77:Inverse Pentagram, Thelemic Calendar, Gematria, Guidestones, AA-77

Washington DC Inverse Pentagram Drudenfuss With 77 Point And Australian EmbassyABOVE: Important occult aspects of the Washington D.C inverse pentagram, lying on the 77th degree of longitude (77.04 W). The all important ’77 Point’ is indicated, and is the key to understanding the true meaning of this device.

In the late 1700’s during the explosion of Masonic, occult, and subversive esoteric movements such as the Bavarian Illuminati, one of the most important expressions of occult ideology surfaced in the very center of what would become the worlds next Imperial pivot; Washington DC. First appearing in the commissioned city plan of Pierre Charles L’Enfant, it became a central feature of the executed plan, even though L’Enfant was excused from his role due to conflicts with other parties. The inclusion of this geometric device into the street plan was not for purely aesthetic purposes – in fact it is quite impractical for a road system nested in rectangular city blocks – and although L’Enfant was publicly only a first degree Freemason – having been initiated in New York City – the influence of other unnamed Masons and occultists was definitely behind its inclusion. The reason for its importance, is that it sits at the center of a Gnostic ideology which to this very day holds great influence over the Anglo-American Imperial Elite; a fingerprint that can be seen in further ritual uses of the number 77 such as;

1) Flight AA-77 on 11th September 2001, which impacted the Pentagon.

2) Flight Venus-77, one of four Boeing 747-E4B Flying Command Centers, which took to the air over central Wash D.C just after AA-77 had smashed into the Pentagon on 11th September 2001.

3) 77 has numerological significance central to A∴A∴ aka Thelema, Aleister Crowley’s Satanic cult system, where it represents a core ideology revolving around ‘Sex Magick’ [sic], which was the system used in the 11th September 2001 mega ritual (as will be exposed on this blog).

4) The Georgia Guidestones, New World Order 10 Commandments for the New Age, was unveiled on 22nd March 1980 (322 numerically) just two days after the Vernal Equinox 1980, which was the beginning of the 77th Thelemic Year since Aleister Crowley declared the beginning of the Aeon of Horus in 1904.

5) CVN-77, the last commissioned Nimitz-class Supercarrier of the United States Navy, christened the USS George H. W. Bush, after the patriarch of the most subversive and un-American political dynasty in the history of the United States. George H. W. Bush, as well as George W. Bush (Jr), are also patrons of American Legion Post 77 in Houston Texas, just to add synchronicity. As will be explained, this has a specific occult significance, and relates directly to Aleister Crowley’s system of Thelema.

6) 7/7 London Bombings (2005), a false-flag terror attack perpetrated by British Intelligence on a very important date, in a very specific year (this is important!), which we will explore using the Pentagram Tarot Trump Calendar hinted at by Aleister Crowley, and used in Thelema for dating purposes.

7) The coming attack on the 7-Towers of the Mecca Clock Tower Complex (Abraj Al-Bait), which will be the sister event to the 11th Sept 2001 destruction of the 7 numbered World Trade Centers in NYC. These two monumental events will seal an esoteric 77 (7-Towers + 7-Towers), marking the completion of the first ‘full pentagram’ (111 years) of Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, declared in 1904.

These seven main topics and more will be thoroughly explored in this post.

Sun Symbol--Thelema and Bavarian IlluminatiAstrological and Magical Symbol of the Sun

When the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati – who were initially called the ‘Perfectibilists’ – came to prominence late in the 1700’s, Freemasonry was targeted for infiltration. The Illuminists who were followers of Adam Weishaupt, were instructed to sign all official Order documents using the symbol of the sun; a circle with a point in the middle. Though this might seem a trivial aspect of illuminism, it is important to a latter day theology known as Thelema, the Satanic cult externalized by Aleister Crowley. The word ‘externalized’ is here used, because it is the authors informed opinion that a pre-existing undercurrent in the British Aristocracy, since the days of the Hellfire Club and perhaps before, surfaced through Aleister Crowley who purposely acted as a conduit for its transmission to the outside world. This was a ‘coming out party’ of sorts, referred to as the ‘Aeon of Horus the Child‘ by Crowley.

Much of Thelema (termed by Crowley as ‘Scientific Illuminism’) is original to Crowley, but the core philosophy of his Sex Magick belief is contained in this simple symbol of the sun, and predates him. Perhaps his handlers represent an unbroken continuation from the Bavarian Illuminati?

It is an extremely simple concept;

1) The Outer Circle: The boundless infinity of physical Space (x,y,z), which can only be measured if a point of origin is assumed. This boundless space is identified as a Female aspect, a womb of sorts. Crowley identified this aspect as Nuit, a name referring to the woman representing the black/dark blue sky at night or evening, which contains the stars within herself; the Queen of Heaven concept. Another name for the concept of Nuit is Laylah, which simply means night/darkness in Hebrew.

2) The Inner Point: The center of being. Every object in existence must have a center of being. Whereas Nuit is ‘everywhere but essentially nothingness’, this point represents a ‘something’, but because Nuit is infinite is size, then this point in an overall cosmological sense is ‘everything but nowhere in particular’. At first this sounds ridiculous, but it does in fact have a logical basis in philosophy. Crowley called this point Had/Hadit, and likened it to a Male aspect; the seed of impregnation, and the light penetrating the darkness.

