Mecca Clock Tower Attack a COMBINED DISASTER with 11th Sept 2001 World Trade Centre Attack!!!

77--Illuminati Card Game--Combined Disasters--Clock TowerThanks to a heads up from a friend called Chris, it has come to the author’s attention that the Illuminati card game marketed since 1982, which is widely known for it’s predictive programming the WTC attack, also contains a COMBINED DISASTERS card, which features a Clock Tower smashing into a crowd of people.


You may combine two Disasters on the same Place, as long as both are eligible to be used on it. Play both of the Disaster cards, as well. Pick one Disaster to be the “main” one, and follow all the instructions on the card. Add the Power (but none of the other effects) of the other Disaster.

As described in this author’s published work Breaking The Jubilee 77, 2014, published on 3rd October 2014 before the event, this second attack on 7-towers in Mecca, is in fact the ‘sister event‘ to 11th September 2001. It is thus a COMBINED DISASTER to “Add the Power of the other Disaster”, in order to bring about a New World Order using Hegelian dialectic. Even though this last instruction is linked to the dynamics of the game, and applies to the way the card game is played, the Clock Tower appears on this card. If the Mecca Clock Tower smashes into the Kaaba, we will all know what this card was for, and what it is truly implying.

URGENT: September 11th 2015 UPDATE!

Saudi Binladen Group Crane Disaster At Grand Mosque


Make sure you download the author’s free 77page paper Breaking The Jubilee 77, 2014, to discover the true plans of this Gnostic Sect which is trying to bring about a New World Order (a World Government), with a new Emperor at the helm. This is a non-commercial pursuit of the author purely to spread the truth. It contains many revelations that have up until now not been published anywhere on the internet (to the author’s knowledge).

The author prays that something happens to stop this event whenever it does occur, because the human carnage is unthinkable.

Below: The 7-Towers of the Abraj-Al-Bait still under construction (Now fully complete)

Aerial_View_of_Abraj_Al_Bait_Under_ConstructionImage By Fadi El Benni of Al Jazeera English [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

24 comments on “Mecca Clock Tower Attack a COMBINED DISASTER with 11th Sept 2001 World Trade Centre Attack!!!

  1. Read your work ‘Breaking the Jubilee’. Lot of things were mighty interesting and eye-opening. Greetings from Holland

    • Oops… I didn’t directy reply. I’ve only just started blogging. See my comment below. Thanks for reading and glad you found it enlightening, I slapped it together in about a month from things I was already working on, but when I realized the significance of the two sets of 7-Towers it hit me like a log to the head … I had to get something out. Please help spread the news, we need to expose this Gnostic Sect.

  2. You are most welcome. Thank you for reading it. Please help me spread it far and wide. This is not for commercial purposes, but to expose this murderous group in world affairs.

  3. If the tower is not destroyed on October 8th, will you acknowledge that your entire theory is wrong and these cards are not predictive of the future?

    • If you read the PDF, you will see there is more to it than simply the clock tower coming down. If the event does not happen tomorrow, then all I will admit is that the sister attack to 9/11 did not occur, I will not however disavow the rest of the information in that document, because it is simply true. Shanksville is not changing location, and it is on a Great Circle with Mecca and Rome. Also Shanksville makes a Square with New York and London … and London makes a Square with Rome and Mecca. Look in the document. There is much more in the PDF explaining the system of gnosticism that is behind the ‘elite’ of this world. Could they bring the clock tower down on a different date? Maybe. All I know is that there is an astrological trigger on 8th October 2014 that looks mightily dodgy. It is my duty to warn people who are willing to listen of possible danger. My conscience is clear. If it happens it will be unimaginable, and a sad day for planet Earth.

      • You based a (false) future prediction on a game, May I put forward that it’s best to avoid Professor Plum in the kitchen, and don’t stand next to a piece of cheese on the floor as a rigid plastic net will fall on you.

      • It’s amazing that you cannot see that this thesis was more than a date, and based on more than a card game. As the 2nd post on this blog stated, I had no idea about the card game until AFTER I wrote the document, thus you will find no mention of it in the 3rd Oct document. That document was based purely on deep research. If you find no value in that document, and you do not find it objective, then you clearly did not read it. If you don’t find the Shanksville Qibla Crescent being on a Great Circle with Rome and Mecca, and a Square with New York City and London, and London being on a Square with Rome and Mecca to be strange, then you my man are the one without objectivity. You won’t be interested in things like that though will you? The fact that the date was wrong is all that you need to reinforce your capure-bonding as being normal. Thanks, try thinking more deeply though, and reading more, it helps.

      • Utter rubbish, you attributing significance to insignificant things.
        When things agree with your theory you over emphasise the importance and when they don’t you use words like approximately
        You mention ‘making a square’ and then only indicate 3 points.
        You’re not incorrectly connecting dots to make this picture you’re inventing dots to fit the picture.
        You’re delusional, there may well be a N.W.O. but this kind of straw clutching garbage actually clouds the issue.
        Instead of chasing shadows and writing [swear word removed] PDFs, do something constructive, raise money for orphanages, go visit an elderly neighbour, give blood.

        Stop being a retard.

