22 Nov 2014: Mecca and the Sirius Pyramid Double Transit

Twin Towers Sphere New York Kaaba Mecca Clock Tower Sirius

22-11-2014 Double Sirius Meridian Transits at Mecca and 14-11-PPP-Pyramid Angle--Clock Tower Terror Attack 22-11-2014ABOVE: A virtual sky view of the double transit of Sirius from the Kaaba, Mecca, on 22nd November 2014, both occurring in the same UTC Date of 22nd Nov. Also a brief explanation of how this date was singled out as being significant to this location using a special PPP-Pyramid Angle known as the 14/11 or Perfect Pyramid.

22/11/2014 is the primary date encoded in the Georgia Guidestones 666-Cube, that was ritually smashed on 25th September 2014 (The Jewish New Year). The connection between Sirius, 22/11, and the coming Mecca Clock Tower ritual sacrifice which is most probably planned for 11th January 2015, is key to understanding how the secret occult controllers of the western world, are planning to transform the world into a new Empire under their control.

Sirius is a very important fixed star in the occult. In fact it is true to say that the Dog Star (or star of Isis) is in fact the most important to Freemasonry and also ‘left-hand-path’ occult currents. Probably the most interesting connection between Sirius and one of the worlds largest religions known as Islam, has gone un-detected. This connection is very important, because it has a great bearing on a major event which will transpire in Mecca on a future date. This event will be a 11th Sept 2001 Hollywoodesque style false-flag terror attack, involving the Mecca Clock tower and Kaaba. 22nd Nov 2014 is certainly very important to this planned attack, and it involves the star Sirius, the star of Isis. The connection to the goddess Isis is obviously of interest, because of the colloquial name for the ‘Islamic State’ concocted hegelian terror group, known as ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria‘ (ISIS for short). This group amazingly will be blamed for this attack, and the reason is explained in the authors original 77-page document available HERE. Originally 8th Oct 2014 was predicted for this attack due to an uncanny astrological geometry during the Total Lunar Eclipse on that date. This eclipse geometry was specific only to Mecca, however it seems that a more important date may be 11th January 2015, with 22nd November 2014 being an anchor point for the Sirius symbolism being utilized.

Graph 5000BC-5000AD--Sirius Meridian Transits--Mecca and 14-11-PPP-Pyramid Angle--Clock Tower Terror Attack 22-11-2014ABOVE: Graph showing 10,000 years of the Meridian Transit Angle of Sirius as observed from the Kaaba, Mecca. Data manually inspected from Stellarium v0.11.1 and graphed by the author.

The above graph reveals a strange parallel between the life of Muhammad, and the star Sirius, that has not been mentioned anywhere as far as this author is aware. In 629AD, Sirius attained alignment on the Celestial Sphere with the North Celestial Pole Zone (there was no obvious pole star in 629AD), and the North Celestial Ecliptic Pole. The North Ecliptic Pole is the point in the middle of the constellation Draco (the Dragon), which sits at the centre of the circle formed by the Precession of the Equinoxes. Draco is the only constellation which continuously circles the Celestial and Terrestrial North Pole, whilst also maintaining an extremely close proximity to it no matter where it is on its ~26,000 year precession cycle. As explained briefly in the authors 77-page document (pg17), this also relates to the theological connection between the Serpent (Draco) and the World Tree (Polar Axis), immortalized in the book of Genesis, and also expressed in the symbolism of many other traditions from across the world. In 629AD, when Sirius aligned with both of these points on the celestial sphere, it reached its highest achievable angle of Meridian Transit for ANY location in the northern hemisphere. It will not again get close to these high angles at northern hemisphere locations, for literally hundreds of thousands of years. As such the year 629AD has great significance specifically to the star Sirius – the star of the Egyptian goddess Isis (and also Horus and Set, but this will be explained in a future post).

The reason this event is specifically important to Islam, is that 629AD is the year of Muhammad’s first circumambulation of the Kaaba, on his first and only Umrah pilgrimage. Of further coincidence is that from the location of the Kaaba in Mecca, Sirius achieved an angle at Meridian Transit of 52deg  51′ 52″, which is near a special angular range not far above the PPP-Pyramid Angles (explained in the authors 77-page document, pages 13-17). A quick graphic explaining these angles is shown below, however it is recomended that the reader download and read a copy of the above mentioned document to get the full picture from a macro perspective.

