18/3/2015: Phoenix Rising On Jerusalem, But The Mecca Clock Tower Is First

Mecca Clock Tower Jacques Demolay 18th March 1314 Stele 666 Crowley Frederick II Imperial Crown Jerusalem Hattin-HiResABOVE: Synchronicity for 18th of March, two days before the Vernal Equinox Solar Eclipse, marking the completion of the 111th Thelemic year.

18th March is the 77th day of the year, and is 111 days until 7/7 of every year.

18th March 633, Islamic New Year (1 Muharram 12 Hijri), one year after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, after winning the Ridda wars, Abu Bakr, the first ever Islamic Caliph, consolidates the entire Arabian peninsular as a unitary Islamic state (Rashidun Caliphate), and immediately invades Mesopotamia, commencing the conquest of the Sasanian Empire of Persia. This is the true birth date of political Islam. If the Ridda wars had not been won by Abu Bakr, the Koran and the Islamic faith may never have achieved the ‘thermal expansion’ necessary to become the major cultural force it is today.

18th March 1229, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, crowns himself King of Jerusalem in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the City of Jerusalem. At this time he was excommunicated by the Pope, and had received the city back into western hands through a treaty with the Sultan of Cairo, rather than by conquest, to the chagrin of the Norman Lords of Outremer, and the crusader Orders of the Temple and Hospital. This is the only occasion in history, when a Holy Roman Emperor had legitimately claimed the title of King of Jerusalem, being the suzerain of the City itself. Frederick II was also the first Emperor to be declared by a Pope (Gregory IX) to be the antichrist. Frederick II is an official saint (as per Crowley), in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C), the ecclesiastical arm of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O).

18th March 1314, Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, is burnt at the stake as a heretic on an island in Paris, after being condemned by the Pope and the King of France. Jacques de Molay is an official saint (as per Crowley), in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C).

18th March 1904, Islamic New Year (1 Muharram 1322 Hijri), two days before the vernal equinox, Aleister Crowley discovers the Stele of Revealing (ΣΤΗΛΗ 666) in the Cairo Museum. Whilst walking through the exhibits with his new wife Rose, who had been channeling certain ‘entities’ she believed were trying to contact Crowley through her medium-ship, Rose pointed out a certain exhibit to be bearing the deity Horus (or Horakhty) who was trying to contact Crowley, which just happened to be Boulaq Exhibit#666 (this is his version of events, probably about as trustworthy as anything else Crowley said). This is the official Thelemic date of ‘revealing’, which led to the declaration of the ‘Equinox of the Gods’, marking the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, birthing Crowley’s religion of Thelema (also known as ‘Scientific Illuminism’ as he called it).

Our previous discussions have explored certain dates of significance regarding the coming Mecca Clock Tower terror attack. This coming attack has been planned by a gnostic sect within Anglo-American Masonic and oligarchic circles, who utilize a form of Thelema codified by Aleister Crowley. The previous date of interest, Tuesday the 3rd of March 2015, actually turned out to be very significant for a reason other than being the date of the Mecca Clock Tower attack, and it involved Israel.

We will explore in this post the probability of the planned attack occurring on Wednesday 18th March 2015, and why the above synchronicities would be highly important to the gnostic sect we are exploring. Synchronictiy is important to Thelema and other currents of Hermetic Kabbalah in the Western Esoteric Tradition.

666 3rd March 2015 Hamans Curse Arab Jewish War Mecca Clock Tower Terrorist Attack---VENUS and MERCURY MIRRORABOVE: [click on the above image to view a larger version in a new tab] The pivotal Venus-Solar Transit Pentagram which esoterically links the 11th September 2001 mega ritual, to the date 3rd March 2015, and the coming Mecca Clock Tower Attack, perhaps on 18th March 2015? 18 is 6+6+6, and 15 days later = 5+5+5, two central numbers involved in this coming ritual, which must be performed around 5:55pm at sunset, in order to qualify as a ‘Mass of the Phoenix’ in Thelema.

It is highly recommended that the reader consume a previous post before reading this!

This previous post was an in-depth analysis of certain occult principles highlighted in the above diagram. It also explains why 555 and 666 are so important. Although I predicted that 3rd March 2015 was likely the date of the anticipated Mecca Clock Tower attack, as it turned out, this date was significantly marked by another highly related event, which is perhaps a preamble of sorts to the actual coming attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu 3rd March 2015 13th Adar Jerusalem Time Congress SpeechLINK TO C-SPAN FOOTAGE OF BENJAMIN NETANYAHU’S SPEECH

On the evening of 3rd March 2015 in Jerusalem, the Jewish Calendar switched over to the date 13th Adar 5775 at sunset (5:38pm, which was at 10:38am EDT in Washington D.C). At 10:50am EDT, a joint-session of the U.S.Congress began, and by 11:11am EDT – 6:11pm in Jerusalem – Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the 33rd elected Israeli Government, was addressing this joint-session of the U.S. Congress, one of three occasions he has ever done so; 10th July 1996; 24th May 2011; 3rd March 2015. The first hour of 13th Adar in Jerusalem had commenced. This is a very important date in Biblical Judaism, being directly linked to the Fast of Esther and Purim, and especially as it is the only Purim festival which occurs within the current 6-6-6 Total Lunar Eclipse ‘tetrad’, which is synchronized on a Passover-Succoth-Passover-Succoth sequence; extremely rare as previously discussed.

666 3rd March 2015 Hamans Curse Arab Jewish War Mecca Clock Tower Terrorist Attack

Contentiously, Netanyahu is the first foreign leader to speak to Congress without being invited by the US President, in fact, he never even informed the current US Administration, having been solely invited by the GOP. As such, his speech was boycotted by around 60 House and Senate Democrats. Imagine Israel being the controversial country to break this taboo! Official diplomatic courtesies and conventions were ignored for the first time ever. As we will explore, there is much more to this event than simply partisan politics, or an upcoming election in Israel on 17th March 2015, in which the political right-wing in Israel will fight for it’s very existence. This is actually all theatrics, though most of the actors have no idea they are playing their part in a pre-concieved script, cooked up on an internationalist level, above the U.S Congress, above Obama, and well above Netanyahu. Even the dates are scheduled long in advance.

WASHINGTON POST: “No precedent for Netanyahu’s contentious speech to Congress”

To put the US-Israeli relationship in perspective, only one other leader has made such a high profile address to a joint-session three times, and that was Winston Churchill. Evidently, if routine domestic business involving the executive and legislative branches, such as state of the union addresses, inauguration speeches, electoral sessions, as well as other inter-legislative-branch proceedings are stripped out of a full list of joint-sessions/meetings, according to the above linked Washington Post article;

“In all, 110 foreigners and a handful of Americans — mostly early-Space Age astronauts — have addressed joint meetings.” – Associated Press, 3/3/2015.

Before we continue solely about Netanyahu’s speech, the number of foreigners mentioned here, 110, is important. We need to take a brief detour from Israel. The 111th foreigner scheduled to speak in a joint-session, is the first ever Jesuit Pope, Francis, and he will speak on 24th September 2015. Coincidentally, according to some Catholics, Francis just happens to be the 111th Pope mentioned in the list of Popes from the infamous St. Malachy prophecy, which is a countdown, and he is supposed to be the last Pope who oversees the destruction of the Catholic Church, and the Armageddon. Take from this what you will, but the number 111 is synchronistically important as we will see, because we are in the 111th Thelemic year. Thursday, 24th September 2015, is the day after the Jewish holiday known as Yom Kippur, otherwise known as the Day of Atonement, the most Holy day on the Jewish ecclesiastical calendar. This will also be four days before the 28th September Total Lunar Eclipse, which ushers in Succoth, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the last in a series of four Total Lunar Eclipses of the aforementioned 6-6-6 ‘tetrad’. These four eclipses mark an extremely rare Passover-Succoth-Passover-Succoth sequence, as discussed previously, and as indicated in the above diagram.

Just to give an idea of how scripted all of the dates for these political events are, I would like to point to the fact that on 13th May 2014, John Kerry, the U.S Secretary of State, stood side-by-side in the White House with the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, and announced that the world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos”, whatever ‘climate chaos’ means. It is a well known reality to informed people, that the ‘hockey-stick science’ of ‘global warming’ – or ‘climate change’ if it is snowing too hard to get away with the former – has broken down on a scientific level, exposing it as purely a geopolitical and fascistic economic fraud. It is time to roll out the big guns, because over 1 billion Catholics worldwide can help sell this fascist fraud, which I discuss in greater detail in a previous post, as the core doctrine of the coming World Government. It is vital for the New World Order that the Paris 2015 Climate Conference produce a binding (think slaves being bound) agreement on ‘climate change’, and the Bishop of Rome, ‘unofficially’ the Pontifex Maximus (a pagan Roman title predating Christianity), is the last remaining official vestige of the actual Roman Empire, for which the United Nations is a healed beast.

Is it any wonder that this 500 day countdown to ‘climate chaos’ exactly indicated the 24th September 2015 as an important date to look to? Is it any wonder that Francis of Assisi, the papal namesake of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the official ‘patron saint of environmentalism’ in Catholic dogma? Is it any wonder that the 1986 Assisi Interreligious Prayer for Peace, which was also a tour-de-force mixing environmentalist NGO’s and religious leaders from around the world, organized by Prince Philip, consort of Elizabeth II, was the first ever official interfaith gathering overseen by a Pope – John Paul II? Is it any wonder that at this Assisi gathering, the Pope sanctioned the first official desecration of a dedicated Catholic Church – including the high altar – by a foreign idol and the burning of incense? Is it any wonder that in December 2014, it was officially announced via holy see channels, that Pope Francis will issue a rare Papal Encyclical in 2015, which will fully endorse the ‘global warming’ fraud, and direct 1.2 billion Catholics to also endorse this new eugenics technocracy posing as environmentalism, to empower the United Nations as the official solution?

