Breaking the Jubilee 77, 2014: A WARNING!

Aerial_View_of_Abraj_Al_Bait_Under_Construction Kaaba,_Masjid_Al_Haram,_Mecca

A major terrorist attack against the Kaaba, the surrounding Mosque, and the 7-Tower Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel complex is highly likely! There are esoteric reasons for this, all of which make the event entirely predictable. The concocted terror organization known as ISIS will be blamed for blowing up the base of the main Clock Tower on the north side, and the subsequent carnage this will create when the tower smashes into the Kaaba and the worlds largest Mosque.

This will happen as a sister event to 11th September 2001, when the 7-Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City, were apparently destroyed entirely by jet fuel and damage from the airplane impacts. These were actually controlled demolitions, including the 47 story WTC Building 7, which was not hit by an airplane. In fact all 322 levels of the 7-towers of the WTC Twin Towers and complex (including the 7 roof levels), were designed and built specifically to demolish in a ritual sacrifice, just as the 7-towers of the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel have been designed to demolish in a ritual sacrifice. This second set of 7-Towers were built by the Saudi Binladen Group, the family of Osama bin Laden, and also the family who funded the oil business of George W. Bush; Arbusto Energy.

World Trade Center attack on 11th September 2001 was 7-Towers

Mecca Cock Tower 2014/15??? will be 7-Towers (Originally predicted as 8th Oct 2014)

This is an esoteric 77, and is connected to the 7/7 London bus and subway bombings, and also the reason that Flight AA-77 was chosen to smash into the Pentagon. There is a very good reason for the use of double sevens in these events (great updated article on this HERE).

(UPDATE: Due to the recent Georgia Guidestones Cube ritual analysed elsewhere on this blog, it would seem that the date of this attack may be planned for 11th January 2015 – ie, 111. The 77-page thesis is much more than simply the initial prediction of the date 8th Oct 2014, on which this event did not transpire.)

This is all a ritual outlined in a 77 page in-depth esoteric study published by Steven Michael Kelly (the owner of this blog) on 3rd October 2014, and available for download on the following link;

Breaking The Jubilee 77, 2014, by Steven Michael Kelly   (36.7MB, it is well worth the download)

If you find this document interesting, please take a backup and spread it around. The more people who understand why this will happen including the full agenda of the perpetrators, the sooner free humanity can expose their sinister schemes and send them into destruction.


But they will ultimately fail.

LEFT IMAGE USED ABOVE: By Fadi El Benni of Al Jazeera English [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

RIGHT IMAGE USED ABOVE: By Shahin Olakara (Flickr: Kaaba, Masjid Al Haram, Mecca) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

26 comments on “Breaking the Jubilee 77, 2014: A WARNING!

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    • Interestingly, the distance to the Sun is 149,600,000km, and the diameter of the Sun is 1,391,684km, meaning the Sun is 107.5 ‘stories’ of its own measure above the person standing on Earth viewing it. The Moon is also on average 110 to 111 stories of its own diameter above the viewer. This is one of the reasons that the twin towers were 111 stories each … twin pillars of light symbolically, appearing the same size during a Solar Eclipse. Checkout the PDF document linked in the above post, it goes into some of this planetary maths, and also how the Gnostic Sect I speak about utilize these numbers in symbolic numerology; especially in their building projects such as these two sets of 7-towers. All 7-towers of the WTC had a combined number of floors of 322 stories including the ground floors. 322 and Skull and Bones connection is also discussed in the document briefly, with some very interesting facts about Masonic Washington D.C and the Russell connection.

    • WOW! The rest of those 77pages I put together then must be all for nought, but you don’t read much do you? Why is Shanksville on a Great Circle with Rome and Mecca? Why is Shanksville on a ‘Square’ with New York and London? Why is London on a ‘Square’ with Rome and Mecca? Perhaps you should realize there is more to a thesis than a date. I only suggested the date based on an Astrological Trigger described in that document, there were 70+ pages more of information related to many other aspects of the 11th September 2001 attack, and the reason this Clock Tower was built. Watch that Clock Tower, it is coming down, and then you can return to my site to troll me on still not being correct about the date right? If the document I wrote contains nothing of interest to you, then go watch the game; they’re playing again, the same ball is being kicked left and right again, that will interest you more.

      • Yes I am eager to call bullshit when I see it, The world would be a much better place without your type of bollocks.
        I’ll stop booting when you people start thinking objectively.

      • It’s amazing that you cannot see that this thesis was more than a date, and based on more than a card game. As the 2nd post on this blog stated, I had no idea about the card game until AFTER I wrote the document, thus you will find no mention of it in the 3rd Oct document. That document was based purely on deep research. If you find no value in that document, and you do not find it objective, then you clearly did not read it. Please if you return to this blog for any reason, don’t swear, I would like to keep it clean. Thanks.

  2. The thoughts contained seem so incredulous however the truth often is as well… I believe that you offer two more dates that may be the target? All plans have a fall back position the 8th Oct may have been too optimistic but I can see that it certainly had potential. I guess time will reveal all things but one could categorically say that events world wide are gathering pace.

