23/4/2015: Saint George, the Clock Tower, the Mecca Cube, and the Chaos Dragon

Twin Towers Sphere New York Kaaba Mecca Clock Tower Sirius Terror Attack 666Is it possible the sister event to 11th September 2001 will occur on 23rd April 2015?

Many recent dates since last October have been explored on this blog, as fulfilling certain occult principles which would complement this planned event. This further event of 7-towers has definitely been planned as the sister event for the 7-towers of the World Trade Center in NYC, but the date is elusive.

This post will explore why Saint George’s day is important, and how it is astrologically connected yearly in Mecca with the 3rd March, which was a very significant date in terms of the Venus-Transit-Pentagram-Mirror explained in past posts.


666 3rd March 2015 Hamans Curse Arab Jewish War Mecca Clock Tower Terrorist Attack---VENUS and MERCURY MIRRORABOVE: The Venus-Transit-Pentagram-Mirror described in previous posts. 11th September 2001 was mirrored on 3/3/2015, which just happened to contain the evening that ushered in the only Feast of Esther that occurred in the current significant lunar eclipse ‘tetrad’ (four full lunar eclipses synchronized with the Jewish festivals of Passover and Succoth; very rare). On 3/3/2015, this Jewish holiday of Esther – which is followed by Purim – featured the first ever joint-session of the US Congress addressed by a foreign leader, without the involvement of the reigning US Administration; Benjamin Netanyahu.

In order to avoid the charge of repeating myself – as I’m sure it will seem to readers of this blog – I advise the reader to consume two previous posts (here and here), before reading this new discussion. I sincerely apologize for any repetition, but the nature of occultism demands that certain ground be re-covered periodically, to aid in shedding new light on certain expansions of the knowledge base I am detailing on this blog. The following two data sets and associated graphs are technical, and do not need to be fully understood to understand the significance of these dates and times. However, the reason for showing this here, is to demonstrate that these dates are simply a case of basic mathematical principle; where geometry speaks through space and time, and anomalies can be easily demonstrated. I attach them here purely for the more technical minded person, who demands proof of such a claim. The basic facts can be simply corroborated using a planetarium software package, such as the freely downloadable open-source Stellarium software I use, which I highly recommend (I also use Solar Fire Gold V7.0.9, which is proprietary astrological software).

High level practical Freemasonry (architecture and ritual; ie, geomantic building) involves the union of geospatial, and astrospatial occurrence, which is of course, well above the general practice of fraternal Craft concerns. This type of Freemasonry, is also well above the Cryptic level, and is the haunt of ‘parallel’ Masonic fraternities; meaning those which are not part of the official structure of publicly accessible Masonic Rites, existing purely as a networked infiltration of such regular rites. I am referring here to aristocratic inner circles, which render their host Rites as mere ‘Manchurian Masonry’. A great example of this type of infiltration, can be found in the structure of the original Order of the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, which openly declared mainline Freemasonry as a substratum, to be covertly tapped by a parallel Order, which itself was highly compartmentalized, but efficiently vertically integrated.

2015 Mecca Astrological Quartering Analysis---Mecca Local Time VersionABOVE: Technical analysis of yearly Ecliptic astronomical geometries based on Mecca (Kaaba) specific geospatial concerns. Mecca local time shown above, a UTC version available below [click on either of these two graphs and data sets to open a viewer in a new tab].

2015 Mecca Astrological Quartering Analysis---UTC VersionABOVE: UTC version of this same analysis. The UTC version, as explained in previous posts, is highly important. Greenwich meantime is the ‘spiritual home’ of what I term Empire Masonry – high level ritual expression for Anglo-American Empire elites at the level of the Pilgrim’s Society inner circle, centered on the history of the British Empire, and its former astronomical and terrestrial cartography center, which was the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and the home of the Astronomer Royal, at Greenwich Observatory. Time and Space live here! Clocks and Cubes are symbols of these respectively, and the Mecca Clock Tower, and the Kaaba (Cube), are dead ringers for masonic ritual devices awaiting use in a mass human sacrifice, just as the twin pillars of the world trade center were a world entered apprentice initiation waiting to happen.

Greenwich Royal Naval College-Observatory-Placentia PalaceABOVE: Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (previously the Greenwich Hospital; for injured sailors of the Royal Navy). The small building in the center, known as the Queens House, is all that remains of the redevelopments of the former Palace of Placentia, the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth I, and the official palace of the House of Tudor. Elizabeth I is widely considered to be the Sovereign who birthed the state and mercantile naval empire that later became known as the British Empire. Though she officially had no children, and was referred to as the Virgin Queen (not likely), she did birth a colonial army and navy, the likes of which the world had never seen since the Roman Empire.

It is fitting that this landmark edifice by the famous ‘Freemason’ architect Christopher Wren (‘adopted’ by the operative masons in 1691, before speculative Freemasonry was officially birthed as an organized body in 1717), who was also a President of the Royal Society, combines this Royal Navy center, with the Tudor palace, and also the observatory of the Astronomer Royal (dome visible behind the trees at the center of the image). All of this is placed directly on the Greenwich meridian, the adoptive prime-meridian of the world, essential for chronometry, as well as astronomy and cartography (Celestial + Terrestrial; a concept central to freemasonry – As Above, So Below!).