As the telegraph.co.uk insinuates quite correctly regarding an essay planned to coincide with this new religion of Carbon Indulgences being setup;

“But a group of scientists are pinning their hopes for the salvation of the planet, in the face of climate change and habitat destruction – on religion. Their case, set out in an essay in the journal Science, is being described a “watershed moment” for scientists and faith leaders alike. It argues that engaging religious leaders, rather than relying on politicians, could hold the key to mobilising billions of people around the world to change aspects of their lifestyles to help prevent catastrophic climate change. The article singles out Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church, with its 1.2 billion-strong network of followers, as the key but calls for religious leaders of every stripe to be recruited.” – telegraph.co.uk

PlanetEarthSchwitz - Pope Francis - Carbon Indulgences - IMF - UN - aamichael666 comWhen ‘science’ turns to religion, to enforce ‘belief’ in a new dogma, because politicians who aren’t exactly known for avoiding graft are no longer influential enough to sell such a lie to their people, lookout! The truth is that the Vatican and Holy See, are reliant on the financial networks of the Anglo-American Empire to keep their finances afloat. Narco-chapels and mafia networks for instance, rely on secrecy to operate, and only the British Crown can provide this necessary patronage. The Vatican performs it’s lions share of vital offshore finance in the Crown secrecy jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands for a very good reason (also known as a ‘tax-haven’, which is a greatly narrow minded terminological understatement). Roberto Calvi was found hanging from Blackfriar’s Bridge in London, not from the walls of the Vatican. The papacy, was incorporated totally into a co-dependent relationship with the ‘club of the isles’ (and thus the Crown) by the mid 20th century, and they are now being called upon to sell technocratic eugenics to their flock. Such allegiances have a price, and the price is false prophecy, a false environmental prophecy to sell a World Government, which plays its part in a very REAL prophecy, made by Jesus 2000 years ago, and which is consolidated in the Book of Revelation.

SPQR Roman VexiloidWe return however to the modern State of Israel, the fig tree for which the predecessor was stomped under foot in 70AD by the first Roman Empire, of which Pontifex Maximus Francis evidently represents a key mouthpiece of its healed modern day equivalent. The last time Netanyahu addressed a joint-session in 2011, he had met with President Obama at the White House, only to be told that a peace settlement with the Palestinians would require the pre-1967 borders agreement to be upheld, meaning a loss of East Jerusalem, and importantly the Old City of Jerusalem, inevitably to a Special International Regime, governed directly by the United Nations. This is probably the most infamous event in US-Israeli relations to have occurred, however this last address on 3rd of March, was Netanyahu’s ‘return fire’ for the 2011 Obama meeting.

The writing is on the wall at the United Nations, and the State of Israel is about to get a reality check that was planned long ago by the New World Order, including many of the ‘Jewish’ bankers who together with their Anglo-American compatriots in Crown offshore finance, control the United Nations, and have been playing the people’s of the world – including Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish nationalists – for fools; and what a great job they have done. Creating the State of Israel, was the decisive play on the Grand Chessboard of the New World Order, a play which is about to be completed, and it was NEVER for the benefit of Jews, Muslims, Christians, or secularists; it was always to create a World Government with sovereignty over the City of Jerusalem.

A world government could not take this city into its possession directly after WWII, because the Islamic world had a strong grip over it, and the young UN was viewed as a Western, and to some Muslims an infidel organization. To the people behind the UN however, over 1 billion Muslims, one quarter of the worlds population, are a valuable demographic who’s support the United Nations requires. So the Jewish nationalists were given the green light to invade, even though the United Nations had no intention of stopping them from taking Jerusalem. After the Six Day War (5th to 10th of June 1967; note the dates of the first and last Venus transits shown in the above diagram, including the pivot point of 6/6/2008), the Israelis seized the Old City, and East Jerusalem. At this point the State of Israel had completely taken the bait, the wildest dreams of the New World Order had been realized, and now the Islamic world could be fully suckered in to the formation of a future World Government.

Today the United Nations can not only obtain the International Regime over Jerusalem that they covet, but the Islamic world will actually insist that they dispossess the Jews of this all important pressure-point of planet Earth. The sin of ‘theft’ has been successfully passed over to the Jewish nationalist scape-goat, and the United Nations will now be in the position of mediator. 1.6 billion Muslims were always a much more advantageous geopolitical demographic to appease, than the tiny 14 million of world Jewry. Also, many Jews who do not live in Israel, and are tired of the very real and growing antisemitism they face overseas because of this conflict in the Levant, a conflict they may never have had any interest in to begin with, because they were never nationalistic Jews. This includes many anti-Zionist religious orthodox Jews, not just reformist and liberal Jews.

1.6 billion in people-power was the prize, and the sacrifice will be a less than 14 million person loss of support. If you are a banker who stands to gain world domination, even if you are Jewish (as many are), the maths is simple, and it was easily calculated back in 1917 when the Balfour declaration, sent the first of many deliberate green lights to the masses of world Jewry, stirring nationalistic movements. Do the British aristocracy, and the Rothschild dynasty perhaps regret these turns of events? Not likely. Everything is going great. Money and power knows no allegiance.

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg, son of Paul Warburg (‘daddy warbucks’), Jewish international banker of Venetian origin, to a 17th February 1950 appearance before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

This plan predates 1948, and horrifyingly, can be connected to the very highest levels of Jewish power politics and cultural organizations, who were directed to appease Hitler.

“Meanwhile, the Warburgs demanded that American Jews not “agitate” against the Hitler government, or join the organized boycott. The Warburgs’ decision was carried out by the American Jewish Committee and the B’nai B’rith, who opposed the boycott as the Nazi military state grew increasingly powerful.” – Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, ‘George Bush, The Unauthorized Biography, Chapter 2: The Hitler Project’

The Nazi appeasement campaigns in the western world, which prevented many Jews from fleeing continental Europe, leading directly to a much higher death toll in the holocaust, was required in order to generate a critical mass of Jews in desire of a national homeland after the war. Without the holocaust, the quantity of Jews willing to ‘tough it’ in a hostile middle east desert land full of Muslims, in order to build a homeland by conquest, would not have been even remotely sufficient. Many ‘Jewish’ bankers were complicit in this manipulation, knowing full well that a meat grinder of epic proportions was being setup, and funded by their friends in finance in London and New York City (such as Montagu Norman, and the Harriman and Bush dynasties). This is shocking, and many readers may think this is absurd, or even a disgusting insinuation to make. I advise such a reader to understand that history is very different between the sheets, you do not live on a planet run by benevolent people.

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”
-Henry Kissenger, as quoted in The New York Times, 28 October 1973.

Human greed and lust for real world power is not a conspiracy, it is a hard fact of life, it is a basic rule of the jungle. Thousands of years worth of humans spilling the blood of other humans to dominate the world, including their own compatriots when necessary, is abundantly available data, you do not have to dig very deep. Machiavelli simply wrote what many tyrants were thinking of and practicing for centuries. Sociopaths such as Aleister Crowley, and Friedrich Nietzsche, were all prophets of the same Will To Power doctrine. When taken to its inevitable extreme, this is actually a satanic doctrine, which Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam, should oppose, if they knew what was good for them, but for the most part from their organized religious biases, these three seem to play right into the divide and conquer strategy of their Imperial overlords; but so do secularists.

I repeat, without the return of the Jews to the Levant, the Anglo-American steered United Nations could never have captured the membership and avid cooperation of the nations of the Islamic world, but Islam has fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the bait, and the bait was Israel, a tasty bait indeed. The Christian world was then deliberately emotionally attached to the nascent State of Israel, and the Christian Zionist movement was deliberately set against the Islamic world. There is no New World Order without engineered chaos, and there is only one chaos with the ability to necessitate a World Government; 1.8billion Christians versus 1.5billion Muslims, with the Jews sandwiched in-between. A prolonged conflict between the three Abrahamic religions, is just what a financial oligarchy requires to setup a new world feudalism, with the ability to then subvert and destroy all three Abrahamic religions, by pitting secularists against all three, blaming these religions for all of these conflicts, whilst distracting from a full fascist economic takeover of the world (Carbon trading and its parallel financial derivatives industry, play a large part in this).

An important excerpt from Netanyahu’s 3rd of March speech, is as follows;

We’re an ancient people. In our nearly 4,000 years of history, many have tried repeatedly to destroy the Jewish people. Tomorrow night, on the Jewish holiday of Purim, we’ll read the Book of Esther. We’ll read of a powerful Persian viceroy named Haman, who plotted to destroy the Jewish people some 2,500 years ago. But a courageous Jewish woman, Queen Esther, exposed the plot and gave for the Jewish people the right to defend themselves against their enemies. The plot was foiled. Our people were saved. (APPLAUSE)

Today the Jewish people face another attempt by yet another Persian potentate to destroy us. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei spews the oldest hatred, the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology. He tweets that Israel must be annihilated — he tweets. You know, in Iran, there isn’t exactly free Internet. But he tweets in English that Israel must be destroyed. For those who believe that Iran threatens the Jewish state, but not the Jewish people, listen to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, Iran’s chief terrorist proxy. He said: If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world.

But Iran’s regime is not merely a Jewish problem, any more than the Nazi regime was merely a Jewish problem. The 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were but a fraction of the 60 million people killed in World War II. So, too, Iran’s regime poses a grave threat, not only to Israel, but also the peace of the entire world. To understand just how dangerous Iran would be with nuclear weapons, we must fully understand the nature of the regime.

