MH17 Falling Star: ‘Flood’ Announced Using Sirius Symbolism

MH17-Malaysia Airlines-Isis-Sirius-Falling Star-Apollyon-Horus-Aleister CrowleyABOVE: Basic summary of the Sirius and Isis symbolism deliberately invoked in this engineered tragedy; a ritual human sacrifice of 298 people aboard MH17 for geo-political gain.

FACT: 298 people – including 80 children – were sacrificed on 17th July 2014 over eastern Ukraine on the instigation of a cabal within NATO, a cabal led as usual by Anglo-American king pin’s. It seems undeniable that the State of Israel also had it’s hands all over this ritual through it’s aviation industry penetration via ICTS at Schiphol Airport – just as was the case at Boston Logan International Airport on 11th September 2001. ICTS is an Israeli spook aviation security company, which seems to have its paws all over many recent high profile terrorist events involving commercial passenger jets, and also this MH17 tragedy aimed as a political weapon directly at Vladimir Putin (and thus Gazprom etc…). ICTS also seems to be connected to Mossad; the Israeli secret service. The author would highly recomend the last two hyperlinks to the work of journalist Christopher Bollyn regarding ICTS, MH17, and 11th Sept 2001.

The recent video summary report and open source investigation by James Corbett of, is also highly recomended to anyone who is new to the idea that ‘Russian rebels’ did not shoot down this jet. This is evidently a false-flag terrorist attack by the new Ukrainian administration (junta) that un-democratically forced itself into power on 22nd February 2014 with EU and NATO support. Yanukovych was no angel, but he was democratically elected, and the violent protests that broke out in the streets were instigated and sustained by western interests and NATO black-ops assets, such as those used in Operation Gladio and various other ‘NATO stay-behind’ terrorist activities across Europe. NATO is in fact the most advanced terrorist organization on Earth; a tree is governed by it’s fruit, and this tree is rotten all the way to the trunk. If these actions by NATO are sustained, the world is looking down the barrel of another World War. Anyone outraged at the suggestion that NATO are not princes of peace, or that these 298 murders were deliberate foreign policy directives of Washington, London, Brussel’s and Kiev, need to wake up out of the dream world they are living in – please return to the real world where dollar$, banking centres, finance cabals, and foreign affairs think-tanks call the shots from behind closed doors.

This post is solely dedicated to the esoteric aspects of this ritual, and also the memory of the dead who deserve justice against the real perpertrators of these premeditated mass murders.

That these deaths happened in the first place is bad enough, however the fact their deaths are being used geo-politically to further the agenda of western banking and industrial cartels, who are at war with the Russian state, is simply disgusting – especially the shameful ritualized aspects of this event and it’s clear relationship to the star Sirius that we will explore. This author could not add anything original to the works of Bollyn and Corbett above, but he aims to expose the blatant connection between this event and the star Sirius (which we have been exploring in previous posts), and the occult current which is evidently attempting to aid western world foreign policy objectives using ritual expression involving mass human blood sacrifice.

NUMBER 17: ‘The Star’ … Sirius and Isis.

Coincidentally or not, this Malaysian Airlines flight number 17 (MH17), crashed on the exact same day of the year as it’s first ever test flight. No, this is not a joke, and it certainly is not a coincidence. Research into the registration number of this plane (9M-MRD) reveals that it was ‘born’ on 17th July 1997, and that it ‘died’ on 17th July 2014 (note the 17‘s). Just as boats are considered ‘birthed’ when they are launched into their natural element – the water – planes are also considered ‘birthed’ when they take their first flight into their natural element – the air. Astoundingly, from 9M-MRD’s first flight, to it’s last flight in a flaming fireball, exactly 17 years had elapsed. Yes, MH17 was celebrating its 17th birthday when it was deliberately ‘murdered’. What are the chances? Would the reader be surprised to learn that all this was not a coincidence, and that even the date 17th July, and the number 17, are heavily related to the star Sirius and the goddess Isis we have been discussing in recent posts?

