14th Jan 2015: 111 Days After Georgia Guidestones Kaaba Substitute Smashed

As discussed in the previous post, the date 11th January was a 111 cognate from a numerological standpoint. Also, the 108 day countdown from the 25th Sept 2014 Jewish New Year 666-Cube smashing ceremony at the Georgia Guidestones was important, as 108 was the TOTAL of all numbers and letter gematria on that ritual device, and also the average unit value in a 6x6x6 Perfect Magic Cube. The main thesis for a Mecca Clock Tower False-Flag Attack in fact revolves around the number 111, which is of especial significance in Thelema, the system of Aleister Crowley. This was the system used undoubtedly in the 11th September 2001 ritual sacrifice event to destroy the Twin Towers, which were each 111 floors including the roof levels. 11th September is also 111 days from each Gregorian New Year on 1st January (1/1). All of this is no coincidence, it is the signature of occult ritual purpose, and deliberate symbolic synchronicity. The details outlined towards the end of the info-graphic timeline, involving the Number 93 and the Shanksville Grove, should be enough to alert even the most skeptical of people (granted that they are still able to critically think).

Because of this, the 111th day after the 666-Cube was smashed at the Georgia Guidestones, which is the 14th January 2015, should be of great significance also. This date would still meet all the requirements of the numerological key being used. The analogy of a criminologist is appropriate when it comes to explaining why we must continue to explore possible dates for this event. The main thesis of an attack on the Mecca Clock Tower was laid out in the initial 77-page booklet, and is a solid foundation. Trying to determine when the Gnostic/Thelemite sect which sits at the heart of the Western Establishment have determined this second event to happen however, is illusive, and requires determined analysis. For those who purely require dates to be correct, rather than a thesis to be solid, you should understand that this pursuit of the author is not to place bets at a gambling agency, but to be on top of the esoteric Modus-Operandi of the ‘elites’ once this event is perpetrated. By understanding this M.O we can perhaps predict future planned events, or at least provide people who care to listen with an early warning system.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 14th January is the Julian New Year, known as the Old New Year in some European countries. In 2015 for instance, midday on the Julian New Year occurs 111 days after midday on the Jewish New Year, 25th Sept 2014, which falls on a different Gregorian/Julian day each year. The Julian Calendar is of importance (also liturgically) as it was the calendar of the Roman Empire; the Beast which is prophesied to be healed, and to trample on the saints in the Bible and also in the dogma of Aleister Crowley known as Thelema.


– 14th January 2015: 111 days after Georgia Guidestones 666Cube smashed (Jewish New Year 2014)

– 3rd March 2015: Pentagraphic Mirror of 11th Sept 2001 using ’04-’12 Venus Transit Pentagram

– 20th March 2015: Full Solar Eclipse marking the end of the 111th Thelemic Year.

– 4th April 2015: Full Lunar Eclipse marking the third of four Full Lunar Eclipses in a 666 Tetrad.

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