    • Thank you Geoff. I released it only because of a strong feeling that the Astrological Trigger was significant. What a particular group of Practical Magicians and/or Astrologers actually believe to be an Astrological/Calendrical Initiator however is anyone’s guess. The rest of the 77page document is not affected by the date, it is a deep analysis of Freemasonic and occult geomancy, numerology, and prophetic analysis. Nothing changes the physical location of Shanksville; a geomantically placed ritual grove … which is chilling. Things definitely are picking up pace with world events.

  3. Man.. I was waiting for it…
    That´s a very good analysis..
    Some close friends thinks im a tinfoil hat.. But i can see some peolple are awake and can see further than Hollywood, sports and television..
    Keep up your good work..
    We need people like you!!

    • Thanks Fritz, hopefully they never bring down this Clock Tower. It’s amazing how easily people dismiss the content of the document; there was much more in there than a date. Glad you got something out of the analysis. Cheers.

    • Actually there’s going to be five new buildings and only two of them as you can see are mankig great progress.One World Trade Center and Four World Trade Center are the two buildings nearing topping-off.Two and Three WTC need leasing and are only being build up to the podiums.I have no idea whats to come of tower five which hasn’t started construction yet ..may also need leasing to.

  4. I found your documents while searching for things related with this Ebola thing.. So once i found your page i was like “in a rush”.. so i did not read properly the first part of the text.. So tell about that illuminati card game WTF is that??

    • Basically it was released in the 80’s and 90’s, and many people believe that the graphics on the cards predicted the 9/11 attack. The two buildings blowing up in one card specifically invoke two identical towers being destroyed. The most congruent structure is/was obviously the WTC Twin Towers, probably the most recognizable Twin Pillars in world history. Another card had the Pentagon being destroyed … a third card had a Clock Tower being smashed into a group of people, most who don’t look like westerners. I wrote the 77page thesis well before anyone pointed out the Clock Tower card in the deck. I still believe that this Clock Tower has been designed for the event I have described, but obviously the date was not correct. Originally I wrote 6th-8th October as I believed that the climax of Hajj would be the target, due to the body count being much larger, but as the 11th Sept event proves, even 3000 dead can generate the required emotional release necessary to enact a hegelian dialectic. The 8th Oct Astrological Geometry of the point of Greatest Eclipse, as viewed from Mecca, was quite astonishing as per the thesis. This event still may happen shortly for some other reason because that Astrological Trigger was definitely significant. The 10th October 2014 is probably the last date it would occur though, because this is Friday (6th Day in weekly cycle) transitioning into Saturday (7th day; Sabbath), and there will be Salat prayers taking place at the Masjid al-Haram to hallow in the Seventh (as mentioned in the thesis). I will be adding some more posts soon in regards to this clock tower etc…

    • the 2 old world trade centers looekd MUCH MUCH MUUUUUUUUCH better this thing just looks sad in comparsion!new york changed after 9/11 from a world metropole city to a normal big city!

  5. Thank you for the fascinating document. Such a relief that it didn’t happen.
    The thought occurs that there is a chance, albeit a slim one, that you may have done something truly heroic: perhaps, by your very dissemination of this document beforehand, tragedy has been averted. The perpetrators deciding not to proceed as planned since your document surely would have been brought to the attention of the general public. Of course, as you say, they may just have another date in mind.

    Actually it beggars belief that the clock tower was allowed to be constructed so close to the site where millions of pilgrims congregate. The phrase “accident waiting to happen” comes to mind.

    Keep up the good work!

    • It was definitely a relief. If this event does in fact happen even at a different time, the effects on the entire world will be greatly negative, and it will give TPTB more fuel to create their Ordo Ab Chao. If an event was in fact averted by this document, then I praise God for providing the deliverance; many parts of that document would never have been added if it had not been for a revelation about the PPP-Pyramid explained in it. This PPP-Pyramid and its ramifications are tryly mind blowing, and discovering it led me deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever thought possible. It’s a whole other world down in that rabbit hole. I’m glad the document bore fruit with you. Stay in touch, I will publish more shortly.

  6. Hi Steve, I stumbled across a link to your work on the philosphyofmetrics site. Your work is something absolutely insightful and thought provoking (all ’77’ pages of it). I feel like a layer of wool has been removed from my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this! And a fellow aussie also! (My Tasmanian joke days are now over). Tongue in cheek aside, my utmost commendations for your efforts… my hat is off to you. We need more people like you in this world with the intellect and communication ability to share such pearls of knowledge. Keep up the great work, I wait in anticipation for the next instalment whilst I try to convince others to descend into the rabbit hole.

    • Thank you kindly Illis. I’m so glad some people find the content more important than simply the prediction of a date. I literally spent a week vacillating whether to specify a date (ie, couldn’t decide between 6th-8th Oct as per the front page), or whether to simply indicate that the astrological trigger on 8th Oct 2014 was significant. I still believe this Clock Tower is coming down in 2014, but I loathe to pick another date … the trolls that have attacked me are quite remarkable. One name Nick Klaus (aka ‘tinfoil hat remover’) has been banned because his insults bordered on stalking. It’s amazing that some people can dismiss all 77pages of that document out of hand, but the Truth will set some of us free at least! Cheers.

    • Sorry, but I don’t Facebook or Twitter, for reasons of personal conviction and steadfastness against technocratic tyranny.
      If you get time, read the PDF, because this Clock Tower is definitely the sister event to Sept 11th 2001.

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