      The Pope (false prophet) is selling Carbon Tradings Eugenics program of the UN this year during the tetrad, so none of us Christians can say we were not being given the appropriate warnings. Thanks for reading, and spread it far and wide, especially if it happens tomorrow, because the net will not be free for long after this event, and this site may disappear.

  4. just Today (11 th Sept. 2015) a big accident took place in Mecca , crane collapse killing at lesat 65 people. need your insight about that !!

    • It seems as if the ‘desert storm’ raging across the Middle East from Syria, through Israel-Palestine, and then down to Mecca, caused weather that caused this event. It looks like an accident, but can you imagine the significance of a God sent (natural) event symbolizing a ‘storm’ making havock in Syria and then ‘blowing back’ on Mecca?

      Considering what I have been writing about considering the coming Clock Attack, and that it literally will involve a new Desert Storm (NATO), is it not significant that this maybe comes as a warning from God on Sept 11th 2015, exactly 7+7 Solar years after Sept 11th 2001?

      The implications if this were truly an accident are mind blowing, and if it was perhaps deliberate, might indicate that this was a warm-up a the start of Hajj in order to commit the BIG Clock sacrifice perhaps on Eid al-Adha (which is also Yom Kippur!!!) on September 23rd 2015, right at the end of Hajj.

      Crowd control in Mecca is surely a nightmare, and if a single crane can do this BEFORE Hajj even starts, what would the death toll be for the 7-Towers of the Abraj al-Bait smashing into the Kaaba and Mosque during Eid al-Adha? It’s almost unthinkable, and this years pilgrims require our prayers.

      May God save as many as possible if this planned event occurs during this Hajj. It’s unbelievable that this happened on Sept 11th … especially if it was a natural event.

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  6. Good web site! I really love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

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