With a very simple cosmology such as this, which relates to the Female and Male aspects of creation and existence, it was a short step to devise a Sex Magick Cult which involved rituals utilizing physical Sperm and analogues for the Ovum. In fact there is a great truth in the use of the totally passive Ovum of the female, and the totally active Sperm of the male, to describe how the universe works, and how God’s creation has come to be. However, in Crowley’s cult, this concept was to be perverted into spermo-gnostic practices, resembling the 1st century Borborites, and finally into ritual sodomy and coprophagous practices of almost unthinkable Satanic depths. The latter subjects will be left to the individual reader to research by themselves if they dare, but do not think these are practices at all unacceptable to the aristocracy (comical toe sucking ‘scandals’ are not the worst of it, as the media would have us all believe). The Heart of Darkness is extremely deep, deeper in fact than even Charles Marlow would care to venture, but never too deep for a Thelemite; a bottomless latrine in fact.

With the female aspect being referred to as the Hebrew word Lay-lah (Lahmed-Yoad-Lahmed-Hay; LYLH, as there are no vowels in written Hebrew) or Darkness, the male aspect known as Had/Hadit is a cognate to the Hebrew word Hay-lale’ (Hay-Yoad-Lahmed-Lahmed; HYLL), which in Latin became our word Lucifer, meaning ‘light bearer’. Hebrew is vital to Crowley’s system of Thelema, because he based his system heavily on Jewish Kabbalah, as did the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was the root stem of many of the leading occult and practical magic movements that emanated from the British Isles during the 20th Century. These movements sit at the true core of what we now call the New Age Movement, which has stuck to the skin of humanity like burning napalm.

77 In Luciferian And Thelemic Gematria---Lucifer and LaylahABOVE: The core reason the number 77 is important to the occult movements we are exploring, is primarily because of its relationship to the words Laylah and Haylal; Lucifer.

These two words in their written form contain the same four consonant sounds, and these four consonants have a total gematria sum of 75. Both words require the addition of two ‘A’ vowel sounds in order to make them audible, and because the Aleph in Hebrew gematria has a value of 1, the addition of two A’s transforms each of these words to a total gematria of 77. This is a key concept, because the core system of Thelema is known as the A∴A∴ the so called Argentium Astrum (Latin for Silver Star, however as Jim Eshelman, a leading O.T.O member suggests, the Greek Astron Argon also loosely means Silver Star, and is esoterically the most correct).

“Sirius commonly is held to be the physical expression of that “Silver Star” after which the Order is named.”

– James A. Eshelman. The Mystical and Magical System of the A∴A∴ : The Spiritual System of Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones Step-by-Step. Los Angeles: The College of Thelema, Dec 1993 (1st hardcover edition 2000), p. 24

We have here a Sex Magick cult revolving around Light (Lucifer/Had/Hadit) and Darkness (Laylah/Nuit). The male is the center-point/seed of activity and motion, a star or sun, and the female is the outer circumference or vessel, the void of dark space which encapsulates it. Hadit, the male, is referred to as the Sun, the bearer of light, and ruler of the daytime, whereas the Moon is a mirror which reflects the light of the Sun whilst ruling the night, and is thus a cognate for the female, together with her stars, such as Sirius, suspended in her womb. The interaction of the two bring about the Child principle, which is referred to as Horus, the child of ‘true will’ or Thelema in Greek (represented by the number 93; another number of importance to the 11th September 2001 ritual; Flight UA93).

Crowley interchangeably used Greek, Latin, Hebrew, English, or combinations of either to derive numerological gematria/isopsephic significance to suit his needs. Using such a broad method allows almost any so called ‘truth’ to be found in number games involving words and concepts. We should understand that no matter how infantile such concepts may seem, very important and influential people have subscribed to such subjective pass times, and what is important here is that occultists believe in these methods, not that we ‘mere uninitiated’ believe such things are at all significant for any logical reason. Crowley makes himself quite clear in the following prayer/incantation;

Thou spiritual Sun! Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust! Cry aloud! Cry aloud! Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O Satan, O Sun! Thou, the Saviour! Silence! Give me Thy Secret! Give me suck, Thou Phallus, Thou Sun! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Satan, thou Eye, thou Lust! Thou self-caused, self-determined, exalted, Most High!

– Aleister Crowley, Liber Samekh.

Ramblings of a crazy person? If only that was the end of it, however his followers, offshoot esoteric currents, and continuing precursor occult organizations, are legion. Of interest, is that some followers of Thelema to this day still deny Crowley to have been a ‘Satanist’, usually mocking an inquirer by proclaiming that they do not truly understand what the term ‘Satanist’ actually implies, and/or that not every word of Crowley’s should be taken literally (even though Crowley complained that the Holy Bible was full of contradiction!). Cognitive dissonance runs deep with some of these believers.

Seal of the AA

Aleister Crowley’s Seal of the A∴A∴

The use of the number 77 is thus core to Crowley’s cult beliefs. The above primary seal of the A∴A∴ which he designed personally, proves without a doubt the importance of 77 and 7’s, being the only number used to flank a vesica piscis symbol suspended inside the 7 pointed Star of BABALON. Crowley even changed the spelling of Babylon to include two A’s, which are key to unlocking the true meaning of many of Thelema’s not so subtle ‘secrets’; Haylal/Lucifer together with Laylah/Darkness are the important cognates required to get the proper drift of ‘scientific illuminism’, and why two A’s are a key to something hidden which these believers find significant; word games.