Since the early 19th century and the publication of occult works such as those by Eliphas Levi, tarot cards have become heavily entrenched in what is known as the ‘Western Esoteric Tradition’. Occultists such as Aleister Crowley (who’s system of Thelema is inseparable from modern ‘Illuminated’ occult doctrine of our western ‘elites’) integrated tarot cards and their symbolism, including their card numbers, into his system of hermetic kabbalah on the lead of Eliphas Levi. Crowley openly proclaimed himself the reincarnation of Levi, who was not Jewish, and who is chiefly known for his depiction of a ‘sabbatic goat’ that he called the Baphomet of Knights Templar fame (or infamy). Crowley would later adopt the name Baphomet for himself. The author will discuss the ‘sabbatic goat’ in future posts, but for now we must concentrate on the connection of tarot to kabbalah.

Hermetic kabbalah should not be confused with classical Jewish kabbalah, even though it was built on top of Jewish kabbalah. Many Jewish kabbalists consider the mixing of tarot with their so called ‘tree of life’ to be a ridiculous innovation of western hermetic occultists (the author would agree, with the added emendation that Jewish kabbalah is just as ridiculous). This is not to say that there aren’t high profile ethnically Jewish kabbalists who do in fact practice hermetic kabbalah, using the same platform as that created for instance by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and then by Crowley; there is evidence to prove that this is the case. It needs to be understood however that Jewish Kabbalah by itself exists totally separate from hermetic kabbalah, and that what we will be discussing in this post is the hermetic current practiced mostly by Anglo-American and European western occultists and occult organizations.

The tarot card #17 of the Rider-Waite ‘Major Arcana’, which comprises only 22 cards, is entitled ‘the Star’, and it depicts a naked woman/deity/priestess pouring out ceremonial jugs of water onto the land and the sea. Waite explicitly stated that the main star depicted l’Etoile Flamboyante, which is the star at the centre of the tiled floor of a Masonic Lodge with a ‘G’ in the centre. As explained in this authors 77-page initial publication on page 10, this star most definitely represents Sirius (the entire 77-page PDF can be downloaded here). This woman from the Rider-Waite deck, and thus the Golden Dawn system, is a symbolic analogue to Isis the ‘Queen of Heaven’, who was celebrated in Ancient Egypt as the great female force that brought the Nile flood. As such, she was heavily represented in Egyptian astral lore by the star Sirius, which heliacally rose on 17th July each year, heralding this flood. We should be careful however to make a distinction between Sirius itself, and Isis, because it should be understood that Sirius is only an acoutrement of Isis, and as such also represents her offspring Horus (a madonna and child relationship for instance).

Thus it can be said that the Nile flood brought the birth of Horus, ready to wage war against Set the jackal/dog headed deity of chaos, and as such Sirius should be considered as more of a herald to a turning point in the yearly life cycle that relates to the family of Isis (and by extension the Pharaoh himself). The exact relationship between Sirius and the family unit of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, is actually a matter of great debate, but we should console ourselves with some clarity that it was well known to be related to Isis in her aspect of fertility and flood bringer. This is why her religious rites, priests, and priestesses, were chiefly concerned with the ritual application of pure Nile water onto land or the salty sea, and later a symbolic boat-carriage precession known as Navigium Isidis from her main temple/s to the sea; this seems to be the origin of the modern Carnival. The deity being invoked on the Rider-Waite tarot card ‘the Star #17’, is thus clearly a depiction of the rites of Isis, and also refers to Sirius. To further back up this assertion, it should be noted that the next two cards in the sequence, ‘The Moon #18’, and ‘The Sun #19’, are the two remaining astronomical bodies utilized by civilizations to measure time; lunar and solar calendars respectively. The number 17 is thus undeniably related to Isis and Sirius in western occult thought through this tarot relationship.

17th July … Sirius reborn directly after the death of the Sun.