Combined Disasters Illuminati Card Game and Simpsons Movie---Clock Faces--Mecca Clock Tower AttackThe reason for bringing up Greenwich, is because the Universal Time of any attack on the Mecca Clock Tower – second in size after Big Ben in Westminster – is just as important as the local time. As explained previously regarding the clock tower shown on the Illuminati Card Game card entitled Combined Disasters, the clock is showing either 11:11, or 2:55, but it is clearly either the morning or the evening, due to the color of the sky. Neither 11:11, or 2:55, whether AM or PM, can relate to dawn or dusk in Mecca, but 5:55PM (or AM) Mecca time, which is 2:55PM (or AM) in Universal Time, fits perfectly. The Thelemic ‘Mass of the Phoenix’, as discussed previously, must also be performed at sunset.

The Simpsons Movie Clock--1111--255--555This single Illuminati Card Game card, would not be so interesting, if in fact the first Simpson’s Movie released in 2007, had not so eerily featured a huge clock face, reading 5:55 (obviously sunset in the cartoon) from a destroyed clock tower. As explained previously, 555 (a triple-5), or multiples of five, in numerology, relate to the astrological principle of Mars as the Lord of War.

Thus, if my thesis that the Mecca Clock Tower was designed as a sister event to the WTC is correct, we would expect to see something anomalous regarding the multiple use of the number five relating to Mecca geospatial and astrospatial events. Indeed we do. As shown in the above graphs and their data sets, the time 5:55:55 (five fives) just happens to occur on only two dates each year; as ecliptic-on-zenith events. These two dates are 3rd of March (3/3), and 23rd of April (23/4), which is Saint Georges day, and also the day of the Roman wine festival known as the Vinalia Urbana (aka, Vinalia Priora), dedicated to Jupiter and Venus, which may be quite significant. This day was especially important for prostitutes in Rome, which is important, because my thesis revolves around this essentially being a Thelemic (of Aleister Crowley) mega ritual, which revolves around sacred prostitution (Revelation 17:5: “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of the Earth”).

57 BC--AR Denarius--Rome mint--bust of Venus Erycina--Temple on summit of rocky mountain ERVC above gate“You prostitutes, celebrate the divine power of Venus:
Venus suits those who earn by your profession.
Offer incense and pray for beauty and men’s favour,
Pray to be charming, and blessed with witty words,
Give the Mistress myrtle, and the mint she loves,
And sheaves of rushes, wound in clustered roses.
Now’s the time to crowd her temple near the Colline Gate.”
– Ovid, Fasti (IV.865ff) [on Venus Erycina, 23rd April festivities]

The Colline Gate, was the northern most gate of the Servian walls of Rome, and was also where a Vestal Virgin prosecuted for violating her vows of virginity, would be buried alive in retribution for her sin. This juxtaposition between virgins and prostitutes, is central not only to Crowley’s cult of Thelema, but also Biblical eschatology, as can be seen from the Book of Revelation, a most important book that many Christians and secularists would like to respectively forget or ignore.

Katy Perry SUPERBOWL XLIX 49 7x7 77 Thelemite Ritual--Babalon Rides The Beast Thoth Tarot Card Number 11--Lust--Whore of Babylon riding the Beast

Seal of the AAABOVE: It would seem that Thelemites, and occultists in the music industry at least, are quite obsessed with the imagery of the Whore of Babylon, and as explained in previous posts, it is this particular modern aberration of ‘sacred’ prostitution, embedded in Sex Magick [sic], that has infested the parallel Masonic Orders that use mainline Masonry as a fishing pond. This is the belief which has structured both the 7-towers of the WTC ritual in 2001, and the coming destruction of the 7-towers of the Mecca Clock Tower in 2015(?). These two events will seal an esoteric 77 (7+7), which numerically refers to Crowley’s B.A.B.A.L.O.N, and his A∴A∴ cult sigil shown on the left.

For proof of the importance of this double-seven, please ensure you have read a seminal previous post.

3rd March 2015 at 5-55-55pm Mecca Time Ecliptic crosses Zenith in TaurusABOVE: The 5:55:55PM Ecliptic-on-Zenith event from 3/3/2015, which occurs every year on the 3/3 from the Kaaba in Mecca. As shown in the Venus-Transit-Pentagram-Mirror image at the beginning of this post, this was the date which just happened to be the exact mirror of 11th September 2001. As the data sets above will reveal, the same event on each day of the year, is offset by exactly 00:03:56 (hr:min:sec), which is the sidereal displacement constant. This in fact makes the multiplicative of the number 5, by five times, as shown in the numerology of 5:55:55, very coincidental indeed, and the kind of synchronicity sought by occultists for ritual purposes.

23rd April 2015 at 5-55-55pm Mecca Time Ecliptic crosses Zenith in ScorpioABOVE: 23/4/2015, @5:55:55PM, the same Ecliptic-on-Zenith crossing occurs, however rather than being in the visible sign of Taurus (tropical=Gemini) as it was on 3/3/2015, it occurs this time in the visible sign of Gemini (tropical=Cancer). As explained above, this particular Ecliptic-on-Zenith event only happens twice in one year.