NOTE: If the State of Israel never existed, and the Balfour Declaration had never been made, Hassan Nasrallah would never have had this day job; he had no reason for existence before. Would an entire ethnicity, including Jews overseas who do not even support political Zionism, now be categorized so convincingly by many Muslims, as the main Islamic enemy, as fuel for Khamenei and Nasrallah’s externalization mechanism? The answer is no. Some other externalization mechanism would need to be found to direct domestic unrest and tension outwards, away from true problems within. All politicians do this, and Netanyahu has also made a franchise of this technique. Fire can never be quenched with more fire, however a fire is coming in the middle east, which might in fact extinguish all available fuel, and it looks rather like an opportunity for the New World Order, rather than a problem.

13th of Adar is the date central to the Book of Esther, which marks the Fast of Esther, and is followed by the celebratory festival of Purim. 13th Adar is specifically connected to evil enemies of the Jewish people within the Persian Empire (geographically centered on modern Iran), and the saving of the Jewish people through the intercession of the Queen of Persia, Esther, who just happened to be Jewish (unbeknownst initially to the King of Persia referred to as Ahasuerus). Haman, a viceroy of the King, schemed to destroy the Jews, and convinced the King, that on a coming date (13th Adar, which was decided by the casting of lots; divination), the enemies of Jews across his empire should be given royal license to attack, plunder, and annihilate ethnic Jews; a planned genocide. Once the King had decreed this fate, it could not be altered, because Persian Kings could not reverse legislation passed by royal decree.

Through the intercession of Queen Esther however, this plan of Haman was thwarted by issuing a second decree, allowing Jews to defend themselves, and to take a plunder of their enemies. Haman was then hanged by decree of the King on a gallows he had built for Mordecai (the uncle of Esther, and a favored adviser to the King who had saved him previously from a palace plot). Thus it was, that a future date was set for a conflict between two groups of people 1) Jews 2) haters of ethnic Jews; and the conflict was inevitable. Suffice to say, the Jews won that particular battle. Two and a half millennium later, and NOTHING has changed, however, the proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948, deliberately started the countdown for another major conflict, with about a 70 year timer. Ironically, this is a timer that was deliberately started by many groups, who Netanyahu and other powerful Zionists, probably still consider to be their allies.

Is it simply a coincidence then, that on the 3rd March 2015, on the sunset before the Fast of Esther, on an EXACT mirror with 11th September 2001 through the 6/6/2008 Venus Transit Pentagram pivot shown in the above diagram, that an Israeli Prime Minister spoke to a joint session of Congress, without the US Presidents presence, or any coordination with his State Department? This address was probably the most controversial in US history – perhaps world history – because the most powerful legislative body on Earth, in the only superpower who has the ability to keep Israel from being thrown to the wolves at the United Nations, is in fact now acting independently of the US Administration to court the pro-Zionist cause. Or is it? This speech was probably more significant than most people will be able to comprehend, and the date was of vital importance. For occult reasons discussed in the previous post, it is even more significant. Perhaps some Shakespeare is in order;

‘All the world’s a stage’ monologueMiracleofthefig
from ‘As You Like It’ William Shakespeare

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then, the whining school-boy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then, a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then, the justice,
In fair round belly, with a good capon lined,
With eyes severe, and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws, and modern instances,
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.  [‘Sans’ meaning ‘without’]

If the modern State of Israel was conceived in 1917 (Balfour Declaration), and entered its prime in 1948, then it is surely in seventh stage right now, however in the Zionist mind, and in the mind of Benjamin Netanyahu, this is only just being realized. A very similar scenario played out in the decade leading up to 70AD, and the fractured Jewish sectarian world was probably less complex than today. The New World Order – the new Rome – required all seven stages to play out just as they have for the modern State of Israel, with the fourth stage – soldier – being the main act. It was always going to be bloody and violent, but more importantly, it was required all along to be bloody and violent. The anti-Jewish hatred this generated is the required catalyst to set east against west, and then to initiate mediation. This is not an unfortunate occurrence, it was prescribed from the beginning. How else would this scenario have played out?

Imperial Double Headed Eagle And CrownOrdo Ab Chao – this has all been planned, and if you chose a side you missed the trick, you missed the point, you watched the puppet actors and ignored the playwright. The world is indeed a stage, the United Nations is the Theater Company, the Islamic and Christian worlds were the coveted audiences who all bought tickets as expected, the State of Israel was the tragically flawed star, the protagonist, and the antagonist all in one character, but the script was written for an Imperial Crown, and for the express consumption of a proletariat. Panem et circenses – did you enjoy the show? Or were you at least enthralled and distracted from other events? This is not a romance, and there is no happy ending, in fact, it is closest to a Greek tragedy, or perhaps the story of Samson is more apropos.

For those who are unaware of the importance of the Biblical story of Samson, it is immediately relevant. Popularly there were twelve tribes of Israel, however there were technically thirteen, because Manasseh and Ephraim were derived from Joseph, but were elevated to full tribes in their own right. All of these tribes had to conquer their allocated lands upon their entry into the promised land, after crossing the Jordan, and after first famously destroying Jericho. One of these tribes, the tribe of Dan, which means ‘judge’ in Hebrew, were allocated a tribal territory roughly centered on pre-modern Gaza, which was bigger than the small enclosure it is today, having been pushed back greatly by the State of Israel. Its core center was known as the Philistine Pentapolis of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath, and the tribe of Dan, try as they might, could not conquer their allocated land, the Philistines had long dug in. Sound familiar? The name Palestine, is directly etymologically descended from the word Philistine.

13 Tribes of Israel Zion Jerusalem Hermon Babylon Harlot Virgin PPP-Pyramid Great SealABOVE: The thirteen tribes of Biblical Israel. Dan is to the west of Ephraim, however the map only shows the reality of their situation, not having been able to take down the Philistine Pentapolis, and thus being in a state of constant conflict along the coastal strip. The connection between the thirteen tribes, Zion/Jerusalem, the PPP-Pyramid, and the Great Seal, was explained in a seminal previous post.

The tribe of Dan had a champion, known as Samson, who was very much the Israeli equivalent of the Greek Heracles, and in fact shares some very strange similarities to Heracles, including an association with two pillars, which we will discuss. To cut a quite long, but eloquent story with much important symbolism short, I will skip to the finale. After being betrayed by his third lover Delilah, a femme fatale, who betrayed the source of his mighty strength as being due to his long locks of hair, which was an allusion to his Nazaritic vows of holy dedication, he was shaven, breaking his Nazarite vow, which destroyed his supernatural strength. He was then bound by his enemies, blinded in both eyes, and dragged off as a prisoner of the Philistines. He had killed hundreds of them in conflict, and burnt their crops causing mayhem, so was quite the prize catch. During a Temple sacrifice to Dagon, one of the main deities then worshiped by the Philistines, he was dragged out for the entertainment of the Philistine aristocracy, and they made sport with him.

Samson destroys the twin pillars killing the Philistines and kills 3000Judges 16:25-30]  And it came to pass, when their hearts were merry, that they said, call for Samson, that he may make us sport. And they called for Samson out of the prison house; and he made them sport: and they set him between the pillars. And Samson said unto the lad that held him by the hand, Suffer me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house standeth, that I may lean upon them. Now the house was full of men and women; and all the lords of the Philistines were there; and there were upon the roof about three thousand men and women, that beheld while Samson made sport. And Samson called unto the LORD, and said, O Lord GOD, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes. And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood, and on which it was borne up, of the one with his right hand, and of the other with his left. And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life. [emphasis mine]

The story of the modern State of Israel, is a repeat of the sad story of Samson, and it required his murder suicide. In this story, it was destined by God, and he was indeed a ‘judge’, from the tribe of Dan (which itself means ‘judge’). If we inspect once again the date of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on the 3rd March 2015, and its timing for the 13th Adar sunset in Jerusalem (related to the curse of Haman), and we know what we do about the 2004-2012 Venus Transit Pentagram mirror with 11th September 2001, which involved two pillars (twin towers), is it surprising that the official death toll on 9/11 was 2996 fatalities? The story of Samson specifically relates that about three thousand men and women, who were making ‘sport’ with Samson, were killed when the temple fell after the two core pillars were destroyed in an act of murder suicide. It is ironic that the official fable of 9/11 however, happens to blame this on ‘Muslims armed with box cutters’; it was the Muslims who apparently committed the murder suicide – in the official fable anyway.

WTC Watery Grave Memorial - Samson destroys the twin pillars killing the Philistines and kills 3000ABOVE: The current WTC Memorial and Museum, which cost $700 million to build, and costs $60 million annually to operate. While the thousands of suffering first responders have to beg for medical treatment for fatal respiratory illnesses caused by the destruction, building this largest of Masonic memorials was much more of a priority. It IS a Masonic monument, it is a memento mori, to memorialize the beginning of an initiation ritual for the world, to birth a New World Order.

Most people think that these two ‘memorial fountains’, which eternally pour water into the original tower footprints, then into symbolic black cubic pits representing the core of each pillar, are appropriate to remember the dead. Each footprint is exactly one acre, because each tower was originally designed to sit on exactly one acre. As explained previously, these two towers were built from their inception, to be used in a symbolic fiery Masonic and occult destruction, involving ritual human sacrifice, on a predetermined future date. Most people may never have heard of the concept of God’s acre, but it specifically relates to the concept of a dedicated religious graveyard, usually placed in a high position, not a low one, and definitely not a watery grave.