The Whore of Babylon, also called Babylon the Great, described in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible, is descriptive of the Queen of Heaven in her representation as a filthy City full of harlotry (a corrupted central social and religious system). Aleister Crowley could easily have been the Lord Mayor of this city, and his followers called Thelemites would make great Aldermen. The Queen of Heaven was known in Egypt as Isis, and in Babylon was known as Ishtar, however many other names exist from different pagan currents. Her most important role was as the patron of prostitutes, and as such she symbolizes the exact opposite of a Virgin. The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius (Canis Major), known as the Dog Star, or the Red Star, and it is no coincidence that the Egyptians considered Isis to be enthroned in/on this important star.

Sirius is a star, just as our Sol (Sun) is a star, and as such represents from our point of view the clearest representation of Haylal/Lucifer/Hadit (light/star/center) enthroned in the womb of his wife and mother Darkness/Laylah/Nuit (space/circumference/night sky). NOTE: Wife=Sister=Mother=Daughter, and Husband=Brother=Father=Son is not considered to be confusing in cosmological senses, just as the Ancient Egyptians also found this to be quite normal, and of course the Ptolemy’s then took it to the literal extreme. Together the male and female signify the union of opposites, everything-and-nothing, centre-and-circumference, and express in essence a ‘something’ which is a state of embrace; a cosmic dance. The product of this union is referred to as Thelema – True Will – and as discussed, this concept predates Crowley. Let us now explore why the number 77 is so connected to the planet Venus which is the brightest planet, in addition to Sirius the brightest ‘fixed’ star.

Venus Transit Pentagrams, and their PentAlphic Conjunction Orbital Harmonics

Venus-Solar Transit Pentagrams 77 London Bombings and Mecca Clock TowerABOVE: Venus-Transit Pentagrams on a repeat cycle of 66776677… conjunction cycles, also the correlation of the 7/7 London Bombings in the last 77th conjunction cycle, and also Aleister Crowley’s birth in the 66th conjunction cycle at the beginning of the previous pentagram in 1874. Study this diagram closely, and do further research into these strange rep-digit dynamics.

The reason for highlighting the conception and birth of Aleister Crowley at the very beginning of the 1874-1882 Transit Pentagram, is to bring to light the fact that to Crowley’s followers in high level Satanism, Occultism, and Freemasonry, such synchronicity will be very significant. As will be seen, the pentagrams and numerological rep-digit dynamics of Earth-Venus orbital harmonics, are especially attractive number ‘keys’ for use in occult ritual; this predates Crowley, as the Washington D.C pentagram clearly illuminates. In fact, it would be an ignorant person who did not find these numbers and pentagram harmonics between Earth and Venus to be the signature of a higher intelligence. In this author’s opinion, such matters are highly valuable for the study of God, because NOTHING in this universe at this level is random, and the closer we examine the Solar System we are located in, the more we will realize there is a grand design in time, space, and structure.

One of the main purposes of this blog in future will be to explore these physical signatures of God where numbers and geometry leave distinctive marks (such as here and here), but for now we will concentrate on the occult interpretation of such things, as it will be important to the occurrence of the coming Mecca Clock Tower Attack we have been exploring in past posts. Notice that the Mecca Clock Tower was constructed and finished exactly within this last Venus Transit Pentagram, which will be very important to its ultimate ritual purpose.

Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic Tarot Trump Pentagram Calendar

Thelemic Calendar Tarot Trump Numbering---Crowleys 111 Baphomet Pentagram CalendarABOVE: Crowley’s year notation for the Thelemic Calendar years since his 1904 declaration of the Aeon of Horus, are represented using 22 Tarot Trump Card Cycles (known as the Major Arcana), representing 22 years per main card, and a secondary card for each component year, meaning that a Pentagram can be completed after the 111th Year is reached.

IMPORTANT: We are currently in the 111th Thelemic Year (Vern. Eq. 2014 to Vern. Eq. 2015).

Thelemic Calendar Tarot Trump Numbering---First Two PentagramsABOVE: Thelemic Years & their Common Era correspondences, including their 22 Year Trump and Single Year Trump correspondences.

A full 2420 Thelemic year cycle two page PDF available here. 2420 years is 22 x 22 x 5, when the Double Fool – or A,A – returns to the same node in a cyclical pentagram, and when 22 full pentagrams have been completed, beginning the 111th which is the next cycle.

Of great interest in this 111 year cycle pentagram system (110 years with the 111th being the first of the new cycle), is that the London Bombings of 7th July in the year 2005 fall EXACTLY on the same point where the Washington D.C Pentagram missing link begins. This has been coined by the author as the ’77 Point’, because it represents a double sabbatical point as highlighted in the following diagram.

Washington DC Inverse Pentagram Drudenfuss With 77 Point And Australian Embassy--ZoomedABOVE: Starting on the west most vertex of the pentagram, labelled as the ‘Zero Point‘, if we initially travel east – ‘towards the light’ – we can number each intersection point or vertex in sequential order. The 7th point brings us for the first time to the ‘77 Point‘ on M Street, where the 13th Block (North-South) begins, and if we continue our sequential count, the 14th point will bring us back to the ‘77 Point‘ for the second time.

A good analogy is to use the concept of the seven days of the week, which is common to many different cultures, especially Western and Near-Eastern cultures. The end of Saturday – the Seventh Day or Jewish Sabbath – represents the start of a new weekly cycle, starting again with the day of the Sun on Sunday. As the first 7 day cycle represents the 7 Biblical days of creation, with the last being the Lords ‘day of rest’, this point would represent the ‘Fall of Man’, where Mankind was ejected from the heavenly garden and into a new cycle of labour and toil. The end of the second set of seven (two full symbolic ‘weeks’) brings us back to the very same point, and represents the end of the 1000 year Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, prophesied in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible. It is said that at the end of this 1000 years, that New Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven, and that the previously chained Dragon is released for another short season on the Earth, and that the Final Judgment and Second Death will occur. All of those who have previously been found worthy of the Kingdom of God will be spared this Final Judgment, and also spared from the Second Death – a consummation of matter and spirit by fire – and then the worthy are granted a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’.