V for Vendetta Westnminster and Big Ben Clock Tower sceneThis use of five-fives, in their Roman numeral configuration – V.V.V.V.V. – appears in another recent movie, V for Vendetta (and also in the graphic novel which it bastardized), from which the recent trade mark ‘Anonymous’ mask is derived. In this movie, the Westminster Clock Tower, containing the famous bell known as Big Ben, is destroyed as the grande finale event, an anarchistic liberal fantasy, as if the blowing up of a building would eliminate a government in some way, rather than strengthen the powers of a police state. What is so ironic about the worldwide adoption of the ‘V’ Mask by ‘Anonymous’ however, is that it represents Guy Fawkes, a Zealous Catholic, and thus a proponent of the union of Roman Catholic Church and Absolutist European Monarchies, with representative government suppressed.

Guy Fawkes is hardly an appropriate analogue for anarchism, but people do love their group think. This would all be quite humorous, if in fact the NWO was actually controlled by Jesuits, and anarchists, who are the required ingredient for Hegelian dialectic to empower a police state, are all running around dressed in Guy Fawkes masks. As Pontifex Maximus Francis is proving through his salesmanship of Carbon Trading and the associated coming worldwide carbon-footprint eugenics program, the Jesuits are definitely part of the problem, but the different sects involved in these worldwide mafias, are legion, and it is the Masonic and occult influence that we are discussing here.

The original author of the graphic novel V for Vendetta, Alan Moore, did not endorse this movie, stating that it was in no way faithful to the original. In fact, in the original novel, the character known as ‘V’ is a ruthless killer, who takes pleasure in graphic killings, mixing sadistic blood lust with the occasional Robin Hood style benevolence, thus balancing good and evil in an anarchistic and dualistic contradiction; very Crowleyan. Anyone who has studied the doctrines of Aleister Crowley, will be able to detect strong currents of Thelema in that series of graphic novels, and the inclusion of a very telling phrase, which can be traced direct to Crowley, and supposedly first used by Theodor Reuss, Crowley’s superior in the O.T.O.

The phrase has been made popular as a result of the movie version of the graphic novel V for Vendetta. In the graphic novel, the initials “V.V.V.V.V.” appear embossed in an arch of V’s hideout the “Shadow Gallery” — the character of “V” explains that these stand for the phrase Vi veri veniversum vivus vici. [veniversum is in fact nonsensical; the added ‘e’ is erroneous]

Wikipedia (referencing: “V for Vendetta”, Alan Moore & David Lloyd, pg 43)

In the film, this phrase appears instead on a mirror, also inside V’s Shadow Gallery. (In addition to prominently featuring the letter ‘V’, the phrase contains five words, which in Roman numerals is represented as ‘V’). While the film attributes the quotation to the work Faust (without stating more specifically which version of Faust), the graphic novel attributes the phrase to “a German gentleman named Dr. John Faust”.

Wikipedia (ref: “V for Vendetta”, movie + Alan Moore & David Lloyd, vol.2/10, pg 11)

Vi Veri Universum Vivus Vici

A leading ‘U’ in Latin, is transcribed as a ‘V’, and this is said to mean in Latin,

By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe

. . . or alternatively,

By the power of truth I, a mortal, have conquered all creation.

Grades of the Order of A A - Aleister Crowley - ThelemaThis last meaning, which is more correct from an esoteric perspective, is highly anti-Christian. It intimates a gnostic theology, superiority of knowledge, and elevates mankind himself above all creative force. This is the inverse of Abrahamic faiths, and is much closer to Buddhism, which is why Eastern occult philosophies were so useful to people such as Crowley, and also Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy.

This exact phrase can only be traced definitively to Aleister Crowley himself, quoted in The Vision and the Voice (“The Cry of the 4th Aethyr”, dated 16th Dec 1909). What is important about his usage, is that V.V.V.V.V. was specifically Crowley’s motto as a Seer, and as Magister Templi (Master of the Temple: 8=3), which is in the highest of the three component orders of the A∴A∴ known as the S.S., elsewhere intimated to mean Order of the Silver Star, referring ultimately to the most important of Masonic stars, Sirius; Isis/Ishtar: the ‘heavenly prostitute’, or ‘Queen of Heaven’.

These three sub-Orders of the A∴A∴ (shown on the left), are similar in structural divisibility to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, York Rite, and English Freemasonry, which usually comprise;

1) Craft Degrees (bread-and-butter Masonry; the first three degrees). These are the basics of fraternal initiation. Fraternal oaths, and finally a mock death and resurrection ritual, are common to most occult fraternities.

2) ‘Rosicrucian’ Degrees, (or ‘Royal Arch’) which introduce much deeper esoteric and mystical currents of ritual and symbolism.

3) Knight Degrees, (or ‘Templar’) which introduce a much stronger fraternal bond, and an air of pseudo-aristocracy, to elevate the initiates sense of importance, and activate an archaic, almost völkisch bond with past ancestors and/or fraternal compatriots.