The original ‘god’s acres’ did not have to be exactly one acre in size, but the terminology is perfectly enshrined in these two watery graves, which are exactly one acre in size each. These pillars were also quite obviously Masonic, especially due to the placement of The Sphere in the plaza, which created the capstone of a hidden pyramid representing the star Sirius – and Time itself – as discussed in previous posts. It also represented the Kaaba at Mecca, as the architect Minoru Yamasaki had also stated, creating a link to the sister ritual sacrifice to occur at a future date. Masonic ritual and symbolism actually revolves around death and momento mori, so perhaps we should look at the Freemasonic Entered Apprentice ritual, when a Mason first walks through the two entry pillars called Jachin and Boaz, into their first convened Lodge of brothers, to take their required oath whilst blindfolded;

Sign of Entered ApprenticeThe sign of the Entered Apprentice reproduces the penalty of the Entered Apprentice’s obligation. The sign is made by drawing the right hand rapidly across the neck as shown to the left. The penalty alluded to is, “having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly violate this my Entered Apprentice obligation.”

Now, even though these two watery ‘gods acres’ are not ebbed by the tide of the sea, they are in fact built slightly below sea level, in a depressed basin and not a high place, which is segregated from the waters of the Hudson river, by the same slurry wall which held back these waters from the WTC basement levels. A watery grave, is not an appropriate memorial what-so-ever, for anyone you are positively trying to memorialize, especially if it relates to the worlds largest sacrifice including two Masonic ‘temple pillars’, such as those a Mason first enters blindfolded before saying this oath. A watery grave is in fact evidently the worst symbolic curse a Mason himself could wish for, because it represents eternal unrest, and is the opposite of the saying ‘rest in peace’. Keeping the memory of the dead – human sacrifices no less – alive esoterically, without rest in a watery public grave, is an occult way of keeping the terror alive, and providing eternal emotional fuel for the Ordo Ab Chao system behind the New World Order. Most people have probably never looked at this memorial from this angle, so I urge the reader to have a long hard think about this.

However, to the ‘elite’ who required these 3000 sacrifices to birth a World Government, the dead were not initiates, they were considered Philistines, from all the nations of the world, and their sacrifice was required to START the world initiation process. In the ancient world, the laying of temple foundations were always accompanied by an animal sacrifice, and this first ritual event, allowed the foundations of the New World Order to be laid in western countries; legislative; social; economic (ie, Patriot Act and other national equivalents, and financial institute bailouts which started as early as 9/11). The Mecca Clock Tower is the start of the planned finale, a Master Masons degree of sorts, where the old world order (Time) is officially killed, and the New World Order is birthed in its place. The Master Masons degree, is where the initiate goes through a mock death and resurrection ritual, after binding himself eternally to his Lodge. This is why the symbol of this second event is the worlds largest Clock, representing Time, and why this time the sacrifice has to be in the eastern and Islamic world, to begin the clash and subsequent synthesis in earnest.

Seal of the AA“One last word on this subject. There is a Magical operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon. This whole matter is prophesied in the Book of the Law itself; let the student take note, and enter the ranks of the Host of the Sun.” – Aleister Crowley. ‘Magick in Theory and Practice’, ‘CHAPTER XII: OF THE BLOODY SACRIFICE: AND MATTERS COGNATE’

I frequently reproduce this quote on this blog, because it is pivotal to understanding the actual satanic ritual that is being performed on the world currently to manipulate all three Abrahamic religions, and their associated cultures. Yes, it is actually a satanic ritual, and the ‘elite’ sect I refer to, are using a current of occultism from Hermetic Kabbalah (Western Esoteric Tradition; not strictly Jewish at all), which is known as Thelema. This religious dogma was codified by Aleister Crowley, the first true overt satanist, and it all started in earnest on 18th March 1904, two days before what he later called the ‘Equinox of the Gods’, which was also the Islamic New Year in 1904. Thelemites consider this vernal equinox to be the beginning of their calendar, and we are currently in the 111th Thelemic year. 111 is a very important number in Thelema, a cult which utilizes number synchronicity avidly, because Crowley’s cult was known as the A∴A∴ (sigil shown above), meaning Argentum Astrum (or Astron Argon), the silver star, referring to Sirius, which was represented by The Sphere at the World Trade Center Plaza. Please note the use of 7’s, and the number 77 in this sigil of ‘BABALON’.

Each of the two A’s in the name, are both an Aleph (א or in full expression אלף), the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which has a simple gematria of 1, or a full gematria value of 111. Crowley’s calendar, which utilized the 22 tarot cards of the ‘major arcana’, had two Fool cards as it’s first year marker for 1904 (Thelema calendar pdf here), when the ‘stele of revealing’, ΣΤΗΛΗ 666, was discovered. Each Fool card is represented by the letter Aleph in Hermetic Kabbalah (also in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Thus Crowley’s cult was represented by two identical characters each representing 111, and both of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had 110 floors each, with the roof being the 111th level of each structure.

Thoth Tarot Card Number 11--Lust--Whore of Babylon riding the BeastKaty Perry SUPERBOWL XLIX 49 7x7 77 Thelemite Ritual--Babalon Rides The Beast

The first plane to hit the North Tower was also AA11 (American Airlines Flight 11), 11 being the ‘most magical number’ in Thelema, and the identifier of ‘Babalon riding the Beast’, which is central to Crowley’s sex magic cult A∴A∴. Crowley’s tarot card#11 shown above-left, and entitled ‘Lust’, depicts this partnership, and explains graphically in one card his core philosophy. Shown above-right is just one of many recent examples of how Thelema has taken over popular culture (don’t get me started on Lady Gaga), and most people don’t even know what it is, clapping and screaming for more actually satanic performances. Katy Perry’s flame outfit was specifically chosen because Leo – the lion, and the zodiac attribution of card#11 – is the primary sign for alchemical fire in Thelema. It is said in the the Book of Revelation about the Whore of Babylon who rides the Beast;

Revelation 17:16-18]  And the ten horns [Kingdoms] which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. [emphasis mine]

In a previous post we explored the flight numbers on 9/11 such as AA11, because AA77 which hit the Pentagon, was also highly connected to the A∴A∴ cult. The Pentagon building itself, had its ground breaking ceremony on 11th September 1941, and exactly 60 years later, it was attacked for the first time by ‘Muslims with box-cutters’. Is this all just another coincidence? Not likely. It is the signature of at least a century old occult plan, where the world is a stage, and the script is written and controlled. The number 77 relates to the Hermetic Kabbalistic fertility cosmology of lucifer-laylah in the A∴A∴, which is why it is so prominent in the A∴A∴ sigil shown above. After AA-77 hit the Pentagon, one of four flying command post E4B’s, flew right around the damaged Pentagon, and then right over the Washington D.C inverted pentagram, of which the White House sits at the southern tip. This E4B had the call sign ‘VENUS-77’ . . . another coincidence?

NEACP Boeing 747 E-4B Venus 77 and American Airlines Flight 77 on 11 September 2001 As Above So BelowIn the larger scheme of things, these two mega-rituals, spaced by roughly 14 years (7+7);
1) The World Trade Center in New York City had 7-Towers
2) The Mecca Clock Tower complex has 7-Towers
Both events combined will seal an esoteric 77 beginning and end; alpha and omega – and if this occurs on 18th March 2015, this will be at the very end of the 111th Thelemic year, exactly 111 years after Crowley’s ‘revealing’. It will also be the 77th day of the year, and 111 days before 7/7/2015, the tenth anniversary of the 7/7/2005 London False-Flag Bombings. This should give David Cameron his own foreign policy fuel leading up to this 10th anniversary, right when a foreign invasion of the middle east by a greater international force, is once again a priority to secure Arabian and Gulf natural gas pipelines to the EU, to cut out the Russians. 18th March 2015, will also be the day the results of the Israeli election are known worldwide, signifying the end of the 33rd elected Israeli Government.

United Nations LogoThis 111th Thelemic year also comes to an end on the vernal equinox of 20th March 2015, which just happens to be the date of a Total Solar Eclipse, which terminates exactly at the North Pole. The central focus of the United Nations logo is this pole, which sits in the exact middle of a globe crowned by ‘olive branches’ (which look very much like laurel branches in their graphical representation; the civic crown of Apollo). If these are olive branches, where are the olives? The Initiation of a new Aeon which Crowley prescribed, requires a ‘World Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon’.

March 19th-23rd were the dates for the Quinquatria, and Tubilustrium in ancient Rome. This was the time of year, in the month of Mars, the god of war, in which the Roman army readied itself for the campaigning season ahead, and rituals of war were performed to gain favor from the Gods, but especially Mars (Jupiter was very important however).

Who is this crowned one? His Biblical name is Apollyon, meaning the ‘destroyer’, and he is mentioned only once by name in Revelation 9:11, and he is elsewhere known as the antichrist. Apollo, who became synonymous with Helios, the sun god, is the same as Horus in Crowley’s triad. Horus however, is not just a solar deity (fire-6) in this system, but in his martial aspect, is synonymous with Mars (force-5); ‘force and fire’ as Crowley called it. The numbers 666, and 555, are pivotal in this current of western hermeticism, which is why I strongly believe that the Mecca Clock Tower, will either be struck, or collapse, at 5:55:55pm in the evening when it is attacked (explained in the previous post, which is required reading). It is pivotal that this sacrifice occur during the evening, in order to fulfill the requirements of a Thelemic Mass of the Phoenix.

This man Apollyon, or Horus, cannot rule over the entire world without this bloody ceremony first being performed, because by using Hegelian dialectic, the peoples of the world, and especially the three Abrahamic religions, must be thrown deliberately into conflict with each other. Without conflict he can have no reason to intervene, and without intervention, he cannot demand obedience. The Beast World Government system he will represent, will actually be run by a fascist world finance cabal, and a priesthood of dark occultists, who combine technocratic sociology, with engineered terror; a perpetual engineered terror, always blaming another party for it’s acts of terror and human sacrifice. The Beast demands sacrifice. The City of Jerusalem is the key to this plan, and the State of Israel is the main scapegoat, with Islam and Christianity being the second wave to be thrust into the furnace being created.