Heliacal Rising of Sirius from Memphis-17th July 1450BC Exodus-MH17 Falling Star coincidenceABOVE: Example of the heliacal rising of Sirius from Memphis (~30 degree latitude) in Egypt. Date set as an example at 1450BC, approximately when the tribes of Israel escaped from the strongest ever Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmoses III during the Exodus.

The heliacal rising of Sirius yearly, from any particular location on Earth’s surface, occurs on a different date depending on 1) latitude, 2) local observation conditions, and 3) whether visual aids are being used or not (ie, binoculars or telescopes). Traditionally in Ancient Egypt, the priests would observe this event with the naked eye, and they would observe it from fixed religious centres from either upper Egypt (around modern Luxor), or from Memphis (slightly south of the the Giza pyramids) in lower Egypt. The study of the heliacal risings of Sirius, as pertaining to Egyptian civil and religious calendar calibration and astronomic observations, attracts much debate in academic and amateur circles, but one thing can be substantiated, July 17 is especially relevant to this topic.

The below table was excerpted from a definitive 2000 study by Bradley E. Schaefer of Yale University, published in the Journal for the History of Astronomy, and made freely available by the NASA Astrophysics Data System. It is highly recomended reading for anyone serious about understanding the mechanics of heliacal rise star calibrated calendars, and is only just over five pages long – phew! It clearly shows that by using the most modern analytical techniques, and by comparing these to undisputed records of this astronomical yearly event, that during the zenith of Egyptian civilization – approx 2500BC to 500BC – the date of the announced Sirius heliacal rising from Memphis was anchored on 17th July (Julian date).

Heliacal Rising of Sirius from Memphis-from B E Schaefer study-17th July-MH17 Falling Star coincidenceABOVE: Academic proof of significance of 17th July rise of Sirius for the zenith of Egyptian civilization.

This of course is the same date that MH17 was born, and also when it died 17 years later. Astronomically and calendrically, this is the most important fixed star in Ancient Egyptian religion and modern Freemasonry, and it was ‘reborn’ each year into a new cycle of visibility right after the Sun had reached it’s highest altitude at the summer solstice and thus ‘dying’ until ‘reborn’ at the winter solstice. 17th July was thus the most important date of the year for the Ancient Egyptians regarding birth and death theology, and what made it even more theologically and culturally specific to the Nile valley and delta, is that this is when the Nile flood arrived yearly, signalling that even though the Sun god had died once again, that the stellar cycle would be birthed once more from the birth canal of Isis; the Nile valley. What were known as the ‘dog days‘ then began at the rise of Sirius, and as such it is said that Sirius inherited the epithet of the ‘dog star’ due to this timing; or did the dog days gain their name from a Sirius already known as the dog star from some more ancient or esoteric tradition? Therein lies a mystery, which will have to wait for a future post.

Between 2500BC when the Great Pyramid was being erected, and 2000BC, due to the precession of the equinoxes the Summer Solstice would have coincided directly when Sirius had its heliacal rising. Of great interest to students of the pyramid will be the fact that this solstice point was directly aligned with the star Regulus (the king, or kingly star; Rex), known as the Heart of the Lion; Leo. Because of this, the opposite winter solstice point was aligned with Aquarius (the man), whilst Taurus (the bull) was the vernal equinox point. The remaining autumnal equinox point of the Earth-Solar ecliptic cross was in Scorpio, which actually in more ancient Babylonian astrological lore comprised of a ‘great ancestor’ figure known as Pabilsag (connected with the Anzu bird and assimilated into Ninurta), who was a composite of a horse, scorpion, man with a bow, and with bird/eagles wings; thus it can be said that this sign had connotations to an eagle.