Thelema, however, completely strips away any vestige of Abrahamic religion, which was initially used as a substrate in Craft Masonry, and replaces it with a pantheistic soup of occult symbolism and synchronistic pagan principles. Mixed with Theravada Budhism, Hermetic Kabbalah, techniques from Yoga, and gnostic principles, the aim of the Thelemite is to become their own god (put simply). This is why the V.V.V.V.V. phrase is so core to the system of Thelema after the grade of ‘Babe of the Abyss’ – also referred to as the ‘Babe in an Egg’ – because crossing the Kabbalistic Abyss is the aim of this occult system, bringing the initiate into the realm of the Silver Star, Sirius, and thus making them a self-proclaimed elevated spiritual ‘elite’, as a child of the heavenly prostitute. The fact that the V.V.V.V.V. occurs on the archway to the Shadow Gallery in the ‘V for Vendetta’ novels, and is written on the mirror in the Shadow Gallery during the film, correctly signifies that this motto signifies the transitory formula of the character ‘V’; where his inner world, and the outer world meet, much like the Abyss in Kabbalah, which separates the profane world below, from the supernal triangle above (public vs. private self-image). This use in the novel by Moore is calculated and intentional. ‘V’ is being portrayed as a Thelemite Magus, as master of his inner, and outer domain.

“The Order of the S.S. is composed of those who have crossed the Abyss . . . Every active Member of the Order has destroyed all that He is and all that He has on crossing the Abyss; but a star is cast forth in the Heavens to enlighten the Earth, so that he may possess a vehicle wherein he may communicate with mankind. The quality and position of this star, and its functions, are determined by the nature of the incarnations transcended by him.” – Aleister Crowley, ‘One Star In Sight.

5pointedlodgeThough each new member who becomes a Magister Templi (8=3) is identified as a unique star, the symbolic star of the Order of the Silver Star, is the brightest in the heavens, and is the Mother of Harlots, the star Sirius, and thus Isis and the many female incarnations of this Queen of Heaven principle (the worship of the heavens, and the self). This is the all important star of Freemasonry, referred to as the Blazing Star, and which sits at the center of the 2×1 chequered Lodge floor (see image on right).

It should be understood, that Sirius is a symbol for Time, used for the sidereal positional marriage of celestial astrospatial, and terrestrial geospatial calculation, which is very important for maritime navigation, and thus chiefly important to the once Royal Naval College Greenwich, where Time & Space were studied and unified. It is because of this most useful mathematical aspect, that this star rightfully maintains dominance in the geometrical aspects of Freemasonry, but ritualistically, and religiously, its significance can be different at different levels, and in different Rites, but what chiefly concerns us here, is the evidence for a deeply religious and dark occult current behind the scenes, as we will explore.

Thursday 23rd April 2015--at 5-19-00PM Mecca Clock Tower from the Kaaba23-4-2015---5-55-55-PM---Planetary Hours---Venus and Mercury complement SunsetABOVE: 5:19:00 PM on 23rd April 2015, from the Kaaba, the crowning crescent atop the Clock Tower, is positioned exactly in front of Sirius, as it passes through the crescent. This is the exact time at which World Trade Center 7 collapsed in NYC on 11th September 2001, which was the last of the seven buildings of the WTC to be demolished, thus it marked the last of the days major events. At this time, as can be seen above, Mercury and Mars are in conjunction, with both being in the 33rd degree, the same degree that the star Sirius was in on 11th September 2001, when the first flight AA-11, hit the North Tower of the WTC.

As can be seen on the left, the Planetary Hours from Mecca, indicate that 17:19 falls in the Planetary Hour of Venus, and that 17:55:55, would fall in the Planetary Hour of Mercury. All attacks on the WTC occurred in the hour of Venus, and all collapses, including the Flight 93 crash, occurred in the planetary hour of Mercury . . . including World Trade Center 7.

11th September 2001 Terror Attacks Astrological Planetary HoursABOVE: Planetary Hours on 11th September 2001, indicating this strange occurrence of all collapses happening in the hour of Mercury, whilst WTC7 waited for the next cycle before collapsing. As explained previously, the Thelemic Mass of the Phoenix must be performed at sunset, and as explained above, the Vinalia Priora is a festival dedicated to both Venus AND Jupiter. Thursday is the Planetary Day of Jupiter, and if the tower is struck at 5:19 (ish), the Planetary Hour will be that of Venus. If the towers burn for close to an hour, and then wait until 5:55:55pm expires, then a collapse can occur in the Planetary Hour of Mercury, straddling the all important V.V.V.V.V. trigger point.

Lady Gaga--Babe of the Abyss--Crawling out of her Egg after Thelemic Incubation--Grammys 2011We return now to the case of popular culture, and the not so subtle signs of a Thelemic infestation, overtaking western culture by design, related to the star Sirius and the connection with ‘sacred’ prostitution.

LEFT: An image (fair use) from the 2011 Grammy Awards, where Lady Gaga, complete with prosthetic horns on her head, emerged from an etheric translucent egg on stage. She later claimed in a post-performance interview, that she had been in the egg for quote ’72 hours . . . preparing herself’ for that libertine performance replete with transexual stage performers. Everyone no doubt found it really kitsch, it’s all just entertainment right? Wrong. 72 hours is exactly three days, and even in Christianity, three days is related to resurrection and/or re-birth. Emerging from an egg is quite the analogue for rebirth, which is why it was the chosen symbol of this transition grade in Thelema. Gaga was actually performing her preparatory Thelemic elevation ceremony into the Order of the Silver Star, her crossing of the ‘Abyss’ of Kabbalah, and all in the public eye, the vast majority of the audience having no idea that this philosophy was codified by Aleister Crowley, the first true overt satanist of the New Age.