Jerusalem The Old City---The PrizeABOVE: The prize. At only 900 square meters in area, this single point on the surface of planet Earth, like no other, is the ‘Altar of Fire’ necessary to rebirth the Phoenix of the Roman Empire, as a new unholy United Nations World Government. If you don’t believe this, then I believe you do not properly appreciate the historical mechanics of the last 4000 years. Beware of who you support when the Clock in Mecca comes down, and the focus of the world is then drawn to this 900 square meter altar of fire. If you feel compelled to pick a side, remember that you have been given a false choice to start with, and this was deliberate, and part of a much bigger picture. If you then view a United Nations International Regime for Jerusalem as a much needed compromise, then you have been turned directly towards the antichrist. If you are Islamic and you view this as a good compromise, well, you’re not exactly on the same page as Muhammad.

From a point of synchronicity with our analysis, 18th March 1229, was the first and only time an elected Holy Roman Emperor claimed the title King of Jerusalem in person. This was 52 years after Saladin had taken possession of Jerusalem after winning the decisive victory at the Battle of Hattin on 4th July 1187, in which the Crusader armies were utterly crushed. How did he manage this whilst Muslims were in possession of most of the Levant? Well, first of all, he was excommunicated by the Pope at the time, as the battle between Papacy and Emperor was reaching it’s Zenith (the protracted Guelph and Ghibelline conflict). Secondly, his home court and hereditary Kingdom, was on the island of Sicily, which made him somewhat of a rarity in Europe, because his Kingdom and royal court were flushed with Muslims, Jews and Christians. In short, he obtained a treaty by pure flattery with the Sultan of Cairo, due to his appreciation of Islamic culture, and both of them managed by this treaty, to enrage both Muslims and Crusaders such as the Orders of the Temple and Hospital.

Frederick then proceeded to have skirmishes with the Crusader Lords in Outremer (known as the war of the Lombards), didn’t really progress much, then had to return to Italy to defend his Kingdom against the Pope. He was referred to by the Pope and many churchmen as the antichrist, and there are many different reasons for this. Machiavelli probably learnt a lot from studying the history of Frederick II. Frederick was probably the biggest enigma in Christendom during the middle ages, and it would seem that summarizing his importance for occultists such as Aleister Crowley, will require a dedicated future post. Suffice it to say, his occult connection with uniting the Crown of Jerusalem, with the Holy Roman Empire, and his disconnect from the Christian Church, is enough to make people such as Crowley salivate, and to be in awe of his history from a ‘will to power’ point of view. The fact that he obtained Jerusalem with Muslim blessing however, is directly relevant to our discussion, where the hidden power behind the UN is manipulating Muslims, by using the Jewish nationalists as bait. Will the new unholy Roman Empire obtain Jerusalem by flattery also? If you are Muslim, be careful what you wish for!

The way in which this flattery will be applied, is to promise all four key middle-east Islamic cornerstones a new Caliphate, to be sold to the world as a sort of ‘moderate’ Caliphate; now that ISIS have created a clear distinction by carefully propaganda showcasing their ‘movie-set extremism’. These four Islamic cornerstones are 1) Turkey, 2) Iran, 3) the Arabian and Gulf States, and 4) Egypt. The crossroads nations of Iraq and Syria are the petri-dish for the Caliphate, where natural gas pipeline corridors are the prize. This Caliphate will be sold officially as a Middle-East Union, and of course the only way to get these four very different, and historically competitive cornerstones to agree with each other, was/is to;

1) Carve up the middle ground – divide the spoils: Now that the Iraq war and ISIS have torn it apart, it can now be chopped up literally (maybe an independent Kurd state?), and commercially, by agreeing to shared arrangements for oil and gas reserve rights, and pipeline infrastructure consortium’s between all four Islamic cornerstones, courting special interests within all of these countries. Breaking Iran, but especially Syria, away from Russian influence is vital for Anglo-America, and the natural gas of course, is required to cut the Russians out of the EU Energy Market.

2) The sweetener – part of the spoils, but more of a demagogic offering to the four Islamic cornerstones: Israel to be subdued by a NATO led force, endorsed by the United Nations (perhaps! Watch Russia and China!), East Jerusalem given back to Palestine, borders redrawn closer to the pre-1967 scenario, and the Old City of Jerusalem put under a UN Special International Regime! Such a dispossession of the Jews, will allow all four Islamic cornerstones to sell their otherwise divided populations on this new Caliphate, helping ease Shia and Sunni friction by externalizing their resentments onto a Jewish scapegoat. Any grassroots Muslim opposition on sectarian grounds, can be deemed ‘extremism’ by these four governments, now that ISIS, and their possible attack on the Clock Tower, would have created the Hegelian cover necessary to crack down on religious leaders who do not fall into line. The Kaaba is a shared heritage for Shia and Sunni, and it’s destruction will provide an outlet for solidarity, in a way the four leaders can get maximum propaganda value. I can see the Caliphate leaders right now after the Clock Tower attack, standing in a line, locking hands, and declaring, “You’re either with us, or you are with the terrorists” (de ja vous, and not just a mirror on the Venus Transit Pentagram Pivot of 6/6/2008).

Now, this sounds too clean to be possible doesn’t it? How could Iran and Saudi Arabia ever come to an agreement on anything? I’m not saying it would be easy, and I’m not saying it will work at all, but just look what the US, UK, and their ‘coalition of the willing’ were able to achieve after the 11th September 2001 attack! The immediate wild cards are Russia and Israel, and something will have to give. Iran seems to be the piece which is most likely not to fall into place, which is why the Obama administration has eased sanctions, and are in serious talks. Behind closed doors, I believe the deals being done between Iran and the US, are much deeper than those being aired to the general public. Netanyahu might just find out later, that many of his apparent friends in the GOP, are duplicitous, and that both sides are treating him like a new Samson; making ‘sport’ with him.

This brings us to another major point of synchronicity, which plays solidly into this hypothesized conspiracy. 18th March 633, 1 Muharram 12 Hijri, the Islamic New Year directly after the Prophet Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr had won the Ridda wars (apostate wars), and Political Islam was born. the first Caliphate in history was born! Muhammad had only birthed a consolidated religious ideology, but if the three main competitor prophets had not been subdued, a Caliphate may never have had the inertia to become a dominant cultural movement. Abu Bakr changed all this. Thus it is vitally important, that if the Mecca Clock Tower smashes into the Kaaba on 18th March 2015, that we realize the importance of this date. My thesis describes a unification of Islamic sectarian rifts, at least into a somewhat cohesive union, creating a new Caliphate, however, for all of the radical Islamists, it will in fact signal a takeover of decentralized religious power, and a strengthening of political powers.

This will all be propagandized to Muslims as a strengthening of Islam, but in effect, this signals the end of Islamic religious objection to usury, or the questioning of temporal powers on moral grounds. If you are Muslim, once again, be careful what you wish for, and don’t fall for the distraction tactics of an immediate focus on Israel and the Jerusalem Question. Obama was completely casted for his acting role as the US President, based on his plausible familial connections with Islam. This obscure Senator, and community organizer for left wing causes, was groomed for this role. This has all been planned well in advance, and choosing a libertine with plausible Muslim leanings which could be overplayed, was perhaps necessary for his final act, a grand finale, where he becomes a champion against the Zionist cause, courting the new Caliphate with NATO, and drawing a ring around Russia (the real target all along). Pitting right leaning Christians against left leaning secularists in the United States, is also a key step necessary to divide and conquer the US electorate, preventing a unified front in the US from effectively fighting the toxic cancer which is the too-big-to-fail financial sector (fascism).

The last synchronicity of importance has been saved until last. Masonic obsession with the Knights Templar is well known, and even Nazi mysticism had its own amorous tastes for chivalric romance and blood lust. I have revealed in the past post, that the opening of the Twin Towers on 4th April 1973, was 666 years after the 13th October 1307 arrest by the King of France, and condemnation by the Pope on 22nd November 1307, of the Knights Templar for ‘heresy’. Personally, I have no clue whether this heresy charge was true, it is likely that warrior monks with a blood lust for jihad, probably didn’t all have a very pious care for the Christian faith. Valhalla style warrior cults, probably played a part in this melee of conscripts from all over Europe, because most of their great leaders were Normans, and other orders such as the Teutonic Knights, probably had their own internal warrior cult legacies. What I do know however, is that in Masonic circles, where grown men gather to dress up like warrior monks – albeit not so celibate anymore – a nostalgic streak for incorporating Templar myth into lodge ritual, is epidemic.

Aleister Crowley’s O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis), for instance, though not considered a mainline Masonic rite, has made great headway in influencing many Masons. In the 20th Century, Freemasonry has been facing a crisis, in that it cannot recruit younger initiates as easily as the good old days of the British Empire, or the early American Republic. Crowley’s flavor of ‘sex magick’ [sic] however, appeals much more strongly to a younger audience, who have fallen away from a heritage of Christian morality. Freemasonic research journals, and Masonic authors, have visibly shown much greater interest in Hermetic Kabbalah, especially due to Crowley’s particular appeal to a lowest common denominator of human morality, much more easily scraped up off the roadway of nihilism. It is no surprise then, that Crowley, being an avid manipulator of vulnerable people, and understanding well the need to use Masonic ritual as an institutional foundation, with which to roll a Trojan horse current of occultism into.