The reason this combination of Lion, Bull, Man, and Eagle is important, is because it relates to the very esoteric Tetramorph mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel of the Holy Bible. The fact that this once in ~26,000 year symbolic alignment occurred right when Sirius was rising at the summer solstice, and that it coincides with the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (of great interest to this author and also very important for unlocking the Bible), should not be underemphasized. Of interest to the MH17 17th July 2014 human sacrifice ritual however, is that this once only in many hundreds of thousands of years alignment (Sirius is drifting towards the South pole), just so happened to occur on the Julian date of 17th July! Freemasonic, ‘Rosicrucian’, and hermetic occult currents, have all adopted the Tetramorph iconically in some shape or form, and in fact the Tetramorph can be seen in the four corners of the last card of the tarot deck entitled ‘The World #21’ (or ‘The Universe #21’, in the more egotistical ‘Book of Thoth’ tarot by Aleister Crowley).

Sirius, DOG#17: Gateway Dog Sacrifice of 11th September 2001

If you now think that MH17 was a disgusting ritual act of human sacrifice using numerology and astrology, then you will probably not be too surprised to learn that a Port Authority Police Dog (PAPD) was killed in the south tower of the world trade centre when they were demolished on 2001. Not only was this the only dog killed on that pre-planned day of mass ritual human sacrifice, but he was also called Sirius, and also wore the PAPD Badge#17; The Star #17! Coincidence? If you think these things are all a coincidence, then you are probably better off watching a football match or going shopping; just don’t complain when you are conscripted as a piece of cannon fodder into the military after your ‘leaders’ start their required coming war with the Russians and Iranians.

Sirius PAPD Police Dog Number 17-Tarot The Star 17-MH17-Heliacal Rising of SiriusABOVE: Are YOU being handled? Like a dog? Were you pushed though a doorway on 9-11?

Sirius was a Labrador Retriever, apparently left in his cage below the south tower when his handler left him to investigate the north tower impact, only to apparently be unable to retrieve him when the south tower was hit soon after (so they say). So it is that a male dog was buried in the rubble of the worlds most masonic double pillar esoteric doorway, along with over two thousand human sacrifices. In many respects, this dog that bore the name Sirius and the number 17, has been memorialized all over the United States in numerous memorials, probably more than have been built for the over 400 New York fire-fighters and police officers who were killed in the collapse of this Rockefeller Masonic esoteric doorway. Children’s books have been written about him, and the propaganda campaign to actualize Aleister Crowley’s ‘Initiation of the new Aeon’ using human and animal sacrifice, is furthered by the hoards of people manipulated to react solely to their emotions, without ever using their brains. A healthy dose of paranoia and distrust is actually a natural part of survival, and the mass lack of ability for the ‘democratic majority’ to exercise critical thinking, has placed the Western world completely under the control of what can only be considered an occult technocratic dictatorship/polyarchy. The occult elite who organize events such as these are mocking the Untermensch. Welcome to the world of people such as Hitler and Himmler, the Übermensch, because this ideology was not defeated after WWII, in fact it was aided by WWII and the creation of NATO and the UN, the next Reich.

Babylonian Burial Of Gateway Dogs

Probably before Egypt was even practicing ritual dog burial, the Sumerians and Babylonians were long practiced in this religious rite. Babylonian religion is actually notoriously difficult to interpret, but the author is thankfully well read in the academic literature, specifically regarding Babylonian astrology and magical practice. The Babylonians actually associated multiple deities with different stars and planets, and there was much interchange between celestial objects and the associated deities and omens attributed to them. We also unfortunately have rather a dearth of records to precisely understand this Babylonian art, but the evidence for dog burials inder temple or precinct gateways is well evidenced. The centre of Babylonian magical dog burial was the city of Isin, just south of the important religious centre of Nippur, and directly between Babylon and Uruk (the centre of Ishtar worship) on the Euphrates river.