Saturday in occult thought is ruled by Saturn, the deity of Chaos, Death and Time, the reaper of the 13th Tarot Card, and it should be noted that the year of this crossing point where the 7/7/2005 London Bombings occurred, is also represented in the Pentagram Tarot Calendar by two trump cards 1) The Emperor 2) Death. This is then a full synchronism between 1) time/calendar, 2) geometry, and 3) street name; M Street is appropriate because M is the 13th English letter, and the original title of card #13 Death was written in French, and was entitled Morte’. 13 is a number with superstitions attached to it for many reasons, sometimes considered lucky and sometimes not, especially in the United States where it is sometimes found that it is skipped in street numbering, or that the 13th numbered floor of a building is missing due to a deliberate act of the architect or person who commissioned it.

RWS and Thoth Decks---Trump 13--Death--Comparison

ABOVE: Comparison of the two most popular versions of the 13th Tarot Trump; Death/Morte.

Tarot is very important in modern occultism, and is usually overlooked by people who have not thoroughly studied occult practice, usually because they mistake it as the domain of kooky crystal ball gazing carnival tent dwellers. Tarot has a deep history in serious occultism since the late 18th Century, most notably since the works of Eliphas Levi, whom Crowley claimed personally to be the reincarnation. Tarot symbolism is actually extremely deep, and in this authors opinion can be traced back to the Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine (a fascinating story for another day). Crowley’s commentary in theBook of Thothwill demonstrate exactly how involved the Crowley-Harris deck actually is, especially when it is combined with a full system of Hermetic Kabbalah and astrology as used ritually in the A∴A∴, the many O.T.O offshoots, and other more covert and probably more important aristocratic Rites which hide from plain view; Crowley’s official organized systems such as the O.T.O were simply for common consumption, and to act as a fishing pond, much like Craft Masonry is a fishing pond for higher degree rites and associated side systems.

Included in the D.C Pentagram diagram above is a light blue triangle that bounds 1) The White House 2) Vernon Square and 3) Scott Circle, which occupies the all important Third Eye Point of the inverted pentagram within which a goats head might fit quite aesthetically. The White House may represent the mouth of the Goat/Baphomet (appropriate for a mouth piece puppet), but this third eye point represents it’s intellectual and occult spiritual center. This triangle is of extreme significance in extending this crypto-glyph to its full British Empire Freemasonic significance, but a full explanation would be too lengthy to enter into here. However an initial explanation can be found in this authors original 77-page booklet Breaking The Jubilee 77, 2014 which can be downloaded freely here (pages 13-to-15, and 42-to-71, are most relevant to this important triangle and its true meaning).

The all important Seal of Solomon which is located at this Third Eye point is called Scott Circle, and contains an equestrian statue of Winfied Scott, the first American General (the second to be a 3-Star – 555 numerically – after George Washington) to take control over the capital and administrative city of another country – Mexico City – in a foreign campaign; a great analogue for Imperial intent. As well as actually having been a Freemason, Winfield Scott’s fathers’ family name was Scott, and his mothers’ family name was Mason, making him a Scott-Mason ancestrally; once again a clear Freemasonic use of synchronicity to esoterically hide occult symbolism in this pentagram crypto-glyph (the prefix of Scott invokes the terminology of ‘Scottish’, and refers to the higher grades of Freemasonry above the Craft third and Master Mason degree).

Of great importance is that the only US Government building or foreign Embassy on this Seal of Solomon is the Australian Embassy, which is a British Commonwealth country under the sovereignty of the Crown which is currently held by the House of Windsor. A foreign embassy is legally considered sovereign territory of that same country, thus the all important position of third eye is held by the Crown, the same Crown that was supposedly replaced by the US Republic in the Revolutionary War, and the same Crown who’s family are sovereigns over all mainline Anglo-American Rites of Freemasonry; at least to people who know the real truth about the House of Windsor and the structure of Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of Scotland (the latter from which the charter for the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel was obtained).

When we compare the position of this Seal of Solomon to the Crowley Tarot Trump Pentagram Calendar shown above, we can see that this crossing point stands exactly for the year 2000 – the New Millennium – and thus the beginning of the last or 7th Day/Sabbath, which is referred to as the 1000 Year Kingdom of God. In the year 2000, Sydney Australia hosted the first Summer Olympic Games of the New Millennium, and as explained in the 77-page booklet linked above, the Olympics has been devised as the globalist ritual extraordinaire, where the world takes part in ceremonies of the Aeon of Horus, resplendent with occult significance, and also United Nations involvement because of the so called concept of ‘peace’ that these drivers of the industrial war machine clothe themselves in like wolves in lambskin. But why is Australia – a country of only 24 million people – so important to the Anglo-American Empire? The 77-page document will need to be read and pondered on to even begin to answer this question sufficiently.

Burning Bush #77: From where does their ‘enlightenment’ flow?

CVN-77 USS George H W Bush--American Legion Post 77 Houston Texas--Treasonous NAZIABOVE: Synchronicity is at play everywhere when you’re such an important person. Especially if you belong to a certain secret society at Yale (Skull and Bones; 322) which is subservient to the British Crown, and subversive against the US Constitution and the American Republic.