“Thou spiritual Sun! Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust! Cry aloud! Cry aloud! Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O Satan, O Sun! Thou, the Saviour! Silence! Give me Thy Secret! Give me suck, Thou Phallus, Thou Sun! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Thou self-caused, self-determined, exalted, Most High!”

– Aleister Crowley, Liber Samekh.

Yes, Crowley was a Satanist, and all modern Satanism is flavored by the work of Aleister Crowley, who externalized this current for the world, just as his lineal priestesses of the heavenly prostitute, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, are for the present generation of youth to be corrupted. This is simply occult religion masquerading as popular culture. This is actually very serious occultism, and there is nothing harmless at all about this, yet the majority of people, when confronted with the word ‘satan’, will laugh and call it a ‘Christian projection’. Can naivety be personified, and then classed as a ‘projection’ of the uninformed, or would this just sound patronizing? Paganism pre-dates Christianity, and cults such as the Bacchanalia, are/were simply projections of an inner animal instinct, which if not suppressed by any law of decency – physical AND spiritual – will run a destructive muck over Western civilization. This decadence and degeneration climaxed once before in Imperial Rome, and it is repeating itself, because all inhibitions have been removed, and the wild animals (satyrs) within, have been set free to reap their carnage on the Earth. Care has been cremated. The word Liberty (personified), has become a prostitute, more correctly referred to as a libertine.

Does Liberty Represent Babylon The Great - Mother Of Harlots - MediumResJeremiah 51:7] Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad. [ie, Bacchanalia]

Revelation 17:3-5] So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written,




Revelation 14:8-10] And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, if any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb . . .

This woman does not only represent New York City (physically a Great City), or the United States, but more correctly the corrupt system of Mammon (love of money, and greed), which can be found centralized in all Great Cities, principally through the wealth transfer mechanisms favored by the fractional reserve western central banking system, which now revolves around the U$D, the fiat world reserve currency, and also its coming replacement/s. The accumulated debt contracts hanging around the necks of the masses (national bonds and debts), will only become heavier however, which means Lady Liberty does not stand for liberty at all, but slavery. How correct then, is the use of the term ‘full of names of blasphemy’, to describe this woman who represents this physical and spiritual bondage, which holds the entire world ransom with her golden cup full of drunkenness (material excess), whilst proclaiming ‘liberty’? This vision of Saint John the Revelator, written down almost 2000 years ago, is utterly astonishing for its depth of symbolism, and sociological correctness.

The importance of the symbolism of wine throughout these ideologies, is of vital importance. Wine has a double usage in the Bible, positively representing the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist, and negatively as in drunkenness. The former indicates moderation and the presence of the Spirit upon a righteous person, and the latter indicates the absence of Spirit, and the presence of debauchery upon a sinful person. The connection with prostitutes, brothels, and materialism in the latter, singles out the Roman festival of the Vinalia Urbana (aka, Vinalia Priora), as mentioned above, celebrated on the 23rd of April, as perfectly analogous of this principle of debauchery. We should remember also, that the Bacchanalia, was chiefly concerned with the wild animal instincts activated by the excessive consumption of wine, referred to by the Romans as the channeling of the deity Bacchus (Greek: Dionysus) himself. With this in mind, we now turn to the 2012 London Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony, which has been mentioned in previous posts.

Timothy Spall plays Winston Churchill in Big Ben Clock--Reuters-Fabrizio BenschABOVE: (image credit: BBC; fair use) The appearance of the Freemason, Royal Society member, and Druid of the A.O.D, Sir Winston Churchill, also a Knight of the Order of the Garter, in the spire of the Westminster Clock Tower, right before he shouts ‘STOP!’, the trumpets then blow, and Prince Harry of Windsor is introduced as the representative of the ruling monarchy of the British Empire (It never died. It is a hidden synarchy).

The symbolism of this performance was of great significance, as mentioned in the previous post. Of added significance to the many symbolism’s discussed previously, was a poetic phrase inscribed above the clock face in two lines;

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

– from In Memoriam A.H.H, by the Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland, Alfred, Lord Tennyson. (Written to eulogize the death of Arthur Henry Hallam).

Interestingly, Lord Tennyson filled the Poet Laureate vacancy created by his predecessor, William Wordsworth, who died on 23rd April 1850, Saint George’s Day. Poet Laureates were also traditionally to be paid in wine (canary or sack), however a cash payment became the norm as the role modernized. Also, interestingly, William Shakespeare died on 23rd April 1616, and his birth is also traditionally remembered for 23rd April 1564 (baptized on 26th April, but his exact birth is unknown). This would be trivial, if it were not for the fact that William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, was the theme of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, and the subject of the words spoken by the character of Winston Churchill himself, from the spire of the poet laureate clock tower. Timothy Spall (Churchill), specifically recited an excerpt of Caliban’s dialogue, ‘Be not afeard [sic] the isle is full of noises . . . ‘, from ‘The Tempest’, and of course, Caliban is the son of the witch Sycorax in that play (the occult flavor was quite apparent).