The Three PPP-Pyramid Angles---Phi-14-11-Pi

Sirius achieved the Pi-Pyramid Meridian Transit Angle from Mecca in 2007, and it will achieve the Phi-Pyramid Meridian Transit Angle in 2025. After 2025, due to the stellar drift component of the movement of Sirius, these angles will not be obtained on the next precession cycle pass, nor the pass after that. In fact it will take many hundreds of thousands of years before Sirius achieves these angles again at the site of the Kaaba in Mecca. Of chief importance is not the Pi or Phi angles however, but instead the 14/11 ‘Perfect’ Pyramid angle, which sits directly in-between them both as shown above. This is almost certainly the ratio used in the design of the Great Pyramid, and this 14/11 angle will be achieved on 22/11/2014 (or 11/22/2014 if you are American), the date encoded in the Georgia Guidestones 666-Cube.

It should be noted that this mathematical pyramid has a total base width of 22 units, and a Pythagorean right-angle triangle base length of 11 units. This ratio is the same as that used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the most important Masonry structure ever built besides Solomon’s Temple. The following two images display pages 10 and 11 from the authors aforementioned 77-page PDF. Solomon’s Temple and the Great Pyramid have much more in common than the fact they were both buildings of stone. Hidden within the words of the Bible (dimensions of Solomon’s Temple given in 1 Kings 6:15-20) and the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, sits a profound secret of great import to humanity, and of course Freemasonry which emulates this knowledge in some of its rites and Lodge setup. It is also connected to the reason Shanksville was chosen as the site for the Flight 93 crash and subsequent mega memorial (yes, it was not random, it was all pre-planned, regardless of the heavy propaganda … passengers fighting back, etc…).

PAGE 10---Breaking The Jubilee 77 2014 by Steven Michael Kelly---www-aamichael666-com

PAGE 11---Breaking The Jubilee 77 2014 by Steven Michael Kelly---www-aamichael666-comABOVE: A 2x1 Masonic Reference Grid in action. ‘Squares’ and ‘Circles’, on the Temple Floor. Notice that Mecca and Rome have been aligned with New York and London using the Shanksville site, where the worlds largest Ritual Grove has been built (actually, it may be the 2nd largest if the island of Tasmania is considered – more on Tasmania within the 77-page document). Mecca has been setup for a major terror attack on the scale of 11th September 2001, and it was planned a long time ago; at least since the 60’s or 70’s when the Twin Towers were being conceived and constructed by the Rockefeller dynasty. It would also seem that Rome plays a large part in the coming New World Order, as would be expected by students of Biblical prophecy.

Here we see that the 2x1 Rectangle aligned East-West is of great importance in geometry (geodesic matrix of 360deg x 180deg), Freemasonry, and the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Israel. It should be remembered that Abraham was also the father of Ishmael, and as such the forefather of the Arabians, later becoming the seed for world Islam. This knowledge is common to all three Abrahamic faiths. Of chief interest for our analysis is the following calculation;

– The length of the Kings Chamber is 412.26 inches in a perfect East-West direction.

– The base of the Great Pyramid at the line of the in situ casing stones, is 9069.5 inches wide.

– 9069.5 / 412.26 = 21.999   (22 is the master number expressed here)

In fact the measures can be an inch or two out (which is inconsequential), depending on the side measured, but the dimensions being expressed clearly point to the 14/11 PPP-Pyramid Angle being the one that was used by the pyramid Architect. This would make the Great Pyramid, and the numbers 22 and 11, which are connected to this great mystery, of especial importance to occult organizations that are aware of these facts.

PPP-Pyramid and the Marriage of the Earth and Moon---Simple MathsABOVE: The importance of the numbers 11, 22 and even 14 in the Grand Design is clear.

It is thus numerologically significant that;

– The 14/11 Pyramid Meridian Transit Angle is achieved by Sirius over the Kaaba in Mecca on 22/11/2014.

22/11/2014  just happens to be the day that Sirius crosses the Meridian TWICE in one single UTC Day (the Greenwich connection), which only happens on one day in each calendar year for any one single geographical location.

The worlds biggest Clock Tower in a 7-Tower complex, calibrated and synchronized by Greenwich Meantime in London, has been placed directly over the Kaaba to the South, with a giant Golden Crescent crowning it’s spire, at an angle from the Kaaba of 50deg to 52deg altitude! It should be noted that objects passing the Meridian at a PPP-Pyramid Angle, such as Sirius, will pass directly through this approximately 77 foot in diameter golden crescent from viewers at the Kaaba shortly after passing the meridian. This has all been placed in the design of the Mecca Clock Tower for a purpose by Freemasonic architects.