      • Actually it only takes 3 locations to make a ‘Square’, and three locations to make a ‘Great Circle’ significant. It is called a syzygy. It’s actually purely mathematics, explained in the document, but obviously too hard for you to understand. I will not publish anymore of your comments as they are unconstructive, you have made your point. Have a nice life, hope you don’t get ebola; it’s nasty.

      • Did some fact checking a great circle between Shanksville and Mecca does not intersect Rome.

      • Bearings given in the document. Use Google Earth ruler tool if your brain is advanced enough to use it. Check the bearing on the Shanksville Crescent if your brain is advanced enough to comprehend simple geometry. I explain that Mt Arafat is exactly 6,666 miles from Shanksville Crescent, and also that the GC Bearing is exact for Ostia Antica, and I touch upon the significance of Ostia Antica with Roman Civil Law. If you don’t find this 0.28degrees range of bearing interesting then good for you. Stop commenting on my blog, there’s enough info in that PDF to educate yourself, I will erase any further comments, your tag is simply annoying and insulting. I’ll pray for your soul to escape capture-bonding.

  4. email me I have some questions for you. I downloaded and read the pdf – – I’d like to know what you think about there being clock towers like the Wako tower in tokyo and also in sochi where there was a bombing in the past already

    • Who knows, perhaps the rest of the ENRON files have been moved into the basement also … LOL!
      Or the BCCI files from Saudi Arabia … oopsies, bad place to store banking records.

  5. Deu 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    • Serge, I was not prophesying; I was pointing out quite a few congruences designed by TPTB that strongly suggested an event. Biblical prophesy is not the same as warning people of heightened danger. If you had read the document I put together, you might find some strange connections. Why is Shanksville on a Great Circle with Rome and Mecca? Why is the crescent aligned to this bearing? Why is Shanksville also on a ‘Square’ with New York and London? And why is London on a Square with Rome and Mecca? Perhaps you should realize that a date can be wrong, but a thesis is more than a date. Watch that Clock Tower, it was not designed to tell the time, it is a ritual device.

      • The side swipes you made at climate change were unfounded and just plain ignorant. This is why you are a false prophet.

  6. Seems that you would know better given the devastating effects on both Tasmania as well as Australia. Takes a really arrogant attitude to deny the effects of AGW. Sucks to be you, man.

  7. By the way, I’m the one who introduced the theory of carbon 666 back in 1996 and you have completely twisted the real meaning. You are nothing but a hack and a deceiver and are leading people astray with your errors.

    • I’ll post three of your comments just to be fair, but no more. You introduced the theory of Carbon 666 back in 1996? Funny, haven’t heard of you. ‘Saint Gore’ though says it all, hopefully you are being sarcastic … but you could just be a Get Up supporter with nothing better to do. APGW is complete rubbish, otherwise there would be no need to ‘hide the decline’. I hope you get over your Stockholm Syndrome soon. Praying for you!

  8. Two days something tragic happened in mecca.. People died and some are relating the event to the combined disasters card, especially because it happened on september 11. And this month being the end of the shmita year and the beginning of jubilee. Can you tell us what you think of all of this?

    • >>>And this month being the end of the shmita year and the beginning of jubilee.
      You are correct, though the last Jubilee Year sync’d with Jesus’ 28ad-29ad pronouncement [Luke 4:17-21] was the Jewish Lunar-Solar year 1988-1989 (Fall of Communism: the 40th Jubilee since the death of Christ). See 3 millennium Shemitah and Jubilee calendar HERE### ###.

      This does not mean of course that a Jubilee for a larger cycle that is derived from Biblical Exegesis is NOT going to be called on Yom Kippur September 23rd, 2015 . . . I do in fact believe that 2016-2017 will be a Jubilee of the Lord (the Pope also called a rare Jubilee to start on Dec 8th 2015 and end in Nov 2016, so the evil Vatican is at work within this plan). Remember that a *regular* Jubilee has to be announced on Yom Kippur, which in 2014 AND 2015 (during the 4 Blood Red Moon Tetrad!), is the same day as the Islamic Eid al-Adha !!! Known as the Feast of the Sacrifice in Islam as I’m sure you are aware. This means that at the end of this years’ Hajj, if the Clock Tower goes down, a Jubilee is either:
      1) Being declared by someone.
      2) Being revoked by someone.

      I will put together a fresh post about this and give my thoughts on it, but as far as the Sept 11th tragedy goes, it could either have been;
      1) A warning from the NWO that they are *MARKING* this years Hajj for the BIG attack of the second set of 7-towers, and wanted a pre-sacrifice to esoterically connect with Sept 11th 2001 (14 years = 7 + 7 = 77 symbolism that relates to Jubilee which is called after 7 cycles of 7 yrs, thus 7 x 7 = 49).
      2) A warning from God to the Muslim believers that something very bad is about to happen (an omen, prodigy, bad augury, etc…), or a warning from God to the NWO elite to announce that he is not in fact asleep, and quite wary of their actions here on the big blue marble.

      Let us pray for those who died, but let us pray more for those who will die when the Clock Tower goes down, because if it happens on Sept 23rd 2015 then it will surely be the biggest mass ritual slaughter ever, and will make the Twin Towers look like a cake walk. As a Christian, I hope it doesn’t happen. Let us pray.

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