Each Babylonian city had a leading Lord and Lady god and goddess to whom the populace honored in yearly rites and worship, and to whom the main city temple precinct was dedicated. Isin was dominated by the rule of a male deity known as Pabilsag, associated with the astrological sign of Saggitarius, and closely related also with Scorpio. He was also associated with the mysterious lost city of Larak. Pabilsag would later go on to be fully subsumed within the identity of the most important gods of the Babylonian pantheon, Ninurta, which will be the subject of much focus and analysis in further posts. Ninurta is most definitely either a legend derived from the historical character known as Nimrod in the Bible, or he was the pre-existing religious and legendary blueprint for a historical great martial King, later memorialized as Nimrod by the Hebrews. Ninurta is also the deity who’s traditions would be adopted by the Greeks, forming their hero cult of Herakles (aka Hercules), and his ‘twelve labours’. Heracles of course is famous for the nautical legend of the Pillars of Herakles – the straits of Gibraltar – together with Castor and Pollux.

Of immediate interest to our discussion however, is the Babylonian goddess of magic, healing, divination, birth, and prophecy known as Gula/Ninkarrak/Ninisina. Gula is the only Babylonian deity known to have been associated with the dog, and excavators of her main temple in Isin, discovered that her precincts and her special ‘house of the dogs’, contained ceremonial doorways with multiple dog burials under their thresholds. Gula was known as the Lady of Isin, or Ninisinna (Nin = Lady, Isin is the location). Gula itself means ‘the great one’, and her role as spouse of Ninurta, the god of sacred kingship (REF: Amar Annus), places her in a position almost equal to Ishtar/Inanna (the ‘Queen of Heaven’ … also the queen of prostitutes).

Gula and Dogs-Sirius Ninurta Magic and divination-MH17 and 11 Sept 2001 Gateway dog ritual


5 comments on “MH17 Falling Star: ‘Flood’ Announced Using Sirius Symbolism

  1. interesting accumulation of information. But your claim that only one “dog was killed on that pre-planned day of mass ritual human sacrifice” is…well……You are gonna have to provide i bit more evidence than just your sanctified word.
    I mean Its a romantic idea but beyond the scope of everyday possibility. I lived in NYC. Actually i worked a few blocks from the center. One dog??? No way! Of course that kind of claim gives a story a lot more impact…. If it were a tale in a Marvel comic book.

    • >>>I mean Its a romantic idea but beyond the scope of everyday possibility.
      Romantic idea? Beyond the scope of everyday possibility? tsk, tsk…

      How about we play a different game; you show me some evidence of another dog that died on 9-11 in a purely commercial area without residential zoning, and I’ll issue a retraction to that particular statement. The only other dogs mentioned regarding 9-11 in all the years I have researched the event were Salty and Roselle ( two guide dogs that guided their blind owners out of the towers in this commercial zone. They both survived. Sirius was locked under the South Tower in a kennel, the PAPD being the only agency that had dogs held on site. Sirius’ PAPD Badge number was #17.

      Do me a favor. Prove my statement ‘the only dog to die on 9-11’ wrong by providing a source for another dog victim … but then of course, the fact that a celebrated dog called Sirius Badge#17 who died on 9-11 under the tower will never change, because it is a fact. The authorities have built more memorials for this dog than for the firefighters and police. Also if you can find a Marvel Comic book that provides Yale Uni analysis on Sirius risings I will be impressed. Could you find me a source, or perhaps this would be beyond the scope of everyday possibility? Perhaps the act of criticism is sanctified word and no burden at all lay upon the tire kicker?

    • Just a blog, but I couldn’t find the specific FBI report on dead 9-11 canines 😛
      QUOTE: “And, on January the 25th, workers at Ground Zero recovered the remains of Sirius believed to be the only canine to die in the attack on the World Trade Center. “I’ve been waiting to find him,” Lim said. “I fulfilled my promise to him because I came back and I took him home.” The remains of the bomb-detection dog were found beneath the debris of Tower Two, in the Port Authority’s basement kennel. Workers immediately called Lim to the scene when they found Sirius. They carried out the remains with full honors, complete with a prayer and a salute.”

      Many articles I have read in the mainstream press have used the phrase “Sirius … only canine to die on 9-11”.

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