24th Jan 2015: Possible date for Mecca Clock Tower Attack

In the last post some dates were outlined as more likely for the hypothesized NWO Mecca Clock Tower Attack. One date however was missed. It is quite possible that the occult planners, who pick dates for these rituals, are using the Julian Calendar. The reason for this is firstly because it is not as obvious, and the second reason is because this was the calendar of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire right up until 1582 and longer in many parts of the world. The Beast prophesied to rise again at the end of the age in the Book of Revelation, is the Roman Empire, so the use of the Julian calendar may be propitious for the NWO.

NOTE: 24th January 2015 in the Gregorian calendar is 11th January 2015 in the Julian calendar.

11th January is a 111 numerically, and as discussed in the previous post, the number 111 is a key which will be invoked for this ritual, as we are in the 111th Thelemic Year of Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus (invoked in 1904). As a side note, it has recently come to the authors attention that the 76 story Mecca Clock Tower Hotel, which is the centerpiece of the 7-Tower Abraj al-Bait complex, was officially opened in 2012 on the 1st November, which was numerically a 111 date. As a point of interest, this was also the date in 1993 which the Maastricht Treaty became effective, meaning that the European Union was officially fully birthed on a 111 date also. Western globalists like this numerology, and so did Aleister Crowley – Food for thought!

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