Crowley considered Jaques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, to be a Martyr for the cult of ‘Baphomet‘, a mythology greatly built upon by certain ‘enlightenment’ Masons, and Hermetic Kabbalists such as Eliphas Levi. Because Jacques de Molay was burnt at the stake on an island in the Seine in Paris, on 18th March 1314, seven years after his arrest, and because Crowley apparently discovered the ‘stele of revealing’ on 18th March 1904, it is significant that he would call his order the O.T.O, and incorporate an ideology about Baphomet. Frater Baphomet, was in fact Crowley’s cognomen in the O.T.O, and this ideology is highly related to the Hebrew word Oz, which means ‘he-goat’ (or actually a she-goat, and perhaps esoterically androgynous), and which in Hebrew Gematria, totals up to the number 77. This number is very important in Thelema as discussed previously.

77 In Luciferian And Thelemic Gematria---Lucifer and LaylahABOVE: Hermetic & Kabbalistic occult expression of Lucifer, Laylah, A∴A∴, and Oz.

Now, the Georgia Guidestones, the unholy 10 Commandments for the New Age, were unveiled on 22nd March 1980 (numerically 322, the identifier of Yale Skull & Bones fraternity). This was two days after the Vernal Equinox of that year, which marks the beginning of each Thelemic year. This just happened to place the unveiling in the 77th Thelemic year, and the 666th year since Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake in 1314. The Georgia Guidestones is built on the ‘Double Seven Ranch’ (ie, 77), on Highway 77, just north of Elberton, which is the self proclaimed ‘granite capital of the world’. To top all of this off, I revealed in a previous post, that a reading performed at it’s unveiling, contained a sneaky hidden reference to the future year number 3586AD, which is connected to the number 77 on Crowley’s Thelemic tarot calendar system, using the 22year trump cycle marker. This monument is definitely Thelemic, and thus actually satanic, and connected to Aleister Crowley himself. This is about as solid as evidence comes; if O.J Simpson had left his DNA in saliva found in Ronald Goldman’s eye, as well as carving OJ into his forehead, the case would still not be as open and shut.

Georgia Guidestones MM JAM 2014 666-Cube Smashed on Jewish New Year analogue to Kaaba--Mecca Clock TowerABOVE: An obvious ritual, with ‘blinds’, performed at the Georgia Guidestones on 16th August 2014, and 25th September 2014.

The above image shows the important aspects of a Masonic ritual performed last year. A 6 inch cubed – 6x6x6 inches – block of Masonry, was placed into a specially prepared slot, which had been prepared years earlier. This slot was in the North-East slab, below the ‘capstone’. This placed it between the Babylonian cuneiform above, and English inscription below, utilizing the Roman Script (Babylon ‘riding’ the Beast). The North-East corner of Masonic lodges, is specially utilized for the laying of ceremonial cornerstones in lodge rituals. On 16th August 2014, which was 216 days before the Total Solar Eclipse on the Vernal Equinox on 20th March 2015, a ‘Christian’ man and woman called Mike Massanelli, and Jennifer Anne Massanelli, performed a marriage ceremony at these abominable stones, and inserted the cornerstone which bore a coded inscription.

Georgia Guidestones 2014 666 CUBE - Markings on all sidesABOVE: He says that MM is his initials, and JAM are her initials, and 16=day, 8=month, and 20 and 14 combined creates a 2014, which is the year. This all sounds pretty innocent, but as some other sleuths on the internet have revealed, this code contains some very unique sequences, including as I have added (here and here), a connection to 13th October, and 22nd November, the dates that relate to the arrest and condemnation of the Order of the Temple. Also, JAM means ‘time’ or ‘clock’ in Indonesian, the largest Muslim country by population, and the country that Obama’s Muslim credentials are traced from. Kaaba translates to Cube in Arabic, and this is a 6x6x6 inch cubic block of masonry. This is thus a Space & Time cube, representing an analogue for the Kaaba (cube = space) in Mecca, and the Clock (time) tower that overshadows it.

Now, the Guidestones contain 10 Commandments to an ‘Age of Reason’, which is inscribed on them, and exactly 40 days after the cube was placed in the slot, this ritual was completed. The operative Mason, who cleans and takes care of the stones for a living, Mart Clamp, whose father sandblasted the inscriptions in 1980, cast it down to the ground, and whilst on his left knee, smashed it to pieces with a hammer. This is in the exact fashion of an Entered Apprentice in Masonry, who says his oath whilst blindfolded, whilst on his left knee. The date that this was performed on however, 25th September 2014, just happened to be the Jewish New Year! 40 is the number of days that Moses tarried on the holy mountain to receive the 10 Commandments, and here we have a Mason smashing a stone in the North-East corner, 40 days after it was placed in the slot, and on the Jewish New Year.

I know what you are thinking. Those darn Jews and Christians in Masonry are behind this, and they’re planning to destroy the Kaaba and Clock tower in revenge, to start a crusade against the Muslims. WRONG! If you are a Muslim, this is exactly what you are supposed to think, because this is an enormously well thought out ritual, deliberately enshrouded with ‘blinds’. This is actually a ritual rejecting ALL THREE Abrahamic religions, in one single ritual. Remember, I have proved that this is specifically a Thelemite monument, and the goal of Crowley was to destroy ALL Abrahamic Religions, and also many others, and to replace them all with his Law, ‘Do As Thou Wilt’.

MM and JAM, both claim to be Christians, and they were married on a Saturday, the holy day, or Sabbath, which represents the 1000 year future Kingdom of the elect in Christianity. This cube thus represented a holy marriage contract, and it was rejected on the the Jewish New Year, and smashed by a Mason with a hammer. We have discussed the fact that it is also an analogue for the Kaaba and Clock in Mecca, and thus it was a rejection of the current state of Islam. Because it was done on the Jewish New Year however, with the 40 day delay, and at a monument containing 10 Commandments for a New Age, which do not mention God once, it is also a rejection of Mosaic Law. All three Abrahamic faiths were rejected in one ritual, and to top this off, after he had smashed the 666-Cube, he announced to all the spectators, “Who wants a chip?”. It is well known in Christian circles, that the ‘Mark of the Beast’, which number is 666, mentioned in Revelation, refers in its end result to an RFID microchip implant, which people will need to receive in order to buy or sell. Of the antichrist, Revelation says;

Revelation 13:15-18]  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed [United Nations – New Rome]. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. [666] [EMPHASIS MINE]

Not only was the so called Christian Marriage date on 16th August 2014 exactly 216 days from the equinox eclipse (6x6x6=216), but 216 days from the cube smashing on the Jewish New Year, gives the date 29th April 2015. This is the 4th Anniversary of the most publicized wedding in history, the wedding of William Arthur Louis Philip Windsor to Kate Middleton in 2011, right before the Eve of Beltane. This was the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreuz, the wedding of the antichrist, to his bride Katherine, who is the namesake of the only female Catholic saint, who in hagiography had a mystical marriage with Jesus Christ. I reveal some other peculiarities of this couple in my graphical NWO Timeline (Ignore the date given for the Clock Tower Attack, 11th Jan 2014 (numerically 111), it was incorrect, but did happen to be the date that all the European leaders congregated in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attack, to have their PR march against terrorism and censorship. Obama was absent).

Personally, I consider this plan of the New World Order to contain too many moving parts, too many critical areas of uncertainty, and that the New World Order will certainly get an upset as bad as their worst nightmares. Either way, a bloodbath is coming, and smart people who live in the middle-east area should start making plans, NOW! This war will be so massive and all encompassing, that you will need to be spiritually prepared. I pray for you all; of all three Abrahamic creeds, but of course as a Christian, the true protection comes through Jesus Christ. I created this blog out of a true love for you all, and a need to blow a warning trumpet. Please wake up to the bigger enemy, the one who hates God and Abraham, and who literally worships Satan, and warn your neighbors of this coming cataclysm.

Technical & Astrological Analysis of 18th March 2015

11th September 2001 Terror Attacks Astrological Planetary HoursABOVE: Planetary hour analysis of 11th September 2001 attacks. Notice that on a Wednesday, just before sunset, when we expect this attack to occur, it is in the planetary hour of Mars. Although I previously stated that a Tuesday was the probable day, because 3/3/2015 was Tuesday, and was a pentagram mirror to Tuesday 11th Sept 2001, and both Venus Transits occurred on a Tuesday, I have more information now on the Thelemic rite of the Mass of the Phoenix, which seems to suggest that a Wednesday is more propitious. Netanyahu’s speech fulfilled the pentagram mirror, but the last Venus Transit actually started on a Tuesday in GMT, and ended on the Wednesday.WTC7 on 9/11, also was the last of the 7-towers to fall, and it fell at 5:20pm in NYC on a Tuesday, meaning that when it fell, it had just become a Wednesday in Mecca. This could have been a deliberate delay, in order to cause an astrological synchronicity with the second planned date on 18th March 2015.

The placement of the Mars planetary hour at sunset on Wednesdays, is highly suggestive that this may be an equally important invocation of Mars, whilst also invoking Mercury, which was the Ascendant trigger for the first AA-11 plane strike on 9/11, as explained in this previous post. Mercury is key to the Mass of the Phoenix, because this is the planetary correspondence of the Magus himself, and as shown below, Mercury is in ‘detriment’, and in ‘fall’ at this time, which is usually a bad thing for a planet, but since the Mass of the Phoenix ritual is actually based around the ‘self-sacrifice’ of the Thelemic Magickian, this is a perfect correspondence for this second attack. Complementing this, is the fact that Mercury is in ‘accidental dignity’ when in the 6th House (ie, below the descendent), and because accidental dignity is a sign of ‘power’ (as seen with Mars also), this is a very positive correspondence for this ritual.