No surprises that the number 77 is stamped all over the Bush dynasty, most of whom had to lie in a coffin naked in a ceremonial building known as The Tomb, and do unspeakable things with other frat boys from the upper crust of other despotic dynasties in order to get ahead in life and to be accepted into the skeleton crew; where everyone knows your every dirty secret in a deliberate act of ‘bonding’ (preparation for a life in fraternal communal crime). It is not the authors intention to spend too much time exploring the Bush family. The exploits of this dynasty of Nazi Reich engineers and profiteers are well known to anyone who has even spent a brief amount of time digging into their closet; full of skeletons, because they are all the same under the skin. From Samuel, to Prescott, to George Senior, to George Junior, and to others like Jeb, the allegiance never changes when you are in this deep. So deep that to turn back would mean family oblivion. George Bush Senior said it best when he said;

“Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”

– George H. W. Bush, (1992) in reply to a question from Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years, and the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. McLendon had asked Bush: “What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?”

Iraq-gate and Iran Contra almost seem like trivial matters compared to the truth about the 11th September 2001 false-flag terror attacks, or the real truth behind the Union Banking Corporation. The Satanic ritual undertones of 11th Sept 2001, even down to the preconceived numbering of the flights, and the specific location of the future Shanksville Grove 93 – Exactly 6,666 miles from Mt Arafat, and 93 being the special number of Thelema/Will and one of the most significant numbers to Aleister Crowley along with 77 – reveal the true depths of evil that this family is a part of. For a thorough treatment of where the Bush family fortunes and many other associated fortunes came from, as well as how the US Republic was lost, this video documentary – JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick. (3hrs 27mins) – is well worth the watch. It is probably the best expose of the culture of crime which created and fostered dynasties such as this in the United States.

Guidestones for an ‘Age of Reason’, or for Crowley’s Aeon of Horus?

77 Georgia Guidestones Thelemic Pentagram Calendar Connectio To Aleister Crowley And New World OrderABOVE: The Georgia Guidestones are built on the ‘Double 7 Ranch’ on Highway 77, just north of Elberton in the State of Georgia, but once we analyze them with the Thelemic (Satanic/Luciferian) Calendar we have been exploring, the connection to the number 77 becomes even stronger.

Not only were the stones dedicated just two days after the Vernal Equinox which marked the start of the 77th Thelemic Year (1980), but a very interesting statement was read out by William George Hutton, the then President of the Monument Builders of North America (ref: here; pg 20). This statement appears in the above image, showing that he casually mentioned the future year 3586This year was not mentioned randomly as will be evident! Interestingly, William George Hutton died on 18th September 2000 when he was 77 years old! An auspicious age for a man who dedicated probably the most mysterious and occult monument in the world, and for the 77th Thelemic Year no less. William’s obituary reveals that he was also a Freemason of Masonic Lodge No. 90 AF&AM, of the Moose Lodge in North Topeka, and also a Shriner of Arab Shrine Temple, Topeka, Kansas. Trivially, the two words Georgia Guidestones also begin with two G’s, the letter of Freemasonry which appears between their square and compass symbol, but is also the 7th letter of the alphabet, making another 77 reference.

The year 3586 is represented in Thelemic Tarot notation using two Fortune X (#10) Tarot Trumps, which are not only a double (SNAP!) of the same card used to signify the Single Year marker for 1980, but if the larger Pentagram Cycle (22 x 22 x 5) is considered, the year 3586 occurs at the exact same point as the initial 77th Thelemic Year: the year the Guidestones were dedicated.

Thelemic Pentagram Calendars and Georgia Guidestones and 77 numericABOVE: Demonstrates the Double 77 invocation during the Guidestones dedication, and not a single member of the public had any idea these Satanic stones were directly and definitely connected to Aleister Crowley, one of the most evil people who ever lived!

Regarding the year 3586, the two Fortune X (#10) Tarot Trumps are interesting, because the Fool card is allocated the card number Zero in the trumps sequence, but is actually the first card, the Fortune card is actually the 11th Tarot Trump. This can be interpreted as a reference to the 11:11 Movement or 1111 Movement depending on preference – which is well known to be an identifier of the so called ‘New Age’. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, so to some people, 1111 symbolizes the coming of the so called ‘Age of Aquarius’. Aleister Crowley is widely know to have been the first occultist to popularize this concept with his Aeon of Horus, and his repeated mention of a ‘New Age’ in relation to some kind of spiritual breakthrough (the spirits Crowley desired were not angels but rather demons). The last election of a ‘Caliph’ of the American O.T.O (known as ‘the caliphate’ as there are competing groups around the world) occurred on 20th Sept 1985, with William Breeze being elected at 11:11pm. As the meeting minutes prove, there was some interest by the members that he was elected at 11:11 – synchronicity!

Combined Disasters Illuminati Card Game and Simpsons Movie---Clock Faces--Mecca Clock Tower Attack The Simpsons Movie Clock--1111--255--555

ABOVE: Among other places this 11:11 appears, is the Combined Disasters card from Steve Jackson’s Illuminati Card Game, which we have discussed in previous posts because of its probable connection to the coming Mecca Clock Tower Attack. Also the Simpson’s Movie 2007 Clock Face is relevant to this Combined Disasters card, and the movie is synonymous with the Guidestones’ message.