First of all, the use of the keyword ‘love‘, is highly significant, as it is heavily abused in the dogmas of Thelema. It is used twice in the above two line phrase. The word ‘thelema’ (θέλημα), is Greek for ‘Will’, and in Greek gematria it totals 93; numerology is everything in Thelema and many other forms of occultism. The word ‘love’ in Greek, is ‘agape’ (ἀγάπη), which also totals to 93 in Greek gematria. 93 is in fact, together with 77, the most important number in Thelema, and as a result, also in most official offshoots of modern Satanism. As I have previously noted, the numbers 93 and 77, were both flight numbers on 11th September 2001 (The four flights were: UA-93, AA-77, AA-11, UA-175). The other two flight numbers are also of great significance in Thelema and hermetic kabbalah. Thelemites sign off their correspondence using the following phrase;

Love is the law, Love under Will“. [Love = Agape = 93; Will = Thelema = 93]

. . . which is frequently reduced and abbreviated as the following numerical cipher,

93 93/93[this is how Crowley himself signed off his official correspondence.]

For more info on this Thelemic use of the number 93, the wikipedia article is a good start. The United Airlines flight 93 crash site, is extremely important, as it is now the location of one of the biggest memorial groves in the world, stamped with the Satanic number 93 forevermore, and placed purposely EXACTLY 6,666 miles from Mount Arafat in Mecca, the Holy mountain for all Islam (please feel free to check this yourself in Google Earth using the ruler tool). The grove, as shown in the below schematic on the left, is in the shape of a crescent/circle, pointing in the direction of Mecca and Medina on a great circle bearing. (single page architectural briefs in pdf format from the official memorial architect are available here; #1 and #2).

Shanksville Grove 93 Thelema Aleister Crowley Satanic

Thelemic Hermetic Kabbalistic Tree Showing Grades And PrinciplesABOVE: [Click to view a larger version in an additional tab] Kabbalistic and Masonic occult aspects of the Supernal Thelemic Triangle created on 11th September 2001, using the geomantic locations of the three terror attack sites on the east coast of the United States.

LEFT: The grades of the A∴A∴ superimposed on the Hermetic Kabbalah, as explained by Crowley. The WTC attack, and its three separate locations (NYC, Wash. D.C, Shanksville), relate to the Supernal Triangle, shown in yellow, and above the Abyss, which correlate to the highest Order of the S.S. These last three grades, which to the Thelemite are ‘ascended states of being’, relate to female, male, and finally child. NYC (female), and Wash. D.C. (male), are both at sea level, whilst Flight 93, is in the mountains, at a site known as the Laurel Highlands (mentioned in the official plan #1 linked above).

This reference to laurels, is important, because this is the floral accoutrement of the Greek-Roman deity Apollo, the patron of artisans and poets, such as his nine Muses. We have discussed Apollo sufficiently in the last two posts – ie, his importance also in the Olympic Games and the sacred flame cult – and I will assume here that the reader understands the high significance of this feature of the Flight 93 Grove. We are chiefly reminded however, about the importance of poetry in such occultism, and it will not surprise the reader educated in occult doctrines, that all the most serious occult currents, drenched as they are in ritual expression, lean heavily on the idea of bards, channeling a Muse or two, or perhaps Apollo himself! The title ‘poet laureate’, also derives chiefly from this connection with laurels. Even Crowley was a poet (an especially bad one, much like his art, but megalomaniacs simply blame others for not appreciating their ‘genius’; his art was absolutely terrible and talentless, and his poetry is only defended in the modern era by his die hard cult groupies).

This satanic Grove 93, which occult number relates to Thelema/Will, and Agape/Love (as mentioned above), has been placed exactly 6,666 miles from Mount Arafat, the mountain that a Muslim must spend a day praying at, after circumambulating the Kaaba. Thus we have a numerological connection between this grove of Apollo in the Laurel Highlands, and Muhammad’s mountain, and thus a connection between this child principle, and Mecca, where the worlds largest clock tower has been built, towering over the world’s most famous ceremonial cube. As explained previously, all Master Mason degrees (third Craft degree), require a death and resurrection ritual, and similarly, crossing the Kabbalistic Abyss in Thelema, also requires a destruction of the present self, and the metaphorical birth of an ‘ascended’ self (into the ‘supernal triangle’). As even Mircea Eliade, the preeminent voice on occult initiation recognized, this is the stopping of ‘profane time’, and the starting of ‘new time’ – or in the Thelemic sense, the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, the occult Child principle.