18th March 2015 Mecca Clock Tower Attack 5-55-55pm Mecca Time Astrological Charts etcABOVE: Mars and Venus are both ruling in their correct tropical signs, but Mars is in control of their mutually shared house (#8) giving it an accidental dignity (control). The 8th House is known as Mors, and represents death, rebirth, and sexual relationships, so there is simply no other house that would better represent a Mars+Venus mutual ruling, whilst performing the Thelemite Mass of the Phoenix;

To quote wikipedia quickly regarding this astrological house;

House: 8th
Related Sign: Scorpio [the other sign Mars rules other than Aries]
Latin motto: Mors
Translation: Death
Modern title: House of Reincarnation
Interpretation: Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person’s resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.

Mars also just happens to be in the third decan of Aries, which is Horus (Kircher), and/or Eros (Cosmas), both concepts highly connected to Thelemic cosmology (Eros = Love, which is a word abused so much in Thelema that it brings one close to vomit).

Of importance, is that Neptune (which is the modern ruler of Pisces; shown in bottom left Modern Rulership Report), is in almost perfect conjunction with Mercury. In fact, before the planetary hour of Mars, which is Jupiter, at 5:07pm, Mercury and Neptune are perfectly on the descendent in the West, just as Mercury was on the ascendant in the East at AA-11 strike on 9/11, and the Point of Fortune is aligned perfectly with Jupiter in the 1st House ruled by Leo (alchemical fire). This could be when the tower/s are bombed/struck, and then by 5:55:55pm, they would fall before sunset, fulfilling the Mass of the Phoenix in so many different ways.

This would mean the tower/s would burn upright for about 50 minutes before falling. In order to fulfill the ritual aspects for this second set of 7-towers however, it should be remembered that ALL 7-towers must be destroyed, not just the central tower. I have no idea how this could practically be explained, unless ISIS have more than one scud missile, such as the one they were parading around in Syria in 2014 for photo ops (just to let us all know they have one; a convenient cover story). If the central tower were to fully collapse however, it is so heavy and massive all by itself, that it could plausibly be explained that the kinetic energy alone, would weaken the core structure of the flanking towers sufficiently. Obviously however, these towers will be internally assisted in some way in these demolitions, just as the towers on 9/11 were (they exploded outwards and pancaked … don’t ask me how … thermite? … mini-nukes? … some other secret tech? In the end, it is not that relevant how they fell, just that it wasn’t jet fuel and simple structural weakness that did it).

© 2015, Steven Michael Kelly. If you would like to quote this article, please feel free, however if you would like to use images or sizable sections of it, please contact me for permission, and provide some context for your interest in it. Images may be copyright where stated, or under a Creative Commons Share-alike license where stated.

16 comments on “18/3/2015: Phoenix Rising On Jerusalem, But The Mecca Clock Tower Is First

      • It will take some time to go through the links you provided but I’m looking forward to doing so.
        The date issue comes from when the Jewish calendar day starts and when ours starts.
        I went to the Guidestones looking for clues and found a lot more than even I bargained for. The pattern of 911/411 became obvious when looking at major headline events around the world and the GGS fit the 411 pattern so I made sure I went before I turned 39 as to follow the (11) path to see where it lead. I had already met JAM 1y 1m 9d before at my sister’s 30th birthday party but she was married at the time and she was not even a thought for a relationship of any kind.
        The day I arrived at the GGS with my buddy Adam we met Will Ellis and everything became more real.

        I wish I knew the date Jen and I were reintroduced but at the time all the date stuff wasn’t as significant so I didn’t take note of it. I was proving some points for different reasons and I was actually homeless for just over a year when we were reunited (just without a home…I still worked and lived a normal life and only a few people knew about it after about a year of doing so).
        She was going through a divorce and my sister thought we could each use a roommate. Jen had her views and I had mine but as we talked and got to know each other it all fell into place. Since I was now connected to the Guidestones and responsible for the return of the original Cube I asked her what she though about getting married there. Of course I had to ask her first, which was on Good Friday 2014 & she had to say yes first. I explained what they were and why and she thought it would be great. We sat on the couch and looked at dates that were not related to our birthdays or past anniversaries or any thing of significance except that it had to be on a weekend and follow the 911/411 pattern somehow.
        August was the month that made the nose sense and the 16th was the only weekend that worked for the 22…4/11 total.
        We actually did very little planning but everything just kept falling into place a and boom, the next thing I know I had the idea of the Cube being put there and the rest is His Story.
        All of the details that go into this are impossible to have been planned even if I knew Mart Clamp or anyone he knew that might have known someone I knew or any other possible configuration of knowing someone is possible…
        I would have had to know Charlie Clamp and told him to have a Child on 8/16 and to make sure he helped build the Guidestones and make sure it was in 1969 so his birthday would represent the speed of the Cube planet Saturn and equal 40 and then wait 49 days to reject the Cube, and knew Will Ellis before I met him to tell him to take the cube and then return so I could meet him there and the known about JAM to tell my sis to have her 30th (XXX) birthday party on a certain day to allow me & JAM to know each other 3y2m2d before getting married (again, she was married when I met her) and then have the only day the 4×4 thing possible to actually have to 44’s (who are both 7’s in birthdates btw) and and and and …..it’s impossible for it to be anything other than the handy work of the Creator who I give all the glory and I thank Him for giving me the eyes to see it all. Jesus is the Cornerstone that I put up for the world to see…it’s all because of Him.

      • Well, I would be lying if I said that your story is not fascinating, and I would venture to guess that TPTB who created the GGS, would be just as fascinated with your story if in fact they didn’t have a hand in the exercise (without your knowing). Did THEY smash the cornerstone on the Jewish New Year by accident? Even if your act was in fact an automatic event, I would suggest that theirs sure was not. The 40 day gap is just unbelievable IMO.

        If you would like me to send you some specific information or to have a chat in more detail, go to my contact page (above menu bar) and send your email address to me (it’s private), and I will send you some interesting summary information about the stones that you may not have come across.

    • Turns out that MM and JAM knew each other exactly 3 years 2 months 2 days when we got married at the 3/22 GGS.
      Get this….4×4 (the logo)
      X & + are the same sign just tilted and X is the 24th (2+4=6) letter

      J.A.M…10.1.13….114 (11×4=44)
      Two “44”s got married at the 3/22 X after knowing each other exactly 322 ymd.
      22 is 11×2 and 2+2=4….4 & 11
      8/16/14 only happens every 100 years but 8/16/14 equaling a 22 only happened 2x in par history; 900 years ago 8/16/1114 and 1800 years ago on 8/16/214. The next time won’t be for another 9000 years 8/16/11,014. The 1st American 4×4 was built in 1911 and to the Cube placement was 103 years…103…13…M…4.

      The Cube was rejected buy a builder 40 days after it was placed and destroyed on Sept 25th which is Elul 29…the Shemitah day the 911 revoked around. ACTS 4:11 “The Cornerstone, who is Jesus Christ, who the builders rejected.” Mart Clamp help build the guidestones with his dad Charlie who died on Friday 13th in Feb this year. Mart Clamps birthday happens to be 8/16…the same date on the Cube and of 1969. 8+1+6+1+9+6+9=40 and the Cube was there exactly 40 days. 40 days of the Flood, 40 days Jesus in the Garden before crucifixion, plus several other 40’s in the Bible.

      The 1st Jewish Temple was destroyed on the 9th of AV and several hundred years later the 2nd Temple was destroyed on the 9th of AV. The other date on the 8/16/20/14 Cube is 8/14/20/16 which happens to be the evening of the 9th of AV. It also happens to be the this coming 9th of AV will be the 44th President’s 6 year 6 month 6 day since the ObamNation was set up.

      • Numerology and occult currents are highly subjective, so I’m not sure that your particular applications above are ‘logical’; but who am I to judge intent? I can only go on what I personally believe to be the ‘logical’ objectives of those who set up such rituals, in a world with 1000’s of different occult currents. Crowley’s Thelema, is in fact the specific current that has been mixed with Freemasonry and used in the Georgia Guidestones, as I conclusively proved here;
        ##### https://aamichael666.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/77-georgia-guidestones-thelemic-pentagram-calendar-connectio-to-aleister-crowley-and-new-world-order.png #####
        The 77’s, and the specific calendar anchor year of 1904, allow a positive identification of Thelema (Satanism, as I’m sure you are aware). The Flight 93 National Memorial where 44 died (allegedly), also testifies to this same occult signature … not to mention AA-77 … and AA-11 & UA-175 (11+175 = 186 = 93 + 93) … creating a 93 93/93 between the Flight 93 Crescent and the Twin Towers, which are on a Masonic Square with the Kremlin in Moscow as my recent 7/7 Post and presentation expose.

        Sept 25th 2014 was Tishri 1 and not Elul 29, I have an official Arthur Spier Jewish calendar that I consult, but I understand that ‘sighted’ lunar calendars (Islamic and Jewish) differ by one or two days etc… see also: ### https://www.hebcal.com/converter/?gd=25&gm=9&gy=2014&g2h=1 ###

        Things I found interesting in your comment:
        – The other date on the 8/16/20/14 Cube is 8/14/20/16 which happens to be the evening of the 9th of AV. [very interesting, have you seen my content on the London 2012 Opening Ceremony on 9th Av?]
        – It also happens to be the this coming 9th of AV will be the 44th President’s 6 year 6 month 6 day since the ObamNation was set up.
        … I find this very interesting and thanks for posting it, but August 14th in 2016 is in fact the 10th of Av (from Arthur Spier calendar that most Ashkenazim use), see also: ### https://www.hebcal.com/converter/?gd=14&gm=8&gy=2016&g2h=1 ### Timezone manipulation will of course lead to different dates and times in Jerusalem for EC USA events, but these are only 7 hours off, which for daytime events on the EC will not wind back dates and times, but actually count forward, making your Av 9th date incorrect.