As explained in the 77-page document, Greenwich meantime is very important in high level British Empire Freemasonry (at the level of the European Royal families, and certain aristocratic groups who operate private lodges/cells), thus one reason the hands on this clock show 11:11 or 2:55, is that both times are significant for this coming event. Mecca is 3 hours ahead of UT at Greenwich, thus 5:55 in Mecca is actually 2:55 UT. The rep-digit 555 has great importance in Freemasonry, as the 555 foot high Washington Monument testifies, and which is the largest freestanding masonry structure on Earth – a further explanation of 555 will be forthcoming in a future post God willing.

In 2007, the Simpson’s Movie was released, with the theme being the cancerous effect of man on planet Earth, and the need of the government to destroy Homer’s home town with a weapon of mass destruction. It was obviously environmentalist propaganda aimed at children and young adults, in a decade where a ruling elite need to implement a Carbon Control Eugenics program over the entire planet. This has nothing at all to do with saving the planet, and everything to do with control and Empire. The time on this clock face (after the tower was destroyed in a scene of central symbolism towards the end) was 5:55, and if reversed, reveals the numbers 911 (with the 6 becoming a 9). In both the card and the scene in the movie, it appears to be dusk, as we might expect at 5:55 pm perhaps? 5:55 pm in Mecca during January is in fact approximately sunset, and there are also occult reasons why performing the Clock Tower attack at dusk is required (it is to do with Crowley’s Mass of the Phoenix, and the number 44, to be explained in a future post).

The Georgia Guidestones exhibits this very same message of eugenics, with the first dictate being to maintain the population of Earth at 500,000,000. 13 out of 14 people will need to die, and the remaining population will need to managed like a herd of cattle by self-proclaimed elites, who decide who will or will not be allowed to breed. Nothing in these 10 Commandments for an ‘Age of Reason’ (as they state) announce that technological advancement in energy for instance is a human right, and that suppressed technology must be externalized to EVERYONE to alleviate any perceived harm on nature. The truth is that the people who are pushing for a worldwide Carbon Eugenics system never want mankind to come off of fossil fuel dependence, because guilt of life will allow populations to be controlled, and Carbon Indulgences to be levied the same way the Catholic Church abused this concept to levy funds to relieve suffering in purgatory among other things (which was actually simply a further extraction of wealth that achieved no added benefit what so ever for the poor or suffering). The move to Carbon control is a Religion – with a capital ‘R’ – and is more about control and technocratic dictatorship than any benevolence.

Why on Earth would a group of people put such symbolism into children’s cartoons and/or such things as the Iluminati Card Game? The answer is another question: ‘Why on Earth not?’. When people get to the level of requiring such world dictatorial control over any honest means of self governance by peoples in order to protect their own ill-gotten wealth and parasitical position in society, the use of predictive programming, psy-ops, and outright mocking of the untermensch, is quite desirable and pleasurable. It also helps reinforce in the minds of this ‘elite’, that the masses of the populace are in fact inferior, if such symbolism can be so blatantly rubbed into their faces in such a major way, with the public labeling the small quantity who call it out to be ‘conspiracy theorists’. Conspiracy is a reality, and theories are either true or false, being a vital part of scientific method for instance. How could science be performed without theory coming before discovery? It should be no different with politics or sociology, but many in the public actually enjoy to label others with such meaningless invectives loaded with derogatory impulse.

77-illuminati-card-game-combined-disasters-clock-tower-Date of Mecca Attack RemovedABOVE: This falling clock represents the end of the old age (time), and the birth of a New Age, or as Crowley liked to call it, the Aeon of Horus, but it is most relevant as a sister event to 11th Sept 2001.

When the 7-Towers of the Mecca Clock Tower are destroyed as the sister event to the 7-Towers of the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001 in New York City, these two events will stamp the signature of two 7’s – another use of the 77 (Lucifer/Laylah) – onto world history, in a massive ritual with a start and end date clearly defining a 13+ year liminal zone. These two events and the subsidiary events in-between such as the 7/7 London Bombings, are all part of the same transition to a new world fascist order masquerading as an age of peace, and the announcement of the Child of the Aeon of Horus, which Crowley referred to as the ‘Crowned and Conquering Child … Lord of the Aeon’. An actual figure-head, which is most probably Prince William of Windsor, will fill this role in the aftermath of this clock tower event, and the engineered and stage managed theater of chaos that will ensue. The graphical timeline of a previous post briefly covers why William is the most likely candidate, even though once again the predicted date for the Clock Tower Attack was wrong; the thesis however is not.

To a critical thinking individual, the above expose of how Thelemic calendar dynamics – laid down by Crowley himself – are being used to synchronize with this monument, the Washington D.C crypto-glyph, and the timing of ritual events such as the 7/7 London Bombings, will shed much light on the occult current behind the NWO. If not, the author understands that some of this is technical in nature, and would like to suggest that the reader commit further study and contemplation to the reality that the above information is a window to. Let us now look at a damning use of double 7 ritual numerology from the events of 11th September 2001, and perhaps we can solidify without a shadow of a doubt, that this event is much more than simply an ‘inside-job’, and that it was in fact planned very long ago, before the Twin Towers were even built. In fact, it will become obvious in future posts when the 911 ritual is properly consumed intellectually with reference to Thelemic ideology, that the Twin Towers themselves were specially designed in order to demolish on a predetermined date, and in a very specific way for maximum effect.

Also, Flight 93 was never destined for Washington D.C, only to be shot down by sidewinder missiles in Shanksville as is now being ‘leaked’ (dis-info), because the Shanksville Grove 93 needed to be built EXACTLY where it is now built, for some very specific purposes;

1) To create the Child principle (Kether: Spiritual – Oracle) of a Kabbalistic ‘trine’ known as a supernal triad/triangle, with Wash D.C (Chokmah – Male principle; Military) and NYC (Binah: Female principle – Commercial/Domestic economy).