22/11/2014 is a Saturday, which is astrologically the day of Saturn, the father of Chaos & Time to polytheists. In Greek he was referred to as Cronos/Kronos, which is the origin of the word chronometer, meaning clock or time keeping device. Saturn is referred to as ‘Old Father Time‘, and his imagery in the occult parrallels that of the image of Satan in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic tradition and thought. The only other god of specific interest to Time and also events of transition is Janus, probably an even more interesting pagan god than Saturn; especially where Freemasonry is concerned. Janus will be covered on a future post, as he is of great importance to this coming Clock Tower Terror Attack, which may very well occur on 11th January 2015, in the month of Janus, and the day of the Juturnalia; the mythological wife of Janus, and connected to the ‘divine twins’ Castor and Pollux (ie, Twin Pillars etc…).

– According to Aleister Crowley and many other occultists, the Number 11 is the most magical of all numbers, and was the number specifically linked to Crowley’s pantheon of ‘gods’ channelled in Cairo in 1904. He heavily incorporated use of the number 11 into his religion of Thelema, and the spiritual organization of the A.’.A.’. (Argentum Astrum, translating to  Silver Star; another way of saying Sirius without saying it). This tradition has infected many a segment of elite and populist society (it actually existed before Crowley, he only externalized a pre-existent belief, and elaborated on it … explained in the 77-page PDF). It is stated in his core work of gibberish known as ‘The Book Of The Law‘, Chapter 1:v60 “My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.” This specific quote is from the point of view of Nuit, a female creation of Crowley based on the Egyptian deity Nut (the Sky). In his religious system Thelema, she is basically the mother of prostitutes by extension of her cosmology (nothingness, the black sky; or blue and gold as per Marian Catholic dogma, an emulation of attributes of Isis, the Queen of Heaven), whereas the male entity Had (admittedly a stand in name for ‘Lucifer’/Satan) is her male counterpart (the flame of the sex impulse, phallus, the light, the seed, etc…). The cosmology given by Crowley is complex and deliberately confused, but right at the centre of Crowley’s externalized cult is a character from the Book of Revelation known as the Whore of Babylon, and the woman playing her role in his sex magic rituals is known as BABALON (The two A’s are numerically each a 1, thus even his A.’.A.’. is numerically 11). Crowley replaced the tarot card number 11, originally called ‘Strength‘, with a card called ‘Lust‘ in his Thoth Tarot System (called the Book of Thoth), which features a naked prostitute riding a seven headed lion beast, trampling on Christian saints in imitation of the Beast of Revelation. The number 11 is very important to such forms of occultism, which is why #11 is the only card Crowley materially changed in a serious way. The LUST card #11 from the Thoth deck is shown below; it embodies the crux of Crowley’s system all in one card according to Crowley himself. It should be noted also that the Tower of Babel story, the first mention of the plains of Babylon in the Bible is Chapter 11 (11:1 ending on 11:9). Nimrod was also the legend behind – or based on the legend of – the Mesopotamian deity known as Ninurta, whose star was Sirius (the ‘Arrow Star’ of the ‘great hunter’). 

Thoth Tarot Card Number 11--Lust--Whore of Babylon riding the Beast

– Next year, on the Vernal Equinox 2015, the 111th ‘Equinox of the Gods‘ (the first was in 1904) will be celebrated by Thelemites, achieving a triple repdigit of the number 1; an even more significant amplification of the 11. Each of the Twin Towers of the former World Trade Centre (two pillars symbolically representing a 1 and a 1; ie, an 11; also first struck also by Flight AAL 11), were each 110 stories, with the roof of each being the 111th level of each structure. The Moon is also an average of 111 ‘stories’ of it’s own diameter above the surface of the Earth as it orbits monthly. 111 is also the sum of any row of the ‘Magic Square of the Sun‘, which totals 666; this will be explained in great depth in an upcoming post.