        44 is specifically the special number of Horus in Thelema (see ### http://davidcherubim.net/documents/gematria.htm ###), and relates to the ‘Mass of the Phoenix’, such as that performed at London 2012. Make sure you watch my 17min animated GIF presentation: ### https://aamichael666.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/the-other-ground-zero-and-the-mecca-clock-tower-attack-77-2015.gif ###

        Regarding your below question >>> “What would it take for you to believe I am (MM) a Christian and that I never met Mart Clamp?”
        – I have no reason to doubt that you are Mike Massanelli.
        – I have no need to believe that you are or are not a Christian, because we all answer to God at the end of the day, and I guess this would be exclusively between you both, regardless of what I believe.
        – It is quite possible that you never met Mart Clamp, my point is that your exclusive act of placing a cube in that slot on a particular date with specific inscriptions, may have been contrived by a third party (making your above statement true, but through a fiction of misdirection?), using any one of the following two methods;
        A) A third party who also was able to direct Mart Clamp, put you up to this ‘Chymical Wedding’ at the NWO God-rejecting ‘Ten Commandments’ of R.C.Christian, so it (Christian marriage contract cornerstone) could be smashed 40 days later on the Jewish New Year.
        B) You could in fact have been programmed when in the military, to become a Manchurian actor, unbeknownst to your conscious self. This would in fact not make you a liar, but a victim. [this is actually my favored explanation given the many YouTube videos, especially by ProfessorDoom that I have seen].

        I have been studying occult ritual (especially Thelema), for many years. If it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s a duck. Applying logical analysis to these things is highly subjective as I have said, but I find the particular circumstances of your Cube and the cornerstone rejection ritual to be too mechanical to be coincidence or ‘synchronicity of the universe’ etc…

        Do you have any ‘missing time’ in your memories from military life Mike? This of course would not be your fault, and would not change the fact that you could legitimately be a Christian that is being manipulated subconsciously.

        If you have ever read JVA’s original Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz, you would be familiar with the ‘wedding’ ceremony, where the THREE couples are actually decapitated (Islam, Christianity, Judaism). The Islamic character is described as a ‘Moor’, making the other two identifiable as the remainder of the three Abrahamic faiths: who fought/fight against usury and Mammon enslavement. Similarly, your 666 Cube represents;
        1) The Islamic Kaaba (House of Abraham to the Muslims).
        2) The Christian Marriage Contract (You were married on a Sabbath).
        3) The Jewish Temple cornerstone (to those Jews who don’t recognize their King).
        … All three were rejected in one ritual using a 6x6x6 cube, in the North-East (Masonic) corner above the Roman Script, and below the Babylonian Cuneiform (Babylon rides the Beast! … central to Thelema and the Book of Revelation).
        This last Jewish Temple meaning is interesting, as you said that the alternative date is Av 9th (actually Av 10th, but technically related to the completion of the ‘9 days’ of Jewish Mourning beginning on Av 1st) … related to the destruction of the two Jewish Temples.

        Also, the original cube was taken on 6/6/2009 by Jeremy Ellis, because his ‘mother died on 6/6/2008’ (as he explains here: ### https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF0cpBBNAkU ###), which was the Venus Transit Pentagram Pivot as I explain here ### https://aamichael666.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/666-3rd-march-2015-hamans-curse-arab-jewish-war-mecca-clock-tower-terrorist-attack-venus-and-mercury-mirror.png ###, which also relates to the 66-77-66-77… conjunction cycles of the Venus Pentagrams, which the 7/7/2005 London bombings seem to have been timed to coincide with as seen here ### https://aamichael666.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/venus-solar-transit-pentagrams-77-london-bombings-and-mecca-clock-tower.png ###.

        All I can say for sure, is that the Kaaba and Mecca Clock Tower are going to be destroyed within the current 6-6-6 Lunar Eclipse Tetrad, and probably before this coming Jewish New Year, because your Cube which was smashed on the last Jewish New Year MARKED the year in which it has been planned to occur in. I have analyzed many dates thus far using numerological and astrological logic (subjective), and have either failed to see something, or it has been cancelled by TPTB for outside reasons. My next suggestion would be that it is August 11th 2015, for various reasons I will publish in a future post.

        Mike, if you are a Manchurian, then I hope you break the spell, and if you were put up to this ritual and are being deliberately elusive, then as I have said, we all stand before God at the judgement. If you were put up to it consciously, you still have some time left to repent and to expose publicly the people who put you up to it.

        ONLY Jesus saves!

  1. Just found your site two days ago and I thank you for your work. I think the ritual that was done at the GA guidestones was representing the hermetic alchemical marriage- and it may be symbolic of the LHC smashing particles. The scientists, or the alchemists we should call them, are looking for the materia prima to fulfill the great work. They are trying to pull heaven down to earth. They will break through the dimensions and unleash Apollyon from the pit.

    I just read this from the late William Cooper, he said this of hermetic marriage:

    Marriage, folks, is therefore the hermetic symbol of the ultimate
    reunion of the two halves of each individual’s nature, when, after
    repeated appearances and associations, equilibrium between these
    masculine and feminine qualities is established.

    You see, the wedding ring was accordingly symbolic of the golden ring of
    the spirit fire which connected the spiritual and material natures of
    every individual. And these beliefs, and these marriages, and this ring
    existed long before Christianity was ever the remotest thought in any
    human mind upon this earth.

    Ultimately, the present methods of reproduction will be abolished–they
    say–and both halves of the spirit fire will again be turned into the
    brain. One of them now finds its polarity in the pituitary body, and
    the other in the pineal gland. These two tiny ductless bodies, while an
    enigma to modern science, were recognized by the ancients as organs of
    great significance.

    The ancient wisdom teaches that the pineal gland was the original organ
    of vision, namely the third eye, called in the Sanskrit, “dangma” or
    “the eye of Shiva”. It is the all-seeing eye of the Freemasons, and the
    meaning of the word “Buddha”. And uniting its spark with the pituitary
    body, this gland fuses the broken circle, and thus consummates the
    hermetic marriage whereby, through an immaculate conception in the
    brain, the great light, the shining one, Lucifer, is born as a luminous
    spark in the third ventricle which is the master mason’s chamber in the
    ancient and accepted rite.

    Today, students of the ancient wisdom are seeking to prepare themselves
    for this peculiar work. The hermetic marriage is, therefore, an
    individual matter involving the attainment of individual completeness,
    requiring of the aspirant a sincere effort to be balanced, sane, and
    consistent in everything he does.

    In the alchemical retorts and vials, we recognize the bodies’ glands and
    organs of man; and in the chemicals, the essences and forces coursing
    through the body. With these, the individual consciousness must labor
    until it is capable of combining them according to the perfect formula.

    • You are correct about the alchemical aspects of this ritual. The fact that the 6x6x6 Cube cornerstone was placed in the slot 216 days (6x6x6) before the Vernal Eq Eclipse on 20th March 2015, and that it was specifically a ‘Wedding Gift’ between MM and JAM (Mike Massanelli and Jennifer Anne Massanelli), at the shrine of R.C.Christian (Rosicrucian), is just obvious to anyone who has seriously studied alchemical mysticism and also associated Masonic side degrees. Then it just happens to be smashed 40 days later on the Jewish New Year by an operative mason on his left knee, and Mike and Jennifer act as if this was all a coincidence and not choreographed etc… yawn. It’s just so frustrating when these groups mock the general public in this way by shrouding their rituals in ‘blinds’. The fact that MM and JAM are pretending to be Christians is the most frustrating and devious aspect about it all. It is possible that this man however could be a ‘Manchurian’, and could very much believe his own actions were independent of any outside agenda. Who knows, but it was definitely a ritual that was as you say, alchemical; prima materia etc…

      If you have not read my article on 77 and the Georgia Guidestones, and their definite relationship to Thelema (Aleister Crowley – satanism), then I would highly recommend it. http://aamichael666.com/2015/01/24/77-the-inverse-pentagram-thelemic-calendar-ritual-gematria-flight-77-on-9-11/
      A YouTuber called Professor Doom did some very interesting interviews with Mike and the original guy who stole the original cornerstone, and it was revealed that Mike had connections by his time in the Marines with a certain ‘agency’, and that at one time he dabbled with satanism. It has Manchurian written all over it.

      Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to write a substantial and relevant comment. William Cooper had some very interesting things to say, that’s for sure, but his articulation could have been much better. Adding clarity to monumental conspiracy by highlighting solid substantial proofs can be so difficult and time consuming, that I’m not surprised that his work was mostly just hard core mind dumps. I have to avoid this same tendency, however it is hard because occultism is so subjective and technical, especially Thelema. I didn’t like the way Cooper came across sometimes, far too aggressive in a vitriolic way, which I have learnt is just not a way to sell the truth. The story of Jesus in Gethsemane telling the disciple to put away his sword after he cut one of their ears off is poignant.

  2. Did a little investigating and found that the CERN LHC has created the spirals: the Norway and the Perth, in ’09 and ’12. They are trying to open a portal into another dimension so Apollyon can be loosed. This will happen over Passover 2015, I believe.

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  5. The Kaaba has already fallen. It is a place of very subtle Idol worship. Or worse. Demon worship. That means it has fallen. The day the temple of Solomon (the pillars and the clock tower were erected. Now we wait for Nimrod’s return. Oh I mean Horus, Lucifer, the one eyed king.

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