2) To create a Great Circle (Compass) with Mecca and Rome, the two spiritual centers of the worlds two largest Abrahamic religions (Caveat: Rome is a historical center of Christian centrality if you are non-denominational)

3) To create a equi-rectangular (Square) ley-line with NYC and London, just as London makes a Square with Rome and Mecca.

Shanksville Grove 93 Thelema Aleister Crowley SatanicABOVE: Compass and Square in action. 911 was more than an inside-job, it was a Thelemic and Masonic ritual human sacrifice, but only the first of many, awaiting the Mecca Clock Tower Attack, which will close the main ritual, and will fully usher in Crowley’s Aeon of Horus when Prince William of Windsor will be officially introduced into visible globalist organizations such as the United Nations.

Flight-77, Venus-77, Flight-175, and the day that ‘changed the world’

NEACP Boeing 747 E-4B Venus 77 and American Airlines Flight 77 on 11 September 2001 As Above So BelowABOVE: When the Pentagon was being hit by AA77 on the morning of 11th September 2001, there was a mysterious ‘white plane’ spotted above the Washington D.C area. Later it was verified to be one of four $223,000,000 Boeing E-4B’s, known as National Airborne Operations Centers when in operation, but what was important was the assigned flight reference: Venus 77!

Information on five flights of interest other than the four hijacked airliners on that morning can be found here (They were known as: Quit-25, Gofer 06, Word-31 which is also referenced as Sword-31 in some places, Venus-22, and Venus-77). At 9:38 am local time, AA77 smashed into the north-west side of the Pentagon, killing 125 people, many of whom were part of a special investigation into Trillion$ of missing funds from the pentagon budget, according to Donald Rumsfeld who had publicly announced this on 10th September 2001 just the day before. After 911 these investigations would disappear, much like the dead personnel of the Naval Command Center, and importantly also the most critical material evidence – papers and hard copy computer records.

At 9:43 am, just 5 minutes later, Venus-77 took off from Andrew’s Air Force Base and flew around the Pentagon clockwise in the same way AA77 had, except it then flew directly over the White House at the bottom apex of the inverted pentagram crypto-glyph we have been discussing, and then flew south to enter a holding pattern.

Quit 25 and Venus 77 on 11th September 2001 Flight PathsABOVE: Quit-25 Langley Fighter Jet and Venus-77 flight paths (from here).

QUESTIONS: Is it not a little strange from what we have been exploring, that this important flight took the name Venus and the same number 77 as AA-77? Is it important that this flight interacted with the airspace over the important inverted pentagram? Is it important that Crowley’s cult known as the A∴A∴ has the same notation as American Airlines 77 with the most important number appearing on the official seal of the A∴A∴? Was this an ‘as above, so below’ hermetic ritual using 77’s? This author believes it is quite evident that the answer to all of these questions is yes, but dear reader, you be the judge.

Magic Squares--Saturn Jupiter Mars Sol Venus Mercury LunaABOVE: Magic Squares are extremely important in the occult.

The Magic Square of Venus is the 7x7 square, and every row, column, or diagonal of 7 numbers, sum up to 175. It should be noted that the flight which hit the South Tower of the WTC was UA-175, but the invocations of Venus do not end here as will be seen next.

11th September 2001 Terror Attacks Astrological Planetary HoursABOVE: Planetary Hour Analysis of building impacts and collapses, indicating that Mars was invoked by the day (Tuesday), but Venus was invoked using the Third Planetary Hour on this day. This was a fertilization/androgyny ritual. Mercury was then invoked for all building collapses and the Flight 93 Crash, and then WTC Building 7 collapsed as soon as the next available planetary hour of Mercury came around in the 11th hour! This last part is important, as it shows that Building 7 was ‘pulled’ in a planned collapse just as the Twin Towers were, and it was synchronized using hermetic ritual.

World economy and the 7 year + 7 year plan (esoteric 77)

‘Magic’ is definitely the best word for the central banking level ABOVE the central banks. Yes, Christine Lagarde ‘does as she is told’ alright. Does this woman even know why she is saying what she is saying, or is she yet another parrot of ‘talking points’ that arrive each morning fresh from an ivory tower? She talks about ‘7 years of hardship’, followed by ‘7 years of plenty’, but she has it the wrong way around; in GENESIS Chapters 41 & 47, the plan to sell all peoples to Pharaoh is explained, and it is no different this time around. Christine Lagarde deliberately mixed up this 7yr + 7yr concept, because her overlords are mocking the masses of untermensch. A financial collapse happened in 2001, and 2008, marking the first 7 years of plenty (speculation and exuberance), and we have been in a 7 year period of austerity, which will end in utter financial ‘famine’, followed by very real famines, which will even reach the ‘developed’ world. This last 7 year period ends around September 2015, and a quick glimpse of a stock market graph will inform the most infantile of persons, that slalom rides eventually heel to gravity . . . on 7 year cycles it seems . . . as if it is timed!

Rothschild and the 77

Live Earth 777-77 2007-David Mayer de Rothschild Al Gore Climate Alarmism Satire-Educational-Non-CommercialIt just wouldn’t be a conspiracy without a Rothschild somewhere in the thick of it. The popularity of the number 77, seems to be universal! For those who would like to read a seminal post of mine regarding the Global Warming and Carbon Trading fraud, please click HERE. This last link contains some vital information, including a fundamental 666 connection to Carbon Trading (Carbon is #6 on the periodic table, and contains 6-Protons, 6-Neutrons, and 6-Electrons . . . the ultimate 666 trinity). Universal Carbon Trading is the last piece of the New World Order puzzle, and will destroy ALL Nation state sovereignty, placing TBTF banks and multinational off-shore tax-exempt corporations in possession of every human, animal, plant, and insect, on planet Earth . . . virtually also a new religion posing as a secular benevolence. Hitler and Himmler could only have dreamed of such a technocratic fascist dictatorship over ALL Carbon-based life on Earth.