– In numerology, from time immemorial, the numbers 11, 22, and some say also 33, are known as ‘Master Numbers‘, and are usually not reduced down to single digits like all other two or more digit numbers in numerological reduction calculations. (See HERE; ‘11 Master Number‘ at numerology.com. Also see HERE;  ‘The Master Numbers‘ at tarot.com)


So we have in this one date of 22/11/2014 the two most important numbers to an occultist/numerologist, 11 and 22. Added together they make 33, which is of obvious importance in high level Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Also 33 is the number of notches in a spinal column from base of the spine up into the skull where the pineal gland sits, which is of great interest to deep occult study.

Also of note for reasons of synchronicity are the following three historic events;

22/11/1963 The first Catholic President of the United States and Knight of Columbus John F. Kennedy Jr is assassinated in Dallas, Texas, during a shadow government conspiracy which took place near the on and off ramp of US Highway 77. The investigation into his assassination is then blatantly covered up and visibly interfered with, indicating to all those with a working brain that the government of the USA is deeply infested with a ‘deep-state’, or ‘shadow government’, with much darker motives than the average US citizen is comfortable to acknowledge.

22/11/1307 The Knights Templar are abandoned by Pope Clement V, who issues on this day the papal bull Pastoralis Praeeminentiae to ALL Christian Monarchs, authorizing and demanding the arrest of all of the Templar’s, and the turning over of all their properties to the Church. He then had them all handed over to the Inquisition for interrogation and torture. Philip IV King of France, who instigated the assault against the Templar’s on 13th October 1307, finally gets the support he needs to legitimately persecute and rob the Templar’s for his personal gain. ‘Templarism’ is of especial significance to Masonic Dogma, whether legitimately inherited from the actual Templar’s, or whether their history has been adopted and reconstituted after the fact. ‘Templarism’ is also important to left-hand-path organizations such as the O.T.O (Order of Oriental Templar’s; Aleister Crowley’s main organizational spawn). The Pope was the official spiritual head and legal executive of the Templar’s, so his abandonment of them to oblivion, shame, and ill repute, is of obvious significance to further this dogma within these organizations. Revenge by the descendants of the actual Templar’s, or their erstwhile imitators, could be expected against Islam, and also against the remaining vestiges of conservatism within the Catholic Church which is being conquered from the inside out through infiltration. The monarchy of France perhaps already experienced revenge at the French Revolution; one thing is for sure, continental Freemasonry sure played its part in ‘the terror’ of the French Revolution. It should be noted that in 1973, 666 years after the 1307AD arrests of the Templar’s, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were officially opened for business. The cornerstone of the White House was also laid in a Masonic ceremony by George Washington on 13th October 1792; the first building in Washington D.C to receive a Masonic cornerstone ceremony (another coincidence?). Freemasonry does not seem to be able to separate itself from the tradition of the Knights Templar. But why? Is it because the need to destroy all forms of organized religion in order to reinstate paganism/pantheism/deism, is most clearly aligned to the need for revenge against the two centres of Abrahamic faith, Rome and Mecca? Is this why the Shanksville grove has been connected esoterically using a ‘Circle’ with Rome and Mecca? This author will explore this connection in future posts, because it is obvioulsy important to the underlying occult system used by the New World Order.

– 22/11/1869 The British clipper ship Cutty Sark is launched in Dumbarton, Scotland. And what does this have to do with our analysis? Although it might seem completely unrelated, this showpiece restored multi-million pound original museum ship in a custom museum display in Greenwich facing the Isle of Dogs, is of great importance to 1) the British Empire, 2) Freemasonry, 3) the occult in general, and 4) as a modern analogue to the ‘Ship of Isis‘, used in the ancient ceremony known as the Navigium Isidis, and also related to ancient Mesopotamian Akitu ceremonies. Those who have done their research regarding the goddess Isis will realize that Isis was the godess of magic par excellence to the ancient Egyptians. Cutty Sark was a witch from the Robert Burns poem Tam o’ Shanter. Robert Burns is also probably the best known Masonic poet, having composed many works about Freemasonry. He is known to many Freemasons as the ‘Freemason’s Poet’. An upcoming post will explore Cutty Sark in more detail, but for the meantime the reader can familiarize themselves with the perculiar ritual use of ships in British ceremony by reading pages 48 to 54 of the aforementioned 77-page document.

This discussion of 22/11/2014 and the New World Order is continued in the next post HERE, regarding a strange ritual performed at the Georgia Guidestones on the Jewish New Year 2014 (25th September 2014), involving the smashing of a cryptic 666 Cube of Masonry.

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