There is no better symbol for this stopping and restarting of time, than a massive clock smashing into a ceremonial cube, especially one revered by one of the three Abrahamic religions, all of which Crowley referred to as the ‘lumber of the ages’, to be smashed into oblivion before his new religion of ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ is forced on the world. Of interest here, is that the character ‘V’ we have been exploring, from the graphic novel ‘V for Vendetta’, confides in the female protagonist called Evey, that he has a dream of Britain under the philosophy of “The Land of Do-As-You-Please“, rather than the current fascistic “The Land of Take-What-You-Want”. This utopian fantasy of a world where anarchistic philosophy does not simply degenerate into a different form of fascism filling the void, is just that, utopic, or perhaps dystopic is more correct – what is the difference in two worlds where up-is-down, and the head has the same authority as the hand? Wherever a void of all organization exists, a tyrant will fill this void, and no anarchistic fantasy can change this simple law of the jungle. It should be apparent by now, that Alesiter Crowley was only manipulating people with a bent for anarchism, to use them as a mechanism to destroy the current order, so the owners of the planned next order have a clear foundation on which to build.

If you have read these Crowley quotes here before, then skip them, otherwise, pay close attention;

“It is the evolutionary and natural view . . . Nature’s way is to weed out the weak. This is the most merciful way too. At present all the strong are being damaged, and their progress being hindered by the dead weight of the weak limbs and the missing limbs, the diseased limbs and the atrophied limbs. The Christians to the lions.” – Aleister Crowley. The Law Is For All. Arizona: Falcon Press, 1985, p. 175.

“And when the trouble begins, we aristocrats of freedom, from the castle to the cottage, the tower or the tenement, shall have the slave mob against us.” – Ibid., p. 192.

“We are not for the poor and sad: the lords of the earth are our kinsfolk. Beauty and strength, leaping laughter, and delicious languor, force and fire are of us . . . we have nothing to do with the outcast and unfit. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world.” – Aleister Crowley. Liber Legis 2: 17–21.

“After five years of folly and weakness, miscalled politeness, tact, discretion, care for the feeling of others, I am weary of it. I say today: the hell with Christianity, Rationalism, Buddhism, all the lumber of the centuries. I bring you a positive and primaeval fact, Magick by name; and with this I will build me a new Heaven and a new Earth. I want none of your faint approval or faint dispraise; I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong.” —Aleister Crowley, personal letter to Gerald Kelly.

Yes, the Lords of the Earth (read, British Empire), mourn over their past feudal stomping ground, and lament that representative government by a moderate Commons, has stripped them of their rightful status as elites. Co-opting every political side of every national Commons through finance, and turning them into a bunch of immoderate reactionaries by using minority issues as distractions, has turned each Commons into a Circus. This has been done on purpose so that the people beg for the return of Lords, or alternatively, they pick up a ‘V’ mask, and run around reacting with anarchistic fervor, as if a world without any power structure at all is viable. Such a world once achieved, would go back to square one; feudalism. These are deliberately induced reactionary movements, and they result in large groups of people indulging in pseudo-liberal fantasies. Crowley was simply a Hegelian trickster, employing the philosophy of Ordo Ab Chao, and codifying this technique under the shroud of ‘anarchism’. Many have fallen for it. Adam Weishaupt was completely the same, which is why he was given sanctuary by the Freemason and member of the Illuminati Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, of a ducal line connected with the now consolidated House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, more commonly known as Windsor, sitting on the throne of a synarchistic British Empire which never died.


The 2001 World Trade Center attack (yet another inside job flase-flag terror event), and the coming Mecca Clock Tower attack, are the two ritual markers for the coming of Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, a Lord of War, who deliberately releases a Chaos Dragon, using red-herring proxies (such as terrorist patsies), in order to get his desired Order, and to pose as the savior. Horus is thus a satanic Saint George and the Dragon epic, pre-scripted and executed from within the spires of the New World Order ivory tower, and expressing itself even throughout popular culture, yet only a select few can see it. The Biblical prophecies are 100% correct. Epidemic cultural insanity is very much cyclical. Moderation is to be found nowhere, excess or extreme deficit is found everywhere, and radical reactionary movements and widespread cognitive dissonance prevail. All in a days work for Apollyon, the destroyer, and his circle of friends, or ‘knights of the round table’ as they would call themselves, while dressing up like play dress idiots who never grew out of their childish fantasies.

UN Security Coucil Mural - Saint George and the DragonABOVE: Monumental feature mural from the UN Security Council chamber in the NYC UN HQ.

In the above mural, at the preeminent organ where the Hegelian principle of Ordo Ab Chao is played out, please note the stylistic dragon at the bottom of the mural, which has human arms and hands, which is gripping the hilt of a sword in its mouth, and which has been slain by this same sword.

“The kabalistic signs of the seven spirits are: for the Sun, a serpent with the head of a lion for the Moon, a globe divided by two crescents; for Mars, a dragon biting the hilt of a sword; for Venus, a lingham; for Mercury, the Hermetic caduceus and the cynocephalus; for Jupiter, the Blazing Pentagram in the talons or beak of an eagle; for Saturn, a lame and aged man, or a serpent curled about the sun-stone. All these symbols are found on engraved stones of the ancients and especially on those talismans of the Gnostic epochs which are known by the name ABRAXAS.”

– Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic. A.E.Waite trans., 1896 (Google Books link).

Saint George and the Dragon iconographyNow, Crowley considered himself to be the reincarnation of Eliphas Levi, who actually died the same year Crowley was born, during the first conjunction cycle of the previous Venust-Transit-Pentagram 1874-1882. This specific symbolism of Mars, is highly ‘kabbalistic’ (more correctly gnostic), and its inclusion on the UN mural above, is highly telling. In fact, the Norwegian artist, Per Krogh, claims that this is a Phoenix rising from the ashes of WWII, but in fact, this particular ‘Phoenix’ is an Egyptian Akh (a mythical bird with the form of an Ibis), which is much deeper symbolically than an average phoenix, and which indicates the pantheon for the mother-father-child trio in the vesica piscis above; Isis, Osiris, Horus, the latter being the specific deity that Crowley desired by name to be the child of the Aeon (the Antichrist/Apollyon from the Holy Bible).

Also, this war depicted below, does not represent only WWII, but the perpetual war promulgated purposely by the same people who finance the policies of the unelected UN bureaucrats, in order to keep the populations of the world helpless, suppressed, and in need of a global control technocracy. The so called ‘War on Terror’, which is designed to be perpetual (and western financed and supported for geopolitical reasons), is a great example of this, but chiefly relevant to our particular discussion, is that this all important mural features a self-slain dragon. Notice additionally, that one of the soldiers is standing on the tail of the dragon, just so that it conforms with the usual symbolic configuration of Saint George and the Dragon.

Order of the Garter Installation Day-16 June 2008-Saint George and the Dragon-William and CharlesThe symbol of the Order of the Garter – of which Winston Churchill from our Olympic clock tower was a member – is St George and the Dragon, and the Order was founded apparently in 1348, on Saint George’s Day. However, the first official history of the Order, by Arthur Collins (namesake of Collin’s Peerage), stated that it was 1349. This is significant, because we are either in the 666th year of the Order of the Garter, or 23/4/2015 marks the end of the 666.xx year of the Order of the Garter. As explained previously, the Twin Towers of the WTC were opened in 1973, 666 years after the arrest of the Knights Templar in 1307, and the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled in 1980, 666 years after execution by burning of Jaques De Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Temple in 1314. 666 was of course, Crowley’s self-adopted numerical signature, and also the ‘number of the beast’ from the Book of Revelation.

Is Prince William Arthur Louis Philip of the House of Windsor, who is the 1000th member of the Order of the Garter, Crowley’s long awaited Horus Child, the incarnation of Biblical Apollyon, to usher in the new Aeon after the world is ‘bathed in blood’? Thelema, which is #93 in gematria, and which relates to the Horus child principle, is Greek for the English word ‘Will‘ (ie, William).

We will see soon enough . . .


5 comments on “23/4/2015: Saint George, the Clock Tower, the Mecca Cube, and the Chaos Dragon

    • It is entirely possible. I’m just trying to highlight the many strange events (astrological … or perhaps astrospatial is a better term) that seem to point to Mecca and the Cube+Clock. The 3/3 and 23/4 (V.V.V.V.V. geometry), and the fact that the 3/3 was Esther-Purim within the Tetrad, and a mirror on the Venus-Transit-Pentagram pivot of 6/6/2008, cannot be a coincidence.

      Personally, I hope it never happens, because the fuel that such an event will provide for the Hegelian machine of the western NWO will be immense, and it will kickstart the events that actually bring Russia into hot conflict with Anglo-America and Europe. The Bible of course, makes it clear that it is inevitable. Not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but inevitable … pure greed and the conflict it inevitably causes is like the law of gravity … it just is.

  1. there are no coincidences

    did Crowley place swastikas in his THOTH deck?
    name the original Golden Dawn members that did not present a swastikas POV in their work, and name those who did?

    that is today’s lesson regarding the Qumran Teacher of Righteousness and the Wicked Priest who are one and the same, represented by the two opposed swastikas.


    Itzhak Bentov announced to the world that the ‘system’ wants to teach you about the SS SyStem that is in place.

    • Morality is separate from intellectual sophistication, and this of course, was the original problem . . . from that wonderful analogy involving a ‘snake’, the eponymous ancestors, a tree of knowledge of good and bad, and connection with the Godhead. A person who does not temper their intellectual capacity against emotion and compassion, evolves into a sociopath, and the ‘fall’ of such people, is eternal, and will produce a race of people in dissent with its own better nature.

      Regardless of the application (symbolic or scientific) of the symbol of a swastika, a political entity, or an order (such as Himmler’s SS), has nothing to do with it’s application in and of itself. So you speak about ‘two swastikas in opposition/reflection’ with each other? And some great application? Then great, and I’m sure there is such an application, albeit completely detached from any political and social philosophy. Just as the number 666 is not evil, but the identifier of creation, and thus an identifier COVETED by those who believe themselves to be man Gods, the spiral is also not good or evil.

      Intent is in the eye of the beholder. Crowley on the other hand, was thoroughly depraved, and was in total rebellion to the true capstone. All those people who believe THEY can become THE capstone, will find themselves tumbling to the base of the universal pyramid … rejected! However Jesus Christ, who was rejected of man, was in fact raised to be one with the father, at the center of the Godhead, connected by the Holy Spirit, which is a carrier/connector throughout the structure leading back to the capstone (an omphalos). There is only one true capstone, and he is very precious, and eternal … but for now our tribulation continues a little longer.

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