Ever heard that oft repeated mantra “97-98% of scientists agree humans are causing global warming”?

Firstly, CO2 is definitely a greenhouse gas, and humans are adding to some of the increase in CO2: ergo, asking such a question is akin to asking someone whether if they urinate in the water at the beach, whether it caused an incidental rise in sea level. However, the question actually posed in the survey that the alarmists quote so much was this: “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?”. Now, this is a better question, so does this make this a legitimate statistic? The answer is no, because the respondents that made it into their selective final result, was only 77 scientists! What a strange number considering the survey was sent to 10,257 scientists, with 3,146 being returned, and only 77 being ‘selected’ as ‘legitimate’. The so called ‘survey’ in question is Doran & Zimmerman (2009). After they received the 3,146 returns, the writers of this paper then used the following process which reduced this to 77:

Then of those, only a small subset, just 77 who had been successful in getting more than half of their papers recently accepted by peer-reviewed climate science journals, were considered in their survey statistic. That “98% all scientists” referred to a laughably puny number of 75 of those 77 who answered “yes”.

– Bell, Larry. 2012 Forbes Article.

So in other words, only those respondents already being frequently accepted by ‘science journals’ which have become almost ridiculously alarmist in recent years (lamentably), for their ability to promote pathological science, were selected. Now, if you want to be allowed to progress in your career on a payment scale, or at least to not be treated professionally with ‘denial’ leprosy (ruining your ability to earn a living), this survey could be a good example of preaching to the choir whilst holding a big stick, and then punishing those who play a different tune. Predictably, the majority of people who would like to have answered NO, probably didn’t respond. This is just two reasons why science should not be done on consensus, because this is purely pathological in its process. What interests me however, is a question. Is the appearance of the number 77 here deliberate, especially if a selection criteria WAS used to filter the respondents? Is this a little ‘behind closed doors’ joke or signal that is used to promote a religious dogma relating to a pantheistic world view dominating the New World Order ‘elite’? David Mayer de Rothschild seems to like the number 77, and also 777, so I believe we are looking at the neurological invocation of a Kabbalistic and Thelemite principle, that underpins a massive global Ordo ab Chao ritual being played out since September 11th 2001.


One additional 77 of significance.

No conspiracy theory is complete without mentioning JFK, so let’s just make the skeptics eyes roll around in their sockets if they aren’t already.

JFK Assassination Dealey Plaza US Route 77 and 44 Elm StreetABOVE: Shot on Elm Street in Dallas Texas, and then driven directly onto US Route 77, the Kennedy assassination on 22nd November 1963, may in fact have been executed by the Bush 322 Skeleton Crew at the Dealey Plaza for more reasons than obviously being a great place for multiple snipers. Bush must feel extra special when he wears his American Legion Post 77 Texas pentagram hat … because he is so patriotic of course.

Once again, make sure you watch this video when you get the time.

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  14. I think you will find that the Haylal and Laylah combined refer to the dark side of the moon. You are welcome

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  16. Great information here! General Scott and five other Masonic officers that became generals in the civil war preformed a ritual at the base of Chapultepec hill on September 13, 1847. Six Mexican boys had their hearts cut out at the exact same spot where the Aztecs had their first human sacrifice six centuries earlier. The Masons built Obelisco a los Ninos Heroes at the spot of the sacrifice. President Truman laid a wreath at the base of the obelisk in 1947. It is part of the 9/11 ley line.

    • That’s very interesting. Do you have any links to further information? I knew Scott was a Mason but wasn’t aware of any alleged ritual. I’d love to know the source/s of the story. Get back to me through the Contacts page, I’d love to talk about it by email/voice chat sometime.

  17. You mentioned VENUS77 above and Flight 77 below which allegedly ran into the 77 foot tall pentagon. 5x5x5 was also important in the Pentagon attack. The Pentagon has 5 sides, it is 5 stories high and it has 5 concentric rings. The Pentagon equals 125 in simple gematria and there were 125 workers killed inside of the Pentagon

    • Great comment. Didn’t know about the deaths. Augury, coincidence, or just plain fake news in order to place numerological semiotics into a ritual? Who knows but thanks for the feedback.

      • My guess is that 125 accountants that were looking for the missing $2.3 trillion were called into a meeting and murdered.

        777 was important at the World Trade Center. They killed 343 (7x7x7) firefighters. Since that wasn’t as controlled as the Pentagon workers, they added simulated victims to get to 343.

        There are two verses in the King James Bible that differently describe the words on Jesus’ cross. Both of them add up to 343 in simple gematria.

  18. Is your name also michael? And is 77 also manifesting over and over in your life?
    Do you feel you must act/be like archangel michael with his s-word of truth?
    What is your age? Maybe we experience exactly the same things.
    Maybe not hahaha lol. I think i know a lot about this 77 madness but i never found anyone that can talk and reason on the same level of understanding because nobody i know experience something like this. Here some gematria build on 7 days of creation;

    free to find truth = 77
    Give me the truth = 77
    good and evil perception = 77

    Maybe this